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  1. yea mine isnt powerful enough either it says successful, but theres no file to be found.
  2. I was hoping i could get someone to make a very simple mod for me since i cant seem to get it to work... I basically want something akin to the cheat mod, except instead of giving a bazillion cheat options, i want instead a kind of cheat mode per say. Basically, a spell i could cast which would give me a 100% chance of success for every single skill check for a period of 7 days or something. I basically want to experience all of the adventures without having to reload the game every minute to succeed.
  3. Ah, i see. I didnt try training the skill since it said it was at maximum. I take it that its a bug that when a skill level maximum is increased that the skill in question will not say it has a new maximum or the required steps to raise it? Hmm, this makes it very confusing and will need to keep track of what skill maximums are increased when they happen.
  4. It seems as though various skill level maximum increases are not working. I just finished researching mastery phemes, and it said skill level max is now 11 for mastery phemes, but its stuck at 10. Also, decipher handwriting said it raised cryptology but it didnt.
  5. yea study at the venelicium library for random research skill ups in the abilities section along with sketch in the actions
  6. I have them sketch for effect until they get impart understanding, then depending on their int/research i may need to to study at the library ability so they can cast it. Or you can make them your compete minion and just schedule compete, could also defame instead but may lower your own merit as well. I havent yet tried it, but could also maybe add phemes for various effects. I wonder if its possible to get them expelled though? Must try sometime to skip class enough to get detention and then skip detention, then skip the weekend hall thing and see what happens.
  7. For some reason, i have yet to fail hypnotizing; it just has a random number of actions instead of a set 2 days. puppet master sounds awesome, though i suspect its phemes are probably not actually in the game yet.
  8. Yes, this round im playing as the next dark lady Last game i played as a goodie two shoes again so i gotta balance it out. Wish it was easier to get the phemes for mastery though; its way easy to get the skills/subskills, but that one pheme is a total pain. Really fast to get college merit this way too; can get 3x3x9 = 81 as max possible from using compete on my minions. Usually end up with around 50 though. Its too bad the rewards for merit dont seem to get much more enticing once you get access to the champions room.
  9. mwahahaha it worked! I am able to use hypnotize on clique members who can then impart understanding on everyone! Takes a long time to get set up if the person you are hypnotizing doesnt have high intelect/research though, results definatly worth it though. 1 time slot of mine = 3-5 time slots of theirs, all devoted to teaching stuff!
  10. hmm dont stack? Tried stacking the spells 6 times, should have had a 60+% chance of success. either they dont stack, or they dont affect the chance of success for stat gain from things like the brisbane shop or that gym.
  11. So, I was thinking there must be a way to make my clique the most powerful in the gameworld... I havent yet done this, but idea: Use mastery to control clique member Have that member train calligraphy illustration until they get impart understanding Then have that clique member train the clique in everything. Another idea is to do that, except train in mastery and eventually end up with all clique members masters of mastery all controlling one another, and all training each other. I once tried doing this with teach, except for some reason i couldnt select who and what was being trained, so maybe using a restricted to clique spell will make it work.
  12. ah doh, attending classes takes up way too much time though:(
  13. So the revolution of the planets spell says that it increases my chance of success at just about everything? So theory.... cast 3x revolution of the planets with 9x flawless pheme attached on each. so 3x(7+9) so 48% chance of success possible right? That would apply to my chance at stat gains from certain abilities as well as adventures etc? Are there any items that increase CoS? any other spells or abilities or places?
  14. do the CoD reductions from items/clique etc reduce the chance of reprimands for skipping class or is skipping class CoD a seperate CoD from that?
  15. ah thats where it went off to; thought it was an activated one.
  16. So i used tutoring session to get my flirting up to 12, and i got a message saying i got the ability steamy stride, but its not in my abilities list? are there some other prerequisites?
  17. ah nevermind, game crashed and on loading it up again i got rid of the emotion; didnt get sick this time but had red stress. Odd other thing though is that my listen skill went to 10, and it said my character study skill maximum got increased, but the max is still 10.
  18. I cant seem to get rid of alive like a sea dog. I need to lose confidence or gain stress I tried gaining stress and had a sick day, i lost the emotion on the listing, but the affects of the emotion are still present - eg i cannot raise my temperance to 10; stuck at 9 sucks.
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