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  1. Dormuul

    Cheat Mod

    Hello Anyone got another link for the mod? The link provided in the first page does't work for me.
  2. Thanks for answering so quickly Yay for 10th post! Additional question 1. Since any pointy things could be used as a wand, does anyone have used this advantage and integrate it into a fighting style? 3. If a wizard replace his/her familiar, does the old familiar retain knowledge that the wizard taught? And what about the bond ? Does it reset back to zero again?
  3. 3. The usual mad cackling mages who do this and that. 7. Can you specify the adventure please I really want to see this
  4. By the command of Mighty Black Kitty I shall post my questions here 1. Since Negation is pretty much useless negating old age, what about revision? Can a wizard "heal" old age? 2. Can a wizard use Negation to negate reality? 3. Is rogue mages common or unheard of? 4. Is Academagia secure? Even with those powerful teachers , traps and security system it seems we could stumble into dragon's nest while taking a stroll in the gardens.(If somehow the answer is yes, I shudder to think the dangerous area will be) 5. Are the pims enchanted? 6. Can a wizard use negation to negate fate itself? 7. Since Astrology is the primary source of divination magic, could a wizard use it for scrying to another dimension? Or he/she must rely on gates alone?
  5. Actually I want to say is it possible to harm someone physically using Glamour but it seems I forgot to add "harm". *takes out another batch of questions* 1. Is it possible to use revision to graft another creature's organs to self? (Ala Tzimisce's flesh crafting) 2. Is there other non-human humanoid races? 3. Since Thunderbirds exist for about Firefoxes?
  6. Another barrage of question go! 1. Is it possible for a wizard (with sufficient bond) to possess his/her familiar and vice versa ? 2. Could a wizard transfer his/her life to his/her familiar? (A Gift of Familiar with the familiar as the target) 3. Is it possible to physically someone using Glamour? 4. Could a polymorphed wizard cast spells? 5. Is it possible to cast Mastery to self?
  7. I don't know if this question has been asked before but 1. Can Negation negate life from someone? 2. Could a Gates user utilize portal cut? 3. Is it possible to use Mastery to alter Bond between a wizard and familiar? And I think I just necroed this thread
  8. The crash is solved now thanks for the help
  9. I'm afraid the error still persist and no I don't use impulse
  10. Windows 7 The crashes started after I installed new updates (Consolidated Patch 68). I have followed the troubleshooting guide, but still no avail.
  11. I got the system error problem after patching,I have followed the instructions on the Troubleshooting thread and still can't play the game. After checking the logs it says : System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'Storage, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=fbdf1d602e0b70a1' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
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