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  1. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  2. Will I die of old age before the last Year is released? I'm mid-twenties... Serious question... I need closure on this game.
  3. It is already Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. So I'm looking at 6 months!? Ugh... No... Noooooooo...
  4. I don't understand? Are you saying that they're deliberately witholding the release? Why would they do that?
  5. Seriously... I need my fix... I've been lurking for like three of the delays by now... Is it close... Weeks? Months? Years? I can't take the waiting! There is nothing else like this game... Torture . Two questions while I'm at it: 1. How will Year 2 work? Will it slot into Year 1 like an expansion pack or will it look for Year 1 saves? 2. What happened to the editor for Year 1? It was avaliable at some stage then it disappeared and I haven't seen it since !
  6. Where did you find the mod AMO and modbase? The links seem to have been dead for some time. Did I miss a post somewhere?
  7. The links to the AMO and modbase are dead. Any chance of an update? I would really like to have a go at some modding.
  8. Has DLC 15 been released yet? I too am eager to do some modding but the rapidshare links to the AMO and Modbase are both dead. Can someone please reupload these tools?
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