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  1. I am confused by this statement, since Character->Player can be set as a target in the Mod Tools. You couldn't go "Expand Attribute to Character->Player" and then "Expand Attribute to Character->Self" if Familiar is the initiator, thus giving bonuses to both Player via the first effect and the Familiar with the second? Or does Character->Player not work how it would seem? EDIT: ...Oh wait. I see it. If you make a cliquemember raise up their bond ability, the attributes would go to the player. Whoops. Never mind, I forgot that point.
  2. Ah, really? I forgot about that... bah. My apologies. Well, I should test it myself just to be sure sometime.
  3. Someone on another forum that is currently doing a Let's Play (public runthrough with viewer participation) commented that the "Bond of X" skills don't seem to award their bonuses. I checked in the mod tools, and several of the attribute expansions have no targets. Perhaps this is causing them to not give the proper rewards? Specifically: Expand Fitness and Finesse in Bond of Iron Expand Intelligence in Bond of Silver
  4. This is probably getting annoying to you now, haha. In "Channeling your Inner Artist", on the first page, Everwine's character link occasionally messes up, sometimes covering a whole sentence and generally being random. A similar thing occurs on a successful use of Puzzles to craft a story, with "His hangs on your every word". I assume the issue is that his links are set to use a random property.
  5. Here's another one that's somewhat different: when you start "A New Level in Art" (Everwine Adventure double zero), Everwine is described as "Him" in the sentence "And now here Him is", as opposed to "And now here He is".
  6. Ahhh, I see. Thanks for the heads-up on that one. I checked the zombie ones in the Mod Tools and it turns out the text is spaced in the actual adventure, so it was the engine.
  7. Next typo: In "Saving Sima", you have a Courage option that says "Gather your wits before you go." Successfully using it states "Hopefully the amulet will prove useful now tha tit's complete!" The "tha tit" typo is there. It also makes a mention of "corling" shadows, as opposed to "curling". EDIT: Here's an even more minor one. First page in "The Temple of Castello Soara", the word after the first "seance" sentence does not have a space. EDIT 2: Same issue as the first edit in "The Unexpected Guest". Fourth page of the beginning, the zombie walking towards the Great Gate has a speace missing between sentences.
  8. Erm... I'm not sure where to put an outright "bug", so I might as well mention it here: In "The Charming Plan of Cyrus Dawes" adventure, you have an option to use Reason to figure out why Cyrus needs your help. The first line of a successful use of Reason is supposed to go "You're not sure why Cyrus needs your help..." but instead of displaying Cyrus' name, it displays your clique's name. The link still goes to Cyrus' info page. EDIT: Another one. When you use The Special Summoning ability and select Strength, in the "day results" page, it says "You increased your BLANK by 1". There's nothing where the stat should be, but it still gets raised.
  9. Well, I tested it with Patch 68, so it should work with it. All the mod does is add some new options. Did you put it at the top of the load order?
  10. Fixed version uploaded, see the edited post. Thank you for the report.
  11. A question... I noticed that you can select both Station: Wealthy and Station: Well-to-Do simultaneously. Should you really be able to get both, since Wealthy implies being at a wealth level higher than Well-to-Do?
  12. Yeah, that's in the caveats. It would take forever to manually add all the prereqs, so I did not bother.
  13. You are welcome! I don't suppose anyone who's downloaded the mod has found any glitches, typos in the descriptions, et cetera?
  14. Updated to 1.0.1, fixes the selection of the Doll familiar. This is an Exotic Familiar Selection Mod. No longer do you have to roll the dice hoping to get that one familiar you like out of the 21-entry random list in the Exotic Familiars table. Put this AT THE TOP OF THE LOAD ORDER WHEN YOU START A NEW GAME. YES, THE TOP FOR ONCE. Load it "before" the official content. Three caveats: 1) This mod does not stop you from selecting multiple familiars, since you have to manually add every single mutual exclusion as a prerequisite and the mod tools sadly do not allow quick-and-easy copy/pasting. In this case, the game is quite smart and will give you whatever you picked first, after multiple naming windows (the proper window shows up last). You'll still burn multiple background points though, so refer to the window on the right as you pick your backgrounds to make sure you only chose one. 2) The Legate did say that they were considering allowing you to choose an exotic familiar by spending two points, but they had trouble figuring out an elegant presentation that didn't involve a massive list. You can simulate this effect by selecting your desired exotic familiar, then selecting Familiar Bond: Exotic. 3) I have no idea how this will interact with Year 2 and its background checking. The Legate has told me it shouldn't cause any glitchiness, since they're more likely to check what familiar you have instead of the background. Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xa91f1obvga9po2
  15. Thank you for checking! Well, I'll just publish the custom backgrounds and release it tomorrow I suppose. Thanks for all the help!
  16. Thank you for that assurance, Legate. About the backgrounds, I mean is there a way to see a list of which you have after you make the character? I was just curious if the mod I just made actually removed my custom background and substituted Exotic.
  17. I heard that it checked the backgrounds you have for events/endings and so on. So I thought it might wonder what's going on if it sees a background of "Familiar Bond: Faux Dragon" instead of "Familiar Bond: Exotic". By the way, is there a way to check what backgrounds you have while playing the game? I didn't notice one.
  18. Hello again, Legate. It has come to my attention that you will be taking backgrounds into consideration for events in Year 2. With this in mind, I wondered if it's possible to do this: Step 1) Use a mod's Familiar Bond to add a familiar. Step 2) As an additional effect, add the regular background of Familiar Bond: Exotic, without rolling for an actual familiar. I notice that Add under Effects allows you to go Character->Self->Selection of Ability->Background->Familiar Bond: Exotic. Will this do it? Step 3) Remove the modded Familiar Bond ability from the character, so it is left with Familiar Bond: Exotic.
  19. Ah, that's fine then. I was concerned the game would have problems with it. I'll just warn whoever uses it then. Thank you very much for answering my questions, I'll publish this.
  20. Oh wait, you're right, the Hedgehog and Porcupine ARE there. I just missed them since it's a decently-sized list. Whoops. Out of curiosity (regarding Platypus), does the Familiar selection menu let you pick more than one if the prereqs forbidding it are missing? That's mainly what I'm trying to avoid, someone accidentally choosing multiple Familiars.
  21. The most time-consuming part is double-checking that each familiar selection has all the "you can't pick this if you picked any other familiar!" prerequisites. That and adding them manually. Which is made worse by the fact I don't have a ModBase with the Platypus in it... Can I just add a blank "Familiar Bond: Platypus" entry and count on the DLC overwriting it? In addition, my Modbase does not have Hedgehog and Procupine... For those, can I just add Effects of "Add Needleshanks" and "Add Ingelvine", and also hope that the DLC will overwrite them with the proper information?
  22. Yes, thank you very much for answering my question. I just wanted to make certain I would not have to keep updating. It's just a mod that lets you choose an Exotic Familiar.
  23. Thank you for trying to answer my question. Let me try to restate it, I get what you ahve said so far. When you start a game, you have the DLC in the load order at the top. I remember reading on this forum that mods that are placed underneath the DLC in the load order override what is in it if they conflict. Most mods nowadays are made using a ModBase, which includes a snapshot of the DLC. The mods are synchronized against the AMO, which I understand as being DLC-less base content. What I'm asking is, what happens if some bugs in the DLC are found way later and are patched out? Don't old mods, using the old snapshot Modbase, include the buggy DLC content? If this is true, since mods are supposed to be loaded after the DLC, won't older mods reintroduce the bugs? Basically, overriding the bugfixed content with the old buggy versions?
  24. Something does not quite make sense to me in regards to the idea that mods are future-proof. Say I make a mod from a ModBase. This mod is then synced against the AMO, which is the base official content. How exactly is it ensured that bug fixes to whatever DLC is in the ModBase are carried over? Say the latest ModBase, containing up to DLC 15, was released on June 1st, but in July 1st a patch to fix issues in DLC 15 content was released. Since mods are typically loaded "after" official content, which presumably includes patches, won't the buggy content still in the ModBase (and thus carried into the mod) override the patch and re-break the game?
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