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  1. oh goody! i've been playing with multiple saves so far, and keeping fingers and toes crossed whenever i'm saving. hope this works
  2. I love this game. After finish playing two characters and moving on to my third, i JUST ran into this bug as well yesterday. Then I closed and restarted the game (building a new character) and i managed to save once right after the character creation. when i tried to save again (as backup) after the first week, it wouldn't save! Do you think it would be possible to not close the game, but finish the entire year, and see if it saves as autosave? has anyone done that?
  3. Legate; Are these saves modifiable? I'd like to change the day's actions that I've accidentally saved.
  4. Oh, my bad, I realised that I wasn't using the latest patch. Just updated and so far working just fine. Thanks!
  5. This may seem like a silly question, but I purchased a few books like "common glamour spells" but I do not know how to use them to obtain the abilities/skills they give. I can't find them anywhere except in trial and error. Or are they already added into the stats? thanks in advance.
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