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  1. i know i can raise my attributes other ways. but the point of this thread is to find an ideal way to raise everything to maximize my effective actions.
  2. Aca DLCs are cumulative. you have all the new content.
  3. not being able to use danger sense was really saddening in my goal of getting straight 5s for attributes. i dont wanna spend 10 actions researching an attribute for a lousy +1. its very time inefficient. i hope research has an effect later in the game that is significant because right now its quite useless. i mean they said something about lore being useful which is the main reward but i cant think of anything it could do. unless they made an automatic reward. cause reading all the lore in the lore panel is a pain.
  4. i figured it might be that, although it kinda defeats the purpose of a level 4 attribute boost. hitting DS 4 is barely better than doing research. its only the fact that i get 3 levels in a skill that makes it worth it. which according to my calculus for the most efficient action progression makes it like .04% more efficient. could i get a list of skills with a higher progression base? i mean i could play through the game a few times to figure it out. unless the mod tools could tell me? they do in a lot of games.
  5. danger sense is an insight sub-skill according to the game but i have 3 insight and level 2 and 3 both cost 3 steps to level. this is really messing up my insight leveling. i was under the impression that skills were easier if i had high attribute. i know i havent encountered this problem in anything else ive done.
  6. i unlocked brisbane's shop for its finesse possibility in my quest for straight 6 attributes but i cant use assist the master or secure apprentice ship. what am i supposed to do to be able to do assist the master?
  7. im not up to date with the new stuff but when i reinstall the game i only have access to dlc 10. what happened to all the other ones? are they included as part of 10? fudge, i found my answer later. my bad. mod delete i guess?
  8. i havent been here for ages, are we still waiting on year 2? is their an updated release date?
  9. well given 2 years per year thats 8 years before the last title... im pretty sure i wont want to play this when im 30. depressing. in fact in light of that knowledge, im quitting now. no use spending my free time on a game ill never see the completion of... byes.
  10. so what are the probable release times of the other years anyways? there is only so much replay value in year one. and a given game takes 10-15 hours max.
  11. Given that im stuck with how year 1 works, so far these are my attributes with 2 weeks of the first month to go: 2/2/2/1/6/6/3 i got lucky and scored a point in planning from an event which is worth 1 Int and 1 Ins after 2 actions of follow up research. i also had the 3 research topics necessary for 2 more Ins and 1 more Int. now ideally i would raise luck 3 points to make sure i didnt waste and of the astrology skill steps bonuses from library of the mantle of the stars. i would use that and mantele to raise my history as well as get a nice bonus to revision, both of which are classes i chose. and the other thing i would like would be 4 points in finesse, although i can wait on that since i ran all ins int classes to make sure i score good on the midterms, even if that doesnt mean much. my eventual goal is 10+ in all attributes as well as 150+ final exam scores. although 1001s look pretty according to you such a high score wastes many actions for minimal permanent benefit.
  12. research gets me +15+ to int at least. since the research chart isnt done i cant say for sure if thats max or what max is on other stats. i do know i could have at least 19 int by midterms. but you say i only need 6 int to get every int skill 1 skill step to max level? hell ill have all skills at 6 by midterms and ill have raised skills in the meantime. ill go ahead and attempt a test game with attributes at 6 by midterms and see what happens. hopefully i dont get sick too much and such. as for your comment legate, its true if you make drastic changes each year i cant effectively predict the ideal strategy but once all the years come out, something i sadly probably wont be around to see, it wouldnt be too difficult to figure out the comprehensive best strategy.
  13. min maxing by spiking attributes early seems like it would get alot more than that. given 10 or higher attribute makes all skill leveling take one subskill, i could level 1-3 parent skills perhaps once a month in a given attribute if i use effective abilities to get a lot of extra skills. from intelligence and insight thats quite a bit. and how do attributes scale up in later years? if i hit 10 all attributes except maybe fitness this year, but normal players hit 5, does it scale to 10? or 20? if 20, kinda hard for normies. and conceivably i could get higher than 10 in many attributes. plus research. if i do most of the attribute research, how do i even level attributes in later years? this is not really accounting for skipping classes for bonus leveling or counting the +3 action times on holidays? i think you get maybe +30 actions over a year so 3 extra months. plus ill be leveling by events. i finished, as far as im aware, the dance of fools even and got like 5 SS raises and 5 relationship with durand. also a good clique gives you bonuses i think, i dunno, havent tried yet. i may be overestimating the min max potential slightly, but im pretty sure the average person would get 1/2 to 1/3 of my skills due to optimizing attributes and of course 1/2 of the attributes as well. plus of course better skills means more successful events which means more skill advancements and also less injuries and stress which can take away up to 3 actions if you get caught on a weekened or holiday.
  14. my concern about manipulating unintentional game mechanics is mostly concerned with the difficulty of play. if im able to max out skills or attributes in year 1 or 2 then later years become an exercise in button clicking. event checks? psh. i suppose you could just roleplay as a super genius then? it just seems like some things couldnt possibly have been intentional features.
  15. given the expansive nature of the game, are you concerned about min maxers manipulating it to achieve unreasonable outcomes? aside from pheme spell stacking certain attribute and skill progressions and use of areas seem to work so much better than the majority of others, and the more variables that are in a game the more game cracking can be accomplished. and i understand year two will be even more complex?
  16. man i remember my days of save/reload on the gamecube version of fire emblem. epic stats! +500% game completion time i never skip class. its just too much trouble. and you do actually learn things.
  17. i wish the game had saved my character at the end. i went through all the events at the end and then got stuck on a screen whose only option was quit game. i lost about 3 hours of play...
  18. ShiningCity


    i can load the game as long as i dont select the 3rd mod to be used. yet previously i was able to use the mod and it bugs me when stuff is missing. i can probably handle being stuck with just the basic game, but is there some reason why activating the mod makes me get a system error and cause the game to close? nvm. figured it out. i overwrote instead of deleting and i forgot to copy the mods folder, only did the other stuff.
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