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  1. Her ability only works once a week. You need to burn a clique slot on her and potentially one or more actions using befriend. Most of my study levels get maxed out pretty quick using venalicium library. she is essentially an extra action once a week. It takes 60 actions to max out study levels. It takes 2-4 actions to get get in your clique counting the penalties for too many clique members. If I maxed out 4 study levels in the first month, she's saving me maybe 4 action slots compared to the ones it takes to Clique her being potentially 4 depending on how much you save scum. I mean its a very marginal bonus. Its possible it could be worth more with a slightly slower study level path but probably not a big deal.
  2. Well, taking some of the abilities into account you won't need to do running stuff more than once. Potentially its not necessary to ever do it with certain abilities and emotions actually. As far as cliques go I don't see the value in any students aside from the 5 attribute givers. What possible need would you have for +1 or +2 in a couple subskills that justifies the time it takes even with save scumming? I've never noticed a non attribute clique member I consider useful.
  3. Depending on the way character development goes, maxing out in year one and therefore being super powerful in year 2 is probably worth whatever downsides they add. Plus, worst case you drop bitter hatred and lose 1 attribute point or something. The bonuses from the other relationship backgrounds are still useless regardless. I will have to try out the afternoon class thing. You do lose out on some lore for studying and on some phemes from class skipping but it probably doesn't matter. Gaining an extra action on days that fill out 2/3 of the calendar is a huge bonus to actions.
  4. Cross-college cliques are not going to be an issue. Everyone is really overselling that. I see that some of the emotions are quite strong but apparently at the trade off of stress capping at 2. Doesn't seem super worth it. And I try to minimize save scumming because its tedious. Getting +1 or +2 in 2 or 3 attributes doesn't seem worth it at the cost of having to have 2 or less stress.
  5. Eh, it seems more efficient to ignore emotions due to having a high stress cap. Generally emotions don't affect your day to day actions at all, just options in random events and adventures.
  6. What's the afternoon class skipping bug? Must have missed that. But yeah, I tend to skip a lot of classes. I have Longshade, Mantele, Mantle of the Stars, and Venalicium quite early even if I don't take the background to get libraries. I tend to average 2-3 skill steps per action. It'd be a bit higher but I also spend time on study levels. I'll note that one of the major problems with the game is the power of attributes. There's simply no reason not to max out attributes early since they not only buff rolls but also increase skill training time. Plus if you do it right you are boosting them while doing things you needed to do anyways like boost study levels. Another major problem the game has is its reliance on low percentage chances for actions. This massively encourages save scumming because a couple hits on low chance actions vs failures can create a huge difference between the outcome of your year as far as boosting attributes goes. They also didn't really balance backgrounds at all. Attribute and chance of success bonuses are super important while location discoveries and relationship buffs are pointless. I always take the extra background points that result in relationship penalties because they are so meaningless. Having and extra or or two point relationship bonus at game start has no discernible effect on the befriend action for getting the best clique. I'm also often tempted to take the 15% chance of failure on spells because spells seem kinda useless and actions that do the same thing as spells are also. Oh, a 2-3 point bonus to a single subskill that lasts only a day or a week? Much rather take an action that gives me a permanent buff even to just one subskill, and if you use the quality actions you almost never get such a weak gain. I mean I guess the goal of spells tends to be a buff above whatever your limit is to pass harder checks but I rarely need those even when I spend the second half of the year spamming adventures. Mathematically backgrounds actions and spells aren't very balanced.
  7. The main issue with most of those is they aren't practical. Well Toned is nice but Mild, Trap Cunning, and Mind For Numbers are too high. I did go ahead and grab Understand Strategy cause it only took me 1 action. I wish I had gotten that one before. Might have saved me a couple actions, but then again maybe not, probably just got a few more skill ups in Research. Edit: Also grabbed Athletic since one of the class sessions today was useless so i used my 1 class and rest actions for studying acrobatics. Depending on the order I got Acrobatics in this may save me the need for spending 3 actions to get lucky with running potentially crippling courses. Well Toned requiring a parent skill to 8 is not feasible though the bonus is nice. Most of the more difficult to gain abilities will probably come naturally when I move to the maxing out of skills phase rather than being in the attribute maxing phase.
  8. As far as suggestions for improvements. Please fix the classes so that there aren't worthless actions. I'd rather not run through a game just to find out which attend classes are worthless so I can skip all of those. In general any attend class action with nothing or with certain kinds of useless lore is an automatic skip.
  9. I mean, it takes probably 3 days/6 actions max to get the 2 points in fitness. You also get one from maxing zoology study which you need as a class to get planning easily. Since you are only spending the first month and a half leveling attributes to 6, less depending on how many classes you skip, it really speeds your game up without many noticeable downsides. Taking the proper background not only boosts clique creating and attribute raising but increases your chances at pretty much all things. Several sections of background are absolutely worthless so its not like there are a lot of choices. Anyways I ran one more game, I'm now on the third day of Priamdi. I've got attributes at: 6 3 5 3 4 5 5 Stress/Vitality: 17 15 I am trying to decide what my next move should be. I could potentially continue to study at Venalicium and max out my study skills getting me 2 more attribute bonuses for: +1 Luck +1 Finesse With my higher insight now the penalties to research skill step gain are much lower. Venalicium trains those beyond just study mastery. I'd like to get access to the last library anyways. I'm trying to remember if there are any more abilities at low levels of skills that buff attributes. Counting my unfinished study masteries I'm short: 1 Insight 2 Finesse 3 Strength 2 Intelligence 1 Charm That's 9 attributes. I suppose I could get Brisbane or just use research to boost Finesse. Same for the others really. But I'd prefer to find a way that doesn't cost 10+ actions.
  10. Well I downloaded the 16th update. I played out a game that was close to ideal. 4 clique members, sadly Driscoll went to a clique pretty fast so I couldn't grab him. At the beginning of the second week of Priamdi I am at: 6 4 4 3 3 4 4 Have 15 stress cap and 14 vitality. I'd have like to get slightly better stats but unlike previously you only get 1 charm not 3 from Emilia and and I didn't save scum super hard. Also I took strength background stats. So basically I am doing as well as ever. I maxed out 3 study skills so far and headed for 4. I took Vernin cause it has some good adventures and other stuff but if I took Morvidius I would have a 6 +attribute study masteries and not 4. Sadly as always I have got a shitty exotic familiar. Probably better to just take Pamela since you never get the good exotics and exotics cost you a background point. I could probably slice the first week of Priamdi off with a bit more save scumming and taking Pamela and still have the same stats. Might take half of Priamdi to max out at 5s and 6s. I'm not gonna play the game through since its pointless until year 2 comes out. But the optimal strategy really hasn't changed. Max attributes, boost a bunch of skills, then either finish maxing skills or just spam adventures. In some sense I suppose I'd like to trade some of the stat backgrounds for the two or 3 gates options as well as the money and items options. Items are mostly pointless currently so I haven't bothered.
  11. Well perhaps my version of the game is currently lacking the updates because I still gain +3 Charm from her. Still, I think her power is worth it. She does other stuff. And it only takes 2-4 days, depending on how much you reload and your luck, to grab the critical 4 clique members.
  12. I mean, generally you'll be save scumming for Fitness. That's the least efficient attribute gain. You may or may not have to save scum getting people into your clique. 6 is the cap on attributes so you can actually get to 6 on some things like Charm on your first action. Befriending that one girl that gives +3 Charm.
  13. Adventures are terrible for raising attributes. Unless they have become much shorter since I last played. My strategy got you to effectively maxed attributes inside the first 2 months or something.
  14. OMG. I haven't thought about this game in years. Year 2 still not out yet I see. I remember when we thought we might get it in 2012. I wonder if my optimized, and slightly save scummed strategy from back in the day still works. Maxing out base stats was awesome. One thing I will say is that it might be better to have a less RNG based attribute training system. Spamming the top tier running thingy to boost strength or w/e just encouraged save scumming. Similarly for actions involving befriending people. It would be better to have gradually trained attributes and friendships. This game was amazing the first few times I played it, though. It really gave a sense old school fantasy novels. And even better, aside from the houses and familiars it actually reminded me much more of A Wizard of Earthsea than Harry Potter. Perhaps it was the critical strategy of avoiding dog latin as the magic system and using wands in their proper context of being more like enchanted items than "focuses". I'm working on a game more focused on a KoDP/Emperor/4x right now but I always sorted wanted to get around to designing a game like this where it approximated the experience of a fantasy bildungsroman. Its such a fabulous concept. Actually I think Neal Stephenson did it in a sort of meta way in The Diamond Age with the Primer. Maybe someday Year 2 will come out and it will be a real step foward on Year 1.
  15. Well, I gave up on seeing even 1 more in game year after like 2013. My experience with most indie devs is that you can get one or two good products before they start making stuff you don't like/want or dissolve.
  16. I easily quadrupled the hours I've player this game playing EU4, Vicky2, and CK2. Without year 2 there I burned through all the mathcrafting the game had quite easily. I do understand keeping energy high, I had problems on my own project. Of course that doesn't in any way help me feel better about paying 25$ for a game with the promise of sequels that are on essentially indefinite hold. Given a supposed 7 years or w/e, at the current pace it would take decades to get the last game.
  17. After a few months I always felt stupid for buying this game. I remember when part 2 was supposed to come out in 2012 or something. 2 years later, same lack of sequel. I was typing in a different word with aca and this page popped up on my browser suggestions. I guess you guys released a bunch of other games or something based on the new forum structure. Not my biggest gaming regret, that was buy a bundle of Neverwinter and Baldur's Gate games and realizing I hated them, but a close 3rd. SoonTM I guess.
  18. So Year 2 doesn't come out for another year or so, wasn't it supposed to come out in mid 2012?
  19. Its possible its merely a statistical anomaly.
  20. Yes I did. I knew there were some issues with colors as well but wasn't totally sure. Did you make any changes to befriending that would make it generally less successful? And does the 33% social bonus from the hedi clique member affect befriending?
  21. I was bored and I figured I would boot this game up again. I have a question about word colors? I am trying to get my ideal clique, as always, and for all my befriend actions I get blue and green as the word colors but these actions never succeed. I also have a clique member who supposedly gives me +33% for social actions but that didn't seem to help much either. I know back when I was doing my perfect game tests I got occasionally 2 and very rarely 3 new click members in one day with just emilia in my clique, but now I can't even get 1 person over several tries.
  22. I am writing a text based game because I don't have the time or money to deal with art assets for an iso or 3d game. I played Aca on my laptop all the time and I never had trouble with my touchpad at all.
  23. Hah, I really started to feel bad about getting pissy about various things once I actually had to design a game myself. Its sad though its really ruined the fun of whining and blaming devs for not having such and such feature that would be really cool. Hours of possible fun destroyed!
  24. Sounds interesting. Sadly I don't have time to play games anymore as I am developing my own take on player based economics in sandbox mmos. I'm doing a lot of crazy things and stuff I always thought would be cool in games and boy is it fun. Well, making the design is fun, and figuring the initial problems with how to code it is fun. Actually implementing the code one I figure out how to write it is somewhat tedious. Writing a whole bunch of data base calls and number display elements cannot be anything but a grind, but ah well. I recently was forced to stop playing A Tale in the Desert because it was just sucking up all my free time. I was a sheep breeder, a brick maker, and many other things and boy was it sucking me in. I was playing 8 hours a day and it was fun but it was just getting in my way. I suspect trying to play Aca in my typical min maxer style would be similarly time sucking. Maybe some day when the final year comes out I will have the free time to jump in and min max my way across the entire game in mere months creating an obscenely powerful character that was never intended to be possible. Still watching the development via the forums is interesting. I might drop in for 1 or 2 days once year two comes out and see what you guys did with it. Game devving is not the friend of people wanting to have other hobbies
  25. C#? Anti Microsoft Army Assemble!!!!!!!! In terms of coding of course I can't speculate since I don't have access to the source code, but I presume there are concerns about increasing the power of actions which produce higher skills raises by trading off control over selection for extra points. The sphinx would become even more godlike that it currently is I imagine and also some of the libraries would be better, and then I suppose you would have the change the code in regards to random levels within a specific category like the library of the mantle of the stars. And I suppose increases to set skills like in mantele and long shade would become less useful later on because using it for other bonuses would still require wasting the skill up for concentration or w/e. Are there particular code issues for altering a very specific group of code lines, or is it just in terms of changing the relative values of some of the actions?
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