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  1. Out of curiosity, then, how will future DLCs work? Will you continue to publish new monthly DLCs for Academagia until year 2 comes out? Or will you try to set up DLCs for the no-longer-a-Secret Project? Not sure if the latter will work at all, but then we've only been given a glimpse.
  2. I have to ask though... you guys spent a lot of time on this new interface and quite a number of innovations over the original design have been made, and I'm just wondering how much, if any, of it is being ported/adapted into Academagia (1 or 2)? Good choice of title, too.
  3. I'm glad to see such a wonderful project come to fruition. Just a few weeks to go now. I have to admit, the music on the trailer had me just as hooked as did the characters and idea behind it. Reminds me of a more structured version of the Princess Maker games.
  4. Naturally everyone is thrilled to hear this... Any idea what day the SP will be announced?
  5. Dear god, I asked that in December? Is the problem that you're trying to resurrect John Wayne, who starred in "The Longest Day," to voicecast? That would be appropriate.
  6. Please tell me you are titling the secret project "Only a Couple Weeks" :-)
  7. Hey, this is a great idea. If year two improves on the crafting system, why not incorporate a building system too, tied to engineering? Maybe for giving boosts to your cohort or college? In fact, clubhouses and working on them could be an adventure in and of itself.
  8. If this surprise is just a massive trailer for the 3rd anniversary.....
  9. Woohoo! Just in time for finals to be over. Hope to hear a special announcement soon. :-)
  10. How's work coming along on the Steampunk Pony adventure?
  11. I keep planning on doing some solo play with an alchemist character, but I tend to get lost in all of it, not to mention graduate school gets in the way. Dang you, PhD!
  12. Sick & hilarious. I mean the very first adventure path has a graphic description of a mad goblin eating a guy's face off. Brutal.
  13. They should've taken the Pathfinder RPG goblin approach. They don't write or spell anything, believing that such things "steal the words from your head." Things are simpler that way.
  14. Legate, you can start the game you mentioned where no variable can have the same value twice starting with Ibbid. I don't think you will ever find "High-INT" and "Orc" again, regardless of the game type.
  15. Schwarzbart, we already know what it's going to be. The Secret Project is a game of the same name set in a Steampunk Academagia setting with a heavy dosage of cute-tastic My Little Pony and political simulation. Who knows, it might spawn a whole series of quirky offshoots, like SimSteam and My Little Dictator. The only thing we now have to figure out is whether or not magic and technology are at odds. Whatever the case, my first character class selection will be a Luddite Technologist, the master of paradoxes!
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