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  1. In my opinion, the Kickstarter could certainly have used more gameplay information (it wasn't quite clear how the game would play based on your pitch; the update about combat came out a bit late in the campaign as well), and even more importantly, more concept art and ingame pics. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Still, I also think that timing also played a huge part in the project's failure, as you can see from plenty of other KS projects that are failing to be funded right now, or who don't get nearly as much money as other similar projects got earlier. Many gamers are keeping their money in anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas sales after all, and there may be a general feeling of KS fatigue right now among many backers. Speaking for myself, yours is the only project I've backed recently, and I haven't pledged towards projects that I likely would have backed a few months ago (like Sui Generis and a few others). So don't give up, and I hope you come back in a few months with an even better project, because this game sounds really interesting.
  2. Some bugs I noticed in my latest game: In the ferret bond adventure, there is no continuance if you choose the coordination exit. When I used the "Start the Venalicium Library adventure" ability, I didn't get access to the Ravenprix adventure. In a shop, you can't cancel the sale of items (unselecting them does nothing).
  3. mystral

    Patch 21 bugs

    That doesn't make much sense. You can only give the same bouquet of flowers once. Even if it's not a bug per se, it's still something that should be changed. Or else add to the description that they're magical self-replicating flowers.
  4. mystral

    Patch 21 bugs

    There are some bugs with event items. When you get the "bouquet of flowers" item from the theatre event (you also get an invitation that seems to do nothing), the flowers stay in the inventory even if use the action "give the flowers away". Also, not sure if it's a bug or something else, but I got a "gold coin" item from an event, and it doesn't seem to have any use at all. The description indicates that it can be turned into money, but I have no action or ability to do that.
  5. mystral

    Patch 19

    The other problem with compete as it is now is that you haven't changed the reward scale for it. Meaning players are unlikely to ever get anything worthwhile from it. Except the satisfaction of having their college be the greatest, maybe. Speaking of which, will which college won the merit race have an effect in later years?
  6. mystral

    Patch 19

    I've just started a new game using patch 19. It seems you've changed the behavior of the compete action to no longer give 3 merit if the roll fails. The problem is, the other student are still using it, even though it doesn't do anything for them any longer. They're just wasting their time until they have a good enough rank in the compete parent skill. So either the change to compete was unintended, or you forgot to change the AI's priority toward it.
  7. Thanks for the fast answer. Is it a Finesse/Calligraphy roll? Or something else? It seems like it should involve forging but you get it with the parent skill, so...
  8. So my character has maxed out his calligraphy, and gotten a new action called "Formal Invitation". It sounds interesting, since it seems to allow you to control another student. However, the difficulty is only mentioned as "very, very hard", and there's nothing about the length of the effect. I tried buffing my stats and calligraphy skill with spells, but never got to show the action as anything other than purple. Has anyone gotten it to actually work? Is it normal that its description is so vague?
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