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  1. I honestly refuse to believe 2nd year is coming at this point. It makes it less frustrating. If it does come out, great, but I'm not buying it. I uninstalled year 1 because I got to the point where looking at it on my steam library would annoy me to much. I don't think I've ever followed a studio so reticent with details and I guess I'm to used to transparency. Did the team not have the funds to prioritize year 2? Was a main developer ill? Did the team need a break from such a huge project to work on other things? Has it really taken 7 years to still have an unfinished product? I have no idea! And I've gotten the overwhelming impression that BCS doesn't see why that's an issue which is bizarre to me. And don't bother looking on the steam forums for any answers.
  2. Has anyone had any luck using the google sheets/forms that comes with a gmail account? I can open it with google sheets but none of the boxes to check if I'm in a class of college show up.
  3. The link is broken again, can we get another upload?
  4. You might want to omit any and all references to 'Year One' or implications that there will be sequels for a steam release. One of the biggest selling points for me getting Academagia was that the story would continue and now it's the biggest reason why I'm not inclined do buy anything else. If there really are the promised number of Years then great, I will be overjoyed because I still love playing what I have. If my suspicions are correct and it doesn't happen, then least there isn't anything to be hung up on.
  5. Although I really am hoping this comes into play in regards to Catherine, just finding out if she has any siblings would be quite interesting. I
  6. Thank you it certainly is a lot of detail I wanted. I'm just such a fan of world building I don't know when to stop. I guess the most important question would be is it primogeniture everywhere? And is disinheritance something that is easy or difficult to do? Such as, would you have to break a major law and be banished/imprisoned/etc. or could it simply be the preference of whoever controls the inheritance? That's it, I promise!
  7. I would love to get as much detail as possible on how inheritance works. And I do mean as much as possible, I'm guessing the laws vary depending on where you live.1) Is primogeniture, (oldest kid, usually male, gets everything) the standard? Or does every (male) child get an equal share of the estate? Or do they go down the list with the oldest getting the lions share and shrinking the further down you are. 2) Then there is the big question of if women inherit on the same grounds as men, or only if there or no male siblings or no male relatives at all. 3) Then, if at all possible the nitty-gritty would be lovely. For example, do the nobility favor the current laws or do they want a different system in place? How easy or difficult is it to disinherit someone, or say that someone outside of your blood relatives or immediate family inherits your estate? Are wars commonly fought over matters of inheriting certain titles, like what happened with the 100 year war? Whew, I know that's a lot but I have been insanely curios about this for sometime. Especially for our students that chose a noble or well-to-do station. Will these matters effect future story lines or options for what careers they choose?
  8. I couldn't get the old links to work, but I switched to a computer that has Excel and it worked just fine in that. It must have been the Word rip off I was using.
  9. I just downloaded the latest version but for some reason clicking on the "I attend this class" button does nothing. I even re downloaded it and same problem.
  10. IndigoInsane

    Dlc 16?

    How is the testing going? I'm making plans for tomorrow and was debating bringing my laptop to school. Not that I'm the terrible sort of student that would play academagia in class...
  11. IndigoInsane

    Dlc 16?

    Of course it is. Honestly, I really dislike the characters and am pretty annoyed with all the delays its causing. When no one could contact Metis,I thought that after that it should have been it, tough luck and move on. Is there still no chance of a release without them?
  12. IndigoInsane

    Dlc 16?

    Can we know what Adventure is causing the hold up? I'll want to keep an eye on it next file.
  13. IndigoInsane

    Dlc 16?

    That's a shame. Oh well, the wait continues.
  14. IndigoInsane

    Dlc 16?

    Is it possible to get it now without the characters then?
  15. IndigoInsane

    Dlc 16?

    Is everything except for the new characters complete?
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