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  1. Legate of M: Thanks for your advice! Now I understand how to use the Gossip function - will definitely have fun getting my targets to my clique. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly! Those 2 characters I mentioned in my previous post are not in my clique yet....in fact, what I was trying to do was to increase both their relationship to me at the same time using "Gossip"! Guess it doesn't work that way huh? I'm trying out ways to increase relationships of students to me so that I can befriend them and then add them to my clique. What are the best way to do that? (please forgive my super-newbie ques if it does seem stupid to ask this...)
  3. kathwindy

    Gossip bug?

    I increased my gossip skill level to 5 and tried using the action on two persons, one (Emilia Picotti) with zero and one(Silk Niederstatter) with two relationship points. The message that comes after I used the action says I "have suceeded in increasing the relationship with" above-mentioned, but when I check their character profile, their relatioship did NOT increase at all! Is this a bug? This happened after I installed patch 20 and started a new game.
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