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  1. I don't know if you check the steam forums, but there is an apparent workaround for this. If you have a save that is crashing like this, go all the way through character creation on a new character, save that new character, then reload your old save, and it should work.
  2. This is a really psycho question and I know that asking it is going to reveal my low moral character. BUT. Is there a way to inspect a saved game to determine which classes on which days grant skill steps? I've been trying to work it out by hand on the character I've got going for maximum munchkining but it starts to get tricky when classes teach non-class skills and when the skills have multiple steps required to level them, and it would be a lot easier if one of the mod tools let you see that or something.
  3. I didn't dare do it, but on the last day of school can you REALLY tell your friends "Oh I absolutely think that Mastery is the best of the spell schools?"
  4. I don't even know if this counts as a bug or if I'm just not seeing it, but the "J.J.'s Dog Chow" that you get for winning the dog show doesn't seem to have a slot or a way to use it.
  5. After it happened to me I deleted the save, deleted my cache, and restarted my computer, and the corruption still reached backward in time to corrupt a save of that character I know was working previously.
  6. Happened again to me, not related to practice room #4 this time. It happened just after I raised my finesse to 10 with assist the master, could it have something to do with attributes hitting 10?
  7. My suspicion was that it for some reason was checking for actual skil level = 10 rather than unmodified skill level = 10, so when it went up to 11 with the modifier it became ineligible.
  8. Yes, and I have the thief's spread and fire spread abilities available, but not Marat Advanced Reading. That monday "study at the library of the mantle of the stars" was when my Numerology skill went to true level 10, and it's now Friday and I haven't had the Marat Advanced Reading in my menu available.
  9. But I never used the ability. I just had it available when the skill level was at 9, and now that it's at 10 I do not have it available.
  10. Is there a bug with the Marat Advanced Reading ability/the Numerology subskill? When I had a skill level of 9 (boosted to 10 by Your Stars Are Aligned) the "Marat Advanced Reading" ability was available, but when I got to skill level 10 (boosted to 11) and got the Celestial mathematics ability, the Marat Advanced Reading ability was no longer available for me to select.
  11. Just the Summer's Blush DLC.
  12. Which is just summer's blush? Some people on steam said it was connected to moving UI elements during load so i'm restarting and locking the UI. Probably going to drop Music so im not tempted to use the practice room too, lol.
  13. I got this bug and was only using Summer's Blush. I strongly suspect that it has to do with Academagia Practice Room #4, because both times this bug has occurred to me (separate characters, separate caches, et cetera) has been after I used that action. But not after the first time I used that action, you understand, just at some point after I used the action.
  14. The "your save becomes utterly corrupted when you attempt to select the Adventure action" bug just happened again to me. I think it has something to do with the Academagia Practice Room #4 action.
  15. Does - (or +) chance of discovery affect your chance to get caught skipping class, or does it just relate to restricted locations and illegal items?
  16. Also, if you don't mind a little metagaming, make sure to check the wiki for the characters in your clique to make sure none of them has an agenda of antagonizing the other (Milena de montors, I'm looking at you!).
  17. No its worse than that. I had a separate save (of the same character) from three weeks earlier, before it started crashing, but the adventure action now crashes it from that earlier save as well. I'm attaching the other save (which became corrupted, somehow, from its future self!!) and the error log in the hopes that yall can figure out what's going on. big cliqur.ams Academagia.log
  18. Well, answered my own question there. I loaded an earlier save and the adventure action crashed it from there, too.
  19. I mean ... is there any way to tell if it's gonna happen again if I reload an earlier save? It's concerning to me
  20. Why does the Adventure action crash my game even after clearing the cache and is there any fix? teh.ams
  21. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6697udpqkug5mn/gates but no mastery.ams?dl=0 This should be it.
  22. Exiting the game and reloading did not fix the problem. Could it have happened that I got the bug, didn't notice it, and saved again, making it a permanent feature of my save file?
  23. what's with the bug where all of my skills, spells, and phemes disappear? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471549708 I still have my abilities, so clearly I used to have skills and spells, but not anymore. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/975479281162789933/40A8EFC7BFE2C8F9BFB00E2B6FD3B5CEF0DB0752/
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