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  1. Coolguy

    Mod Tools

    Fair enough. Thanks.
  2. Coolguy

    Mod Tools

    I apologize for asking for something that might be redundant, but could I possibly get a sum-up of the state of the mod tools right now? I'm interested in seeing what I can and can't do to the game, but with all the download links so old and promises of updates coming I find myself unsure of what I can and can't do to just the tools. Are the links in the first few posts of this thread still relevant? If not, which ones are? What will we have to watch out for if we decide to work with the current tools? Or, more accurately, how likely are we to do something that will not be compatible and cause issues during the update? Is there a ballpark timeline for the update's release? 2 weeks? 2 months?
  3. Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment have stepped this up a notch by pledging to donate 5% of the profits from their Kickstarted game, Wasteland 2, to other game Kickstarters. Which is pretty neat as Wasteland 1 was basically one of THE landmark games of the 80s, and Wasteland 2 has pretty much the entire original band back together, after 20 years. It is likely going to rock spines that haven't even been formed yet.
  4. Incidentally that thread is why Tallgeese posted the Familiar Selection mod that everyone's been asking about for forever and a day. Just a point of curiosity.
  5. Coolguy

    Interface bugs

    Well this solution worked beautifully. Thanks, folks!
  6. Coolguy

    Interface bugs

    That's pretty disappointing. I play on a 32" TV at 1080p, so the smallest text size is eye-strain city. At the end of the day, though, I've bent over backward in weirder ways for games that are way worse, so I'll give it a go this evening after my work's all done. Thanks!
  7. Coolguy

    Interface bugs

    Yes, I've downloaded the latest patch, and presuming by DLC you mean 'enable Saints and Strangers', then yes.
  8. Coolguy

    Interface bugs

    I've recently bought the game, and I'm having a lot of trouble with the interface. Click here for high-res The game never displays this scheduling correctly, and when I click on a tick-mark like the one under Work Till You Drop, the selection dialog often runs off the side of the screen and I can't access it. I've tried everything I can think of; compatibility modes, running windowed/fullscreen, and more. Nothing works. Any help? EDIT: For reference, I'm on Windows 7 64 bit.
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