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  1. Legate - I get it... but is there any chance the antidote might have been planned, but not made it in? From out here, it looks like (what with the absurd scale of the game) things occasionally get disorganized enough to end up dropped by accident. I do hope your team has put together a more useful database system for Y2... something with an actual search feature, maybe? It would have made this much easier to answer definitively... Regardless, Rest will fix it soon, and that's good to hear. Kurt will no longer be the bane of my existence and/or the cause of all my save-scumming.
  2. ... actually? Any chance that the Team might make Slightly Queasy resolve by completing the Upset Stomach adventure? (Either exit, of course...) You'd need to re-trigger the Adventure's availability if it came up again, but it would be cool & maybe appropriate. EDIT: Come to think of it - has anyone TRIED completing The Upset Stomach while Slightly Queasy? If these evil devs hid the antidote there...
  3. Great! ... but where IS the antidote you've claimed already exists?
  4. Legate: you've claimed that there is an antidote for... well, years now, I guess! If you're really certain it's there, can you at least tell us where to look? I believe I've investigated (both in-game and through the modtools) every direction previously suggested, and come up completely dry. It would be nice to find out, once and for all, whether it actually exists.
  5. So, I suppose this is pretty aggressive thread necromancy... But - can the team confirm that there is a way to cure Poisons (or at least the Slightly Queasy effect) in Year 1? It sounds an awful lot like no one's found one, not even 5 years on... If this can't be confirmed, will the team apply SOME sort of patch to this issue? Maybe treatable by going to an infirmary, or something? It's an awfully severe effect to have thrown around by an NPC if genuinely uncurable at this point.
  6. Seconded - I have clique problems as well. I was "half-informed" about Neta and Leopold (daily schedules start showing appropriately), but I don't have information on their Attributes, Skills, and Abilities, and their Clique abilities aren't having any effect either. I can confirm that this problem does NOT go away after a Steam re-verification of my local install, also. Schwarzbart - no chance you're playing Hedi also? (I've only checked Hedi playthroughs so far.) EDIT: Nevermind - checked another house, and same problems occur regardless... at least, with every possible clique member I've tried so far.
  7. Erm - a slight problem. The link appears to be broken? Any chance of re-uploading, at least?
  8. Out of curiosity - since I'm credited, and one of two things I pointed out was the apparent inability to cure Slightly Queasy (a Poison effect), is there now a way to cure Poisons? Or even just Slightly Queasy? If so, any hints as to where to look?
  9. EPAstor

    Linux Version?

    Actually, I wouldn't have asked - but I happened to notice that the game is essentially platform-independent, since Ren'Py (the engine) is written in Python explicitly to be platform-independent. With some debugging, no reason it shouldn't run on Linux - so I offered to help!
  10. EPAstor

    Linux Version?

    No chance you're looking for outside help, is there? I'm a decent Python/Linux coder, and might be able to figure out where the problems are coming from... I would likely be willing to donate the time to help debug, and would freely sign a basic contract donating the results in full. (Already bought the game, too... was just trying to hack together a working Linux version, and found that it really needed to happen at the packaging stage.) EDIT: As a note - I bought it for my Windows machine at home, and wasn't expecting a Linux build. But I'm on the road, with a Linux laptop, so I thought I might as well try!
  11. EPAstor

    Linux Version?

    Hey... so, if you're using Ren'Py as your engine, which can build for Linux easily... any chance of releasing a Linux version? Something basic - I'd even be happy if there wasn't an installer, just an archive.
  12. Well - that sounds like a great bug-fix and/or clarification, depending on whether there's anything currently in-game. Can we also get text added to poison effects (like Slightly Queasy) indicating that we need to seek out a cure for this Poison? (And some indication somewhere of where we need to look?)
  13. Hm. Alright - so absent a searching tool, does anyone remember the names of relevant Spells or Items that could cure Slightly Queasy? Or hints thereto?
  14. I've just acquired Beauregard's Anvil, which seems like a rather wonderful object to have... except I can't figure out, for the life of me, how to use it! Enchant +5 is useful for so many things... how do I go about making use of an Anvil?
  15. Okay... so I've hunted through the ModBase for both items and spells, and looked pretty seriously for things in game. Is there any better way to *search* the ModBase than by hand? Or does someone have a more focused idea of where I might look?
  16. I ended up with Slightly Queasy as an effect of Bitter Stalks, cast by Kurt Henning... He and I were at relationship 1 or so.
  17. Alright... so I got hit by a spell that gave me Slightly Queasy. And I've been hunting for a remedy that might be relevant - but can't seem to find even a hint. Anyone willing to give me a hint as to where I should be looking, or what I'm looking for? Also, more generally: how does one cure poisons that don't go away with Resting, and don't appear to have a definite time limit?
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