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  1. Now that a few more DLC have been released I am digging back into Academagia. One thing I have been thinking about is how the grades are solely based on the results of the exams. Seems like there should be a class project or something similar for each class that makes up a portion of the grade. Maybe an adventure that that is automatically run on the first day of class. By doing this the following could be accomplished -


    1. The professor can be introduced to the player in a more in depth way. I found most of the professors to be unidentifiable. Will also allow for favor to be earned.


    2. Class expectations are clearly stated and goals for each class can be set.


    2. Will allow for the player to be introduced to his/her classmates and begin a friendship/rivalry.


    3. Will give a greater school feel to the events that are occurring.


    4. Even though the use of lore is planned more for year 2, could be a good place to have adventure exits tied to lore specifically learned in the class.


    5. Could act as an easier adventure chain to give the player some early success.


    i.e. Zoology


    Professor Pachait stands before the class and is growing impatient. "Take your seats ladies and gentlemen, we have alot to accomplish today. This is Beginning Zoology and I am your instructor, Regnault Pachait. Our goal for the year is to gain an understanding of the different mammals, birds and insects you may encounter around Mineta. Your grade will be based on 2 exams, the first occurring on 13 Cheimare where a score of 35 is considered passing, and the second at the end of term on 25 Kaliri where we expect at least a grade of 70. If you are not the strong on tests, additional points may be earned through a team project in which you and a partner will be asked to travel to the Imperial Reserve and find the Zoological items on the list I am handing out now. A final grade of 130 will be considered high honors and will allow you to study in the Honors Zoology course next year. So, take the next 5 minutes to partner up and then we will start on chapter 1."


    You quickly look around trying to find someone who you will want to work with for the rest of the year. There appears to be only 3 unpaired students, a large Mordivus boy with an angry look on his face, a loud Aranaz boy who doesn't seem to stop talking and a girl from Vernin who appears disgusted by decor of the room.


    1. Approach the Mordivus boy.

    2. Talk to the Aranaz boy.

    3. Attempt to partner with the Vernin girl.



    Next steps would be to be to find an empty beehive or take a picture of a wolf or whatever makes most sense in the world. Each item could be it's own small adventure chain with difficulty increasing based on the item.


    Obviously classes like Zoology, History, and Athletics have a much higher potential for interesting adventures than Grammar or Arithmetic. Still haven't thought of a rockin Grammar adventure. WOOOOO! Semantics! Party! Maybe visit locations listed in famous poetry and prose. Or act them out.


    Ok, time to turn the brain off.

  2. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I've been working on familiar quests and improving my familiar lately. A few things that I think would help in reporting -


    1. Skill step gains for familiar produced through the familiar quest are not reported in the daily summary.


    2. Familiar quests do not change color based on difficulty for familiar to complete.


    3. When clicking on skills under the familiar's page, they show the main characters skill level and number of skill steps to raise instead of the familiars.



    FYI - running off of patch 21, I believe (latest DLC) Familiar is the Royal Stealth Iguana.

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