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  1. Like most subjects of the Lore, there aren't many precise descriptions: Malkstrang is far North at "the very edge of the world".

    "The Wharfs at Malkstrang I:  "Before the great exile, the wharfs at Malkstrang were the launching point for great sea-faring vessels and the home to mighty conquerors and explorers. Now, thrust unwillingly into the sky, the wharfs are far from the sea. Poised at the very edge of the world, they have become a home only to the vilest of men: gamblers, murderers, thieves, blackmailers, and assorted tricksters."

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  2. Good to read on these things, to know what the team is working on. I hope Scheherazade and Holdfast were successful financially and we will se eventually Academagia Y2. If it comes with updated UI or graphics it could be more accessible to new players too. (I hope for Ars Magica too!)

    These niche games need a different marketing, but I hope that the team knows its job very well. ;)

    Until then I play with Failbetter Games' Fallen London and Sunless Sea, I love narrative games, I could imagine an Academagia setting in Storynexus too, they have fairly similar mechanics, maybe BCS wants to make a browser game in the future. :)

  3. Your pheme list is almost complete, you missed only the Regulate and Vibrate phemes, some mistypos: Descernment, Hyrdopulsion, Minutie, Mirablis, Phoeneme, Precriptive, Refractove, Vegitate.


    If you can wait I will upload around next week my phemelist with rarity, difficulty and opposite phemes added. I don't know if I will add the spell type magnitude, it has any use to us anyway?

    It's maybe a feature of bug that two phemes have 2 opposites (Austerity and Destruction), but their opposites are ghost phemes (not listed among the phemes, but they can be found in opposites: Mirth and Production phemes), it is intended?


    I don't know what would be an illegal pheme, I read only about phemes with bad reputation like Destruction, Draconis or Shadow. I think the phemes are mostly neutral, it's the spell's effect which can be described as illegal, many Glamour and Master spells share the same phemes too, I read that from one of the lores, that's why phemes aren't banned, they are blocks, elements but they can be built for destruction.

  4. Sorry for the long delay, I forgot to mention that December is a busy month and I was netless for some weeks too and unfortunately I had a car accident too, but no harm was done luckily. :unsure:


    Progress: I only worked on my project only 2-3 hours a week, at most, so any real progress, I started detailing the spell and adventure section (I estimate at this progress rate only a mere 238 days and I will be finished :lol: ).


    laclongquan, I'm not used to do anything in wiki, so my priority is still adding all the raw data in excel, but I will see how much time I have and maybe I will become a wikiguru.


    ps. the project is still alive (as myself), I will try to update once a month, but due to RL things, I will only rarely be active. Be nice everyone, bye! ;)

  5. Aha, there are 4ss, but kind of focused, which is good for the particulate area. I will search for good ss-actions, but other things at priority first.

    Hm, I maybe still accept the wiki as a necessary substitue for sharing, other ideas turned to be worse.


    I want to start the lore section too (kind of encyclopedia style, not game wise lore), adding things like Volnauge, states like Lauens, gods (old and new) like Solin, God of the Sun, dragons (Ghraemauthaur the Conquerer) and people too, but I don't know, which is better: Bargo Bargolis, astronomer or Bargolis, Bargo - Astronomer, because there are some similar named (or cousins) persons, but it is fairly rare. So much to ponder. :)

  6. Hm, I added rarity to phemes and started detailing them with opposition. Here are some numbers:

    There are 652 phemes = 28 Legendary phemes (4.3%), 127 Rare phemes (19.5%), 268 Uncommon phemes (41.1%) and 229 Common phemes (35.1%). It's a bit strange that Uncommon phemes are more than Common phemes, but I found at least 30 Phemes in affinity and opposition that are not added to the Pheme list (like Vibrancy, Incoherency, Dissonance, Despair, Deteriorate, Planar, Dessicate, Infamy, Pedestrian, Cower, Wild etc), maybe they are upcoming features.


    Other strangeness, likely bugs: the description of Air mentions Earth as opposite but it is not in effect! So as Infinite-Finite OK, but at Finite Infinite is not opposite, just magnitude. Sickness-Health OK, but at Health - DELETE - Sickness is written! Regeneration's opposite is Animal (which does not have opposite), Decrepit's opposite is Regeneration.

    They must be bugs, there are a couple of more them, I will write them down.


    ps. Two phemes have 2 opposites (Austerity and Destruction), but their opposites are ghost phemes too, it is intended?

  7. Thank you for your kind words Legate and Leoshi, I will try my best! ;)

    ps. I am making a list for bugs and typos too, a little polishing doesn't hurt.


    Oh, wow. For familiars, you might want to divide the list into player familiars and non-player familiars for easier access :)

    Yes, I want to divide by type, the list will be mainly a reference for myself.


    laclongquan, thank you for your suggestions!

    I think I can answer most of your questions: yes, I want to make a "how to obtain", "which gives the max rolls/bonuses" section, just like on wiki, that feature I like the most, I always forget where I can obtain the Circlet of Mastery :)


    VII. - a guide to adventures

    3. Sorting according to the least time slots used to complete. This is of importance in the late game, when you might have about 45 days left to complete as much as you can.

    Yes, this addition is on my mental list and the missable requirements too. I have already completely detailed some adventures, but my main focus is on the easy and fast features, sadly the adventure is in the "looong and complex" section of my priority list. :D


    A guide to actions

    4. Sorting according to the number of Subskills they expand. We need those +4SS actions. Then +3.

    5. a shortlist of targetable actions. You want to target certain skills but you also want to be most efficient.

    6. A shortlist of money earning actions, priority is most skills affect and most money earned. Like arranging flower can get you 150 if you succeed all rolls.

    Oh, I've completely forgot to add, I want to make an ability/action guide too, but firstly I want to make the "frame" of the game, after that I can add the sweet, sweet features. I think there aren't +4SS actions (the Sphynx was too powerful).


    admittedly, I am impressed you've not only counted the phemes in game but made a list too. You found a niche where you can easily earn points I think :)


    Just counting the phemes would be illogical, it would just give a number, but with a list made (which wasn't so hard) I can make some truly interesting analysis later and by making a pheme "alphabet" future additions will be much easier to add and categorize.


    Forgive me for the blunt question but what do you do for search in Modtool? Because that you can do in Wikia, but certainly not in the tool. Even with the outdated data, Wikia is still of use due to that aspect.

    I think I can answer for this: yes, in modtool you can't search like in the wiki, but it is perfect for an absent minded person like me, like for looking for the exact requirements of an adventure and on the wiki there isn't so many lore. :)

  8. Here are some fun facts for you: there are 654 phemes in the game! (at least in mod4) Later I will add some numbers and percentages for rarity too.

    There are 302 skills (including 55 parent skills). :)

    There are 514 locations. :D

    These are a bit hypotethical numbers, it needs a bit more research, but I think on the Elumia map are 184 regions (58? states). I think I will make a more detailed post on it later.

  9. Hello!


    First I want to say that I am a big fan of Academagia and the BCS-team but I were always more a lurker type on the forums until now because I was disappointed in the wiki of the game. The game's biggest strength (and weakness!) is it's complexity, high learning curve. Unfortonately I couldn't find any deptful enough guide for Academagia so that's why I thougt that I will make myself! I'm a big fan of wikis and similar free and userprovided sites but for this game I think it deserves more, I want to see the inner mechanics of the game explained even in offline mode, easily editable, compressed, not clicking through a myriad netpages, blocking ad-pages, etc. This is my first of my motivations, the second is that I want to make the game much easier by providing lists and statistics about the elements of the game and the third one: maybe someone else as fanatical and hardcore fan as myself will use and enjoy my little project. :D

    All my research is in a big excel worksheet with many tabs, is based on the the new modbase4 (I started with the 3, but luckily it was updated, now I am just waiting for upcoming DLCs or Year 2 :D). I will make this thread updated at least once in a month (it depends on RL). :)

    I set some tasks, they are in semi-priority order, I make alphabetical lists first after that I dive into them, detail them and add some powergamer tips and strategies. I want to become an Archmage/prodigy:D




    I.- a guide to phemes:

    1. alphabetical list (Completed!)

    (maybe extend with their rarity, seems interesting)

    (add phemes that are not in game but are mentioned as opposite phemes; a Year 2 additions or canceled plans?)

    (add phemes that are mentioned in lore and considered Legendary)

    2. a detailed list (difficulty, effects, spell types, magnitude, opposite) (40%)

    (some of the informations are not important in Year 1, later years will bring in affinity, important for Enchantment)


    II. - a guide to skills

    1. alphabetical list (Completed!)

    (also a list ordered by parent skill)

    2. detailed list (study, level, attribute)


    III.- a guide to spells:

    1. alphabetical list (20%)

    (maybe another with added rarity and phemes necessary?)

    2. detailed list (rarity, description (all), type, rolls, phemes)


    IV. - a location guide

    1. alphabetical list

    2. detailed list (type, difficulty, discovery, effects)


    V.- a guide to items:

    1. alphabetical list

    2. item type list

    3. detailed list (rarity, durability, size, worth, conceability, enchant, artifice, affinity, ingredients, ability)

    (still not decided, maybe split into two-three, a second on artifice and/or enchant, it is not detailed in Year 1)


    VI. - a lore guide

    (still not decided on memories, pheme, spells lore, inventors, later decided)

    - a year guide: frome the Captivity of Men till present day

    - an encyclopedia on Elumia: territory/political; a history on ancient Elumia and famous persons/events

    - a book edition list (mostly for fun)


    VII. - a guide to adventures

    1. alphabetical list

    (modify with exact names)

    2. detailed list (prerequisite, exits, rolls, rewards)


    VIII. - a guide to students

    1. alphabetical list

    (maybe modify by college?)

    2. detailes guide (familiars, clique abilities,)

    3. in depth guide (AI goals, personality analysis)


    IX. - a guide to catalogs/merchants

    1. alphabetical list

    (extended with wares)

    2. detailed list

    (copy from item guide, another option to obtain)


    X. - a guide to constellations

    1. alphabetical list

    2. detailed list


    XI. - a guide to emotions

    1. alphabetical list

    2. detailed


    XII. - a guide to familiars

    1. alphabetical list

    2. detailed list (attribute, ability)

    (extend with possible adventure prizes)


    XIII. - a guide to instructors/favors

    1. detailed list


    XIV. - a location guide

    1. alphabetical list

    2. detailed list (type, difficulty, discovery, effects)


    XV. - a guide to merit

    1. detailed list

  10. It's sad that the KS fundraising failed, but I think the BCS team learnt much from it. In the discussions on KS all the weak points, good ideas and advices were mentioned of the project. But for a hopefully successful project November is not the best month, but at spring with a 60 day long duration and a before-the-start community building and advertising campaign would be great for the next time, who knows when, but maybe in 1-2 years, I hope. :D

    ps. I hope that the game's ideas and plans were not thrown into the trash, I want to support House Diedne in the Schism Wars, let's change *history*! ;)

  11. Sorry for not responding earlier, but I got some health issues and I was netless.


    Big thanks Legate! It seems I got both the issues you mentioned, but sp1 was the root of the problem. :)

    Thanks again and keep the good work on!

  12. I have the same issue, but I got an XP. The game was fine, but I uninstalled it with framework 3.5. Last week I installed them up again, the game starts fine, the music, loading picture okay, then bang: "System error occured. Application will be terminated."

    I reinstalled, run in adminstrator mode, but nothing. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance!

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