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  1. The Glitter Base from the Preservation of High Society background gives you a Charm increase, even though it doesn't say so in the description of the item. The Town and Familiar background only gives your familiar a single random Bond subskill, rather that improving the whole skill as it implies in its description.
  2. I just realized that broiling a potato makes it inedible. But it sounds like the kind of ridiculous food someone would prepare in this continuity, so I'll leave it in. It's always surprising how long it takes to write these events. Exploits: Monteon Mercenaries
  3. It's not illegal, it's just that chocolate cakes are usually confiscated along with everything else. Since whoever caught you may be hungry and you can't do anything about it, there's nothing to get in the way of a little coercive opportunism, is there? This one's short. Family: Religious EDIT: Also, I changed the Willpower check in the Curiosity event to be Concentration instead. Willpower is for resisting other people's wills, Concentration is actually relevant for what's happening there.
  4. I tried experimenting with a 'honeycomb' structure this time. Prodigy: Curiosity
  5. Liked that one? Have another, with better formatting. Apprenticeship: The Pie Kitchen(positive relations with Sixt von Rupprecht required)
  6. I've decided to write up events that involve your character's background. I'll try to do one for each choice, but some seem hard to write for, and I might not have the time. And no, they won't all be this surreal. Astrology: Midnight
  7. How, exactly, did Blackheath gain its poor reputation? It couldn't have been the quality of instruction.
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