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  1. Hey, I managed to crack Dance of Fools the first time! But mostly it was pure luck. Yeah adventures are a bit of a newbie trap. But if you know what to do, the benefits of the new compressed adventures are MASSIVE.
  2. It seems like a bad idea to have to unlock caps. How much time are you going to spend? Unless the unlocks are much, much more common then.
  3. I was given to understand that your skills automatically unlock to 20 in year 2 but you keep bonuses and that bonuses are super useful and increase in number. So maybe you can unlock some stuff to 14 in year one and to 28 in year 2.
  4. That's a rather massive buff to adventures. It sorta feels like the designers are blatantly favoring one playstyle in a really unfortunate way. Granted, post midterms with adventures taking an average of 3 time steps I could do 20 adventures a week, 80 a month. That's insane. Are there even that many adventures?
  5. Why are you guys so into adventures? Years ago when I played this game a lot and you still got +3 Charm I maxed out study levels and a ton of skills and had all 6+ attributes by midterms and then from there I did a lot of adventures and raised skills in fun places between. I did like 20 adventures or something the second half of the year and I could have done more. Why are you all in a hurry to do adventures early?
  6. 20 rolls to get someone in clique? I just spend 3 actions on the same person charm first. befriend + charm is the clique roll. Usually doesn't take long.
  7. Your post is horribly confusing. So 13. Okay. +1 per cast. Sounds inefficient to me. Especially since you have to do adventures to get attributes. Still I could be wrong cause I have no intention of playing a whole game to figure it out.
  8. How many actions though? And how many actions per adventure?
  9. How early on can you get cleanse and remake? With effective class skipping I can get all attributes to 5 or 6 in the first month or so, so I'm curious as to whether adventure attribute bonuses from cleanse and remake is comparable on the same time scale.
  10. I take it Sphinx spamming is still the got to dominant strategy though?
  11. But checking for negativity is so easy... Anyways, Astrology seems to be worthless in any case. Although you can score some wicked buffs it seems to wear off a couple days after you use it. Having +1 - +4 in an attribute for a couple days is mostly pointless compared to scoring permanent buffs which any smart player should focus on. The only thing Astrology does that I am curious about is skill changes and phemes. It says it increases or decreases steps in random skills a lot. Presumably the game can't track that so in fact those changes are permanent. I would also assume the knowledge you gain of Phemes is permanent. You can get quite a few decent ones from the various constellations. Personally I feel like Astrology bonuses should be permanent unless you use the action again to change them. Otherwise its basically like casting a random spell where most of the results aren't very useful, excepting phemes of course.
  12. Well if I get the right combo I can get a buff of 7 points total across 4 of my attributes with the current combination of constellations. I am now going to stop using astrology and wait to see if stuff times out on its own. Having a super high astrology skill level seems to have little effect on whether I get negative or positive consequences, though.
  13. Well if you have source access its literally like 2 lines of code in a well designed codebase. Presumably they have: raiseLevel(Character *character, int skillStepInc, id skill) { if (character->getSkill(id)->getSkillStep() + skillStepInc > character->getSkillI(id)->getSkillStepLimit) { character->getSkill(id)->incSkill(); } } incSkill() { setSkillStep(0); skillLevel + 1; } and the change would be: incSkill(int skillStepInc) { while(skillStepInc) { ++skillStep; if (skillStep == limit) { ++skillLevel; skillStep = 0; } --skillStepInc; } } I mean that's pseudo C++, not sure what language they used, but its pretty language agnostic as far as the data goes. Mostly just incrementing integers.
  14. Well you are somewhat correct. I got one slightly better constellation and 1 worse. Then the game crashed. But I mostly got decent bonuses. Not as awesome as before but not bad. I quickly boosted my astrology by a huge amount in order to get the best bonuses I could.
  15. Well aside from the chained queen I mostly got amazing stuff. And if you are a prankster and shady type the chained queen is amazing with her anti detection bonus. Are you sure its custom designed by the team itself? Cause I can assure you its trivially simple to change stuff like skill steps if you have the source code.
  16. Who designed this engine? You'd almost have to intentionally design stuff that way... In any case I have just been having fun experimenting in Astrology. Holy crap. Does anyone know what determines when you lose a constellation? With some minimal save scumming it seems like I can boost some attributes 3 or 4 points and most of them at least 1 or 2. Astrology seems wildly overpowered. Perhaps 10+ attribute points are possible to gain with the right combination and you also gain random other benefits as well. Also it should only take 3 or 4 actions to get the optimal bonuses which is like 2-4 attribute points per action. I assume that because this is so broken that these bonuses are temporary short term stuff? Some of the non-attribute bonuses are super powerful, too. Removing chance of being discovered in illicit actions, extra rolls on stats with the better remaining, various moods and skill boosts, the gaining of at 1 one rare and one uncommon random pheme. Some other crap I didn't bother to keep track of in the whirlwind of bonuses.
  17. Due to some ongoing discussion about both skill leveling and massively overcrowded lists of actions later on, I think a major focus of the content team is to go through and get rid of like the 50% of content that is mathematically awful and constitutes a massive newbie trap or alternatively boost that content to be more useful. Scrolling down through a list of actions that no sane player would ever use is extremely tedious with the current interface.
  18. That is a terrible system. Its a massive newbie trap for one. Both the idea that you should raise a skill that needs more than one step and the completely un-intuitive result that getting +2SS doesn't roll over. Also it makes no sense as an engine limitation. It also makes Zoe Mellis wildly more situational. On the upside Venalicium is not as garbage as previously. I'd be motivated to get Zoe now in order to level danger sense slowly while also using Venalicium so I could max out my study levels earlier for max midterms.
  19. Wait, do skill step boosts not roll over? Are you saying getting +2 SS on a 1 step raise skill doesn't raise it 2 points? That's something they better fix because its ridiculously dumb. Although now I kinda want to get Zoe because of Danger Sense. You want to raise it early for the attribute bonus but it is a pain.
  20. I mean obviously if you spread out study levels over a long period of time Zoe is better. It takes 10 * 6 = 60 actions to max study skills. So Zoe technically saves you 30 actions but it takes 30 weeks or 7.5 months if you do it that way. Its not really feasible as far as midterms go.
  21. She was kinda offensive regarding native americans. I mean technically she was also massively garbling the irish and scotting lore regarding magic but no one cares if you make white people magic look stupid.
  22. Oh I wasn't aware of that. In that case classes are utterly worthless.
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