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  1. I don't understand why you can't alter the database query so that when it raises a skill it checks if you are at the max. say the max is like 10: (I will use some general english here since i don't know your database method or if you use a database per say): rng process to get random number assign that number as a variable call skill with skill id equal to variable call player total in skill call current max in skill for player if player total in skill is equal to current max in skill for player repeat the operation with a different rng result if player total is lower add to the skill I don't know how your engine is written or whether you can legally modify it, is it not an in house engine? but it doesn't appear to be a hard task to use that sort of set up for a random skill bonus. What language/engine is the game written in?
  2. indeed, stop your shirking. lazy fellow
  3. So, I've been doing a mod for personal use, but I may be releasing it at some point. Its basically an entire alternate main story line. I really want to do a lot of events set up like DotF, but I doubt its super practical. Any one have idea on how to do something like that? Whats the longest any of you guys have spent on a single mod? I've got like a couple months now I think. I know Mikka is working on a pretty big one. Also I would like so say, thank you for the mod tools. I've been recently coding a whole game from scratch in php/mysql, nothing as complicated as Academ, and I have to say, modding tools for this game and like, SC and such, make me feel like I'm accomplishing so much more than I feel like when I work on my own game. Everything is so nice and polished and accessible. Whoever made the mod tools, I love you.
  4. what is this war game thing you guys are gabbing about? inquiring minds want to know.
  5. i rarely have cash or use actions which generate cash, but every once in a while i may buy an item if i got cash somehow. mostly i use glorieux to get me cash for brisbane and thats all i do with money. items are mostly unhelpful though and the interface for them sucks. plus what good are super rare wands and crap when you don't really have combat and they can get you expelled?
  6. I almost never buy anything. The item portion of the game is really lacking. And the forge/enchant system even more so.
  7. Pan, you can do that, but its not going to increase the speed at which the second or later years come out.
  8. it is actually not possible to finish every single adventure.
  9. im pretty sure you can copy paste in the mod tool.
  10. i use a spell that adds +4 to a skill or two, i forget, and pop it 2-3 times. that puts me over on most skill rolls. i did the main quest as the pirates i think.
  11. ah, i didn't know that. i guess you could add some okay bonuses that way. however i have found that in cases where my skills are maxed, the difference between the requirement and my skill is like 10-20 on adventures. and for the sphinx i actually don't like it much, i have so many skills maxed that it is constantly giving me less than 4 effects per action. but i guess since the game caps skills for various years having a familiar might be useful. of course this value is entirely based on the arbitrary skill caps put in place by the creators.
  12. I know that the skill steps thing is done on purpose, but even total newbies will have access to the min max attribute boosting strategies thanks to the forum and the wiki, so all it does is make people feel bad that they are doing actions that waste skill steps. When I start my actual character to transfer to year two, I don't think I'll be needing more than a single skill step to raise a skill. I know adventures are different in Year Two. But I think its important to put in fixes to year one. I also think its clever, or lucky if you didn't intend it, that you pretty much force players to replay characters every time you release another game year, at least for min maxers, since until we have played a few characters through the final year, we won't know what the most efficient strategy is.
  13. For those of us who finish really heavily min maxed characters in a single marathon day of paying, I was ready for the second game a week after I bought the game. First 6 days were teasing out every little secret of the game to be assured that I didn't min max incorrectly. It might be cool to add a summer game where you can do adventures with friends or your familiar, or do some extra-curriculars, which really cause problems with year two, since you wouldn't be able to boost attributes intentionally or spam the sphinx. And it would allow players to do adventures without feeling like they were wasting actions. Also it would let me train and hang out with my familiar. In the current context of the game I consider familiars useless garbage. Why would I raise my skills on a familiar when you can't boost their attributes and I have better skilling actions on my character? I could raise my characters skills 2x-4x faster than I could familiar skills so what does my familiar achieve exactly?
  14. Valdemar The Imager Series Darkover Acorus A bunch of other I am too lazy to remember, but those cover like 60 or more books.
  15. The problem is that the cost of potential failure is so high. Any day you use an action and don't even get 1 skill step blows. If it weren't for the fact that 1 skill step for me was auto worth a whole skill level due to attributes, I would not have done adventures. I did do like 10 or 15, but only because I figured I would be redoing my character anyways after many DLCs during the massively multiple year wait for year 2. Since any action that is not the sphinx or doesn't give you an attribute increase is a massively inferior move, pretty much 90% of the games actions are useless. That actually includes class as well. I would never ever go to class if I could avoid it. It might also be nice, if you guys would fix skill steps so that once you get the skill steps to raise a level, then the game puts the remaining skill steps toward the next level. I know there is already discussion about fixing research, too. I think that it would be good if adventures were set to 1 action unless you failed. Of course everyone knows if you fail you would just reload the save and do something else. Of course the problem with making adventures one action is, if you did that, than once people got a few special skills up high enough to pass adventures, they would never do anything else, since that would be the most efficient method of skill raising, although I suppose that is good in some ways. I think that maybe the game would be more realistic if you removed player saving and just autosaved the game when the player quit or after significant milestones.
  16. Man, I'm gonna have to redo my super awesome character once all these changes go through. Sad times.
  17. Getting 1000 on exams is a cosmetic thing. I score 150+ on all my exams without ever using spells. In fact aside from like 1 or 2 steps in 3 or 4 adventures, I have been playing the game without ever casting a spell. Of course that trade is made in save/reload time. I spiked all my attributes over 5 except strength which is 3, but I never needed strength skills. I have some 6,7,8,9 from adventure rewards also. Not that I need it really. I've been sphinx spamming recently, although honestly I rarely get 4 levels due to having lots of skills pretty high already.
  18. if we made some research quests that might help. foreign language is way more common in the magical libraries. i imagine. history and language and research could be really useful in something like that. like in an adventure maybe you have to find something, or learn a spell, or w/e.
  19. i have seen maybe three, tops, event choice involving languages. i have seen 100+ with running or persuasion or concentration. also there is no language class, which i would like to take. although there is a professor. language class in year 2? on my first playthrough i recall i maxed out research and languages and history. it seemed like a fun rp strategy, but my guy was totally useless. he couldnt do shit. is there any way you could enable a way to play the game where i could do well with just this kind of character? or if i did a natural sciences character or a math/accounting type guy? it seems like its required to get 2-4 of the main magic classes plus several things like running and concentration and compete, even if i didnt wanna do any of those things. also why is it so damn hard to level my strength attribute? i have 6-9 in all things but 3 there and i cant find a way to raise it, cept maybe research. additionally if i wanted to make a crafting character, which isnt very useful in single player but w/e, could you improve the crafting system? like if i wanted to make a sword to do something, or a robe, or some spectacles for library skills? maybe i need to get into the mod tools, but i havent seen a lot of opportunities to do any craft stuff.
  20. Im considering spamming the sphinx for the rest of the year. aside from 10 or so casts of mathematical acuity i have done all i need to get 150s on my final exams. most of the options that let me get as many skill steps as the sphinx have been used up and i cant train those skills anymore. sadly i would have to do lots of save reloads with the sphinx because often i only get 2 of the 4 skills due to it trying to level maxed skills. thats a really really annoying function on random skill step raise actions btw. ive done about 10 adventures so i am not sure i want to continue those. they are really a pain too. how well did sphinx spam go for any of you guys?
  21. i use their back office ability to get 1 point per action and also gain uber fast leveling in their classes.
  22. ive been doing a buttload of adventures and i have a problem. it claims i did not succeed in using adventure but i got 1 luck 150 pims and lots of skill steps and the text said i defeated the dark wizards of constradin or w/e. the book and wizards died. yet it claims i didnt do it. am i missing something?
  23. what are the goals for the first year? if ive assured top exam scores and that i will get the extra class next year and ive gotten all my class skills to 10 or more, should i just spend the last half of the year on adventures?
  24. i love you and i know you dont feel the same way, but since muffildy taught me that its okay to use mastery the latter part isnt a problem
  25. you are a terrible person. npcs deserve personal agency too!
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