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  1. I must say, I agree very much in regards to the social aspects that many are mentioning. As an interesting suggestion, thinking back to my days of playing Japanese Adventure games/sims, clubs were always very important to many of those games. Perhaps players should have the options of joining a club with that club meeting once a week or once a day (or whatever) after classes, but before the evening action. This club (what types, I've no idea... dueling club, history club, explorers club or whatever)... can have adventure specific plots/stories (which happen automatically) dedicated to it and the characters which are apart of it... thereby fleshing out characters.... specific to the club... each club can be ran by a professor (or professors) which can also help to flesh out various professors as well. The choices one makes at the club obviously will have an impact on their social life as well as their academic life and skills. Thought this may be a technical and writing nightmare.... if one were to pull off something like it that would certainly help those who are wanting to have that more in-depth connection to characters to feel as though they are really getting to know them. Just one thought that might be worth exploring in a future game...... (Read As.... I really like the idea of players being able to join a club and have overnight trips, sleepovers, adventures, and so forth that is connected to the club and those students in it... which likely would include some if not all of your click (spelling) friends.) ~JC P.S. I love the game BTW and I'm greatly looking forward to the continued success of it.
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