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    The collapse of the Wave function that is Y2. Will close inspection reveal it to be a truth or just an illusion?!?!? Waited 4 years for this, followed by forgetting about it for 4 years, then some more waiting. And now I am writing this in 2021. Dope.

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  1. Has the team changed, streamlined, or updated the backend software / GUI for Y2 at all?
  2. I feel this statement! In fact, your statement has inspired me, for I don't believe that I have ever actually written in here, so here I am! Proud student of the College of Hedi. Vernin peeps can look elsewhere, faces glued to the books when they should be expanding their imagination!
  3. Hoof, color me surprised. Decided to check back in and suddenly I see the forums being swamped by Ship Girls! Glad to see that Academagia still exists somewhat. So the writing is finished, and the game exists but only in a quantum sense?
  4. Indeed, how's life hanging out over here? We hit any milestones yet?
  5. Ah, of course. A hidden adventure. Good to know, Thanks!
  6. So I've been doing a rerun, and I was wondering about the Sphinx, I've unlocked Matching wits, but not extensively consult. I also have the Imperial certificate, but I'm still getting trespassed. 1. Do I need to Identify the certificate of Imperial Favor to make it work? 2. Does extensively consult with Emperor Sphinx action still exist?
  7. Oh winds of Winter, OH game of thrones, how far your last season fell. Not that I watched it, but it sounds like everything got thrown out the window. On the main note, of which I'm certain this has been spoken of before, I'm guessing Y2 is going to be smaller in scope. Focusing on a cast of main characters and then letting all the other characters be like Y1, just portraits and text with nothing else to help game move along.
  8. Well, good to see it's still ongoing I suppose. Is it going to be released on steam as well?
  9. My god, it's been 7 years and I am Still waiting, Kingdom Hearts 3 can take a lesson or two.
  10. I've been wondering that if/when you obtain mastery (maximum) of a skill, if you have items or clique ability affecting it can you still raise the skill to obtain the associated actions/abilities or do you get them anyways?
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