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  1. I mean the EASIEST way is to take the character creation option Familiar: Helpful Spy. It's absolute garbage and costs 2 points, but you can do it.
  2. So we're all fixated on Gates and Mastery for obvious reasons. But how much does the average student at the Academagia even think about them? Do they have that kind of cool mysterious mystique, or are most students kind of disinterested?
  3. Phemes are three dimensional, right? How are they represented in books?
  4. In fairness, how practical are modern preppers either, really? What the heck good would their 10,000 cans of beans and 6 assault rifles do in an actual nuclear war situation. Prepping doesn't have any actual realistic purpose or use, it's just to make people feel better.
  5. It'll come when it comes, no point fussin' about it. Won't make it happen any faster.
  6. I went with revision too, because if I got to know one of the pillars of magic in real life, it'd definitely be that one.
  7. You have Icanicix and Kazus backwards.
  8. 1. What is the environment at Schohanwicht like, in a general sense? It's on another plane sure, but are the general surroundings your ordinary grass, trees and blue skies kind of deal or is it weirder/more unearthly? 2. How does the cafeteria food there compare to the academagia?
  9. Mastery is probably the most "classically" evil magic though, given that it involves controlling other human beings and pretty much everyone who practices it (with the exception of one group in one adventure) seems to be a cackling looney.
  10. It's extremely trivial to get enough money to do whatever you want. There are plenty of adventures that throw out extremely expensive but basically worthless artifacts you can sell.
  11. dyrhet

    Mod Tools

    It's currently broken. We have no idea if it's going to be viable to fix it or we just wont be able to mod Academagia 1 until Academagia 2.
  12. Tried to open the new modbase, get this popup: https://imgur.com/a/8VbtZ Clicking yes does nothing. Help!
  13. So uh, well at least Avila has some neat college mates. I think Aaran was probably the best of the new additions, at least that's my opinion.
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