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  1. Nevermind! After days of trying to figure this out, I finally did . . . I knew asking the forums would help!
  2. I've looked all over the forums and I can't find any instruction on how to change the load order of mods. In particular, I'm trying to use the exotic familiar selection mod and I don't know how to make it load first. Thanks!
  3. Oh, but I'd like to "encourage fellow student" right now and just say I'm only impatient because Academagia is so unique and, in my opinion, so much better than all the really ridiculously well-funded games out there. If I ever win the lottery, I'm investing an equity stake in BCS (if you will let me). And then you guys could have whatever resources you want to make the best games available.
  4. Sigh. I guess I'll try to take up quilting now as an alternative.
  5. So, I'm trying to raise my patience skill . . . IRL. Waiting for year 2 is just like Christmas Eve as a kid, except longer (much longer) and with fewer cookies and gifts. Maybe it's like it being "always winter and never Christmas." I've gone on a couple of quests to try and raise it. I went to grad school, I got a job, I even got an Old English Sheepdog familiar and trained him how to roll over (I'm trying to assess what my bond level with him is, but the interface is weird. Anyway, he sleeps on the bed like any good familiar). But none of those helped raise patience. Any suggestions? In the meantime I've raised my botany, rhetoric, and pims . . . just not the skill I think I really really really need: patience. *sigh*
  6. It's been forever since I've posted on the forums, but I've been lurking. I haven't been able to play at all in the last year, but I've seen all these amazing portraits that you guys have added and I'm adding them to my own game. Thanks so much for sharing these! I'm really looking forward to playing with them. Oh, and I'm eagerly awaiting the second year too. Whenever it comes out, I know it's going to make my week, maybe even my whole month!
  7. Adrian!!! <3!!! Thanks so much for figuring that out. That's so awesome! I'm going to go try it out asap.
  8. I know other people have custom portraits. I hope they will share on this thread. Pretty please with a glamour spell on top?
  9. Okay, well, just to let you know, I've got some squirrels . . . technically, I don't own them, but they live in the courtyard of my condo complex. They are friendly with me because I feed them corn nuts. It will be no problem for me to lure a few into a trap and then sacrifice them to the gods of game releases for you cuz I'm a nice person like that. If the gods require a larger sacrifice . . . well, there's always the neighbor's dog. (Because this is the Internetz I know that a part of you really is wondering whether or not I'm the type of person to sacrifice innocent creatures to spiritual entities of contested morals and existence, but 1) squirrels aren't innocent (you should see what they did to the tree outside), 2) neither is the neighbor's dog (exhibit A, my urine stained doormat), and 3) this is OMG serious business!!! The world is going to end this year (according to the Mayans) and it will end without any of us ever having played Academagia Year 2. Can you live with that?????)
  10. Thanks for the tip, Schwarzbart. I'll pm Mikka about what she might need. I wish I could mod. I'd totally add Bernard the Magnificent into the game.
  11. Yeah Leoshi, I was going for a young Severus Snape that actually shampoo'd and maybe cared about the way he looked sorta look there. Maybe I should add more highlights in it. Hair is hard. So are personalities . . . especially when it comes to boys. All I can think of is boy scout and sullen. I'm working on a chubby dweeb with mommy issues (I'm pretty sure he has a lisp, speaks in the third person, and refers to himself as "Bernard the Magnificent" when he isn't being beaten up by Philippe), but he isn't turning out so good.
  12. Hey guys! I envy the portrait maker for Academagia who is obviously very talented to be able to capture such a wide range of personalities with the portraits represented in the game. Alas! because I am perverse at heart, her (his?) talent has inspired me to go all Frankenstein on the portraits and mix and match features to come up with new personalities and characters. I'm thinking I'm going to hold off on playing my next game until I replace a lot of the PC portraits and NPC portraits and maybe some professors. I thought that maybe we could use this thread as a place to share our favorite custom portraits so that people who want to switch things up a bit can . . . using their own content and content generated by others. Like I said, the custom portraits I make use features from the originals . . . I just take a piece there and part here and mush them together in a new portrait. Here are some of my faves so far (haven't gotten around to boys yet, but they will get some love soon, but before them I'm going to make some truly wicked looking girls). Please, share your favorites here as well. Added: Goth Girl Added: Boys
  13. Is there an official thread for vague hints about year 2 release date???? I've seen legate say later in 2012 and also something that made it sound like 2013 would be the year. Of course, I'm in the sooner rather than later camp.
  14. Okay, just a little more info. It's summer; I have time; I played through the game three times this weekend trying different things. The first thing I did was get rid of Impulse and just purchased the game directly from your site. That actually helped the speed issue a lot. However, it did not help with the crash on reloads. And what I realized (after three games . . . hey! at least I got to try a lot of different adventures! I hope to see the Watchers make a destructive reappearance somewhere in Academagia 2. The quests that opened up from leveling languages were awesome!) is that it rarely crashes on reload at the beginning of a game, but as the school year progresses, it continues to crash more and more on reload. In fact, the last game I played, I could only reload once or twice at the end of the year before the game would crash (I was trying to see what all the different rewards were for adventures). Also, I've read somewhere on the forums about people being able to go to the month Kapsus when they open their endgame save. That has happened to me too, but I have something else to add to that: on my last game, I could (occasionally) go to the month Kapsus even before the game ended. I was trying to plan out training my familiar and was flipping through the calendar and SUP!? KAPSUS! Anyway, I'm sure you are aware of all of this. But, in case you aren't, maybe the info will be mildly useful.
  15. CremePudding, Photoshop and GIMP are equivalent in that both support transparency. The problem is I can't save the Photoshop files into something my game will recognize, even when I remove the file extension. What I eventually had to do last night to get the portrait to 1) load into the game and 2) not crash the game, was edit it in photoshop, flatten all the layers, copy, paste it on top of the existing file I wanted to edit in Paint, save to a duplicate folder on my desktop, and then paste the duplicate folder into the OfficialContent folder (because it wasn't letting me save directly into the folder). It sounds like a hassle, but once I figured out the steps, it's fine - actually fairly simple. It's just the figuring out bit that's frustrating. Yeah, but basically, because Paint had to be an intermediary software in the process, I couldn't do transparency at all. It's okay now though. It looks as though it is transparent. FEAR NOT, ACADEMAGICIANS! The pancake demon is sated. I fed it a red velvet pancake early this morning; it then growled its contentment at me before wrapping itself snuggly around my soul and falling asleep. Hey . . . we all have our hang ups . . .
  16. P.S. <3 Adrian! Good luck with your exams (in June? That sucks. Unless, of course, you are from the southern hemisphere, and then it might not be so bad seeing how it is winter. Anyway, if you have a program with layers, like Photoshop, just screenshot the game while using a portrait that still has the frame neatly around it. Then go in, add that on top of your portraits, and then edit away the interior so you can see your portrait. The way I have it now it works with the background image seamlessly so the OCD demon in me is fooled. Now to go feed the pancake demon in me . . .
  17. It's okay! I figured it out . . . sorta. I went to bed, woke up, and then just thought, "Huh, maybe I should just screenshot the gold braid and add it on top of my portraits. And I did and it works. So, I still have superfluous pixels, but they are camouflaged, so it's all good now.
  18. I've appreciated all the advice on this thread so far. Just started making my own portraits; and let me say that making them isn't the problem - it only takes me about 5 minutes or so to edit one. My profile pic is one of the portraits I edited. I just took Irene Oxina's face and put it on one of the female Morvidus PCs. Then I lengthened the PC's hair and lightened the face a bit to blend. Now I can have a believable portrait to match the paradoxically charming, but aloof character I want to make. THE PROBLEM IS . . . well, there were numerous problems which have, for the most part, been resolved, except for one itty bitty detail. The corners aren't transparent. When I save in Paint it won't let me save with transparency, so the portrait in the game has about 4 pixels on the top corners that obscure the nice braided gold frame. 4-8 pixels? you ask. Really? Yes, really. I want you all to know that it is late and I am tired . . . otherwise, I would not be revealing to the Internet at-large how obnoxiously perfectionist I can be when it comes to casual art projects. Alas, self-restraint went to bed without me two hours ago, and here I am in all my OCD glory! So, is there no work-around for my dilemma? Must I suffer the agony of 8 superfluous pixels? Or is there some solution to this problem? P.S. I guess I will add a larger version of my portrait. It's the only thing that has gone right tonight on this computer .
  19. I have always wanted forever and ever a game about a tribe transitioning from hunter-gatherers to agricultural herdsmen and, if successful, inadvertently building the foundations of what will become civilization. I would love to be able to play as an individual in this tribe, attempting to lead and influence decisions towards more mystical, technical, or defensive paths and building alliances with npcs who might share similar goals/strategies. And no dinosaurs! I'm so annoyed by all the caveman games with dinosaurs in them. Maybe (MAYBE!) there could be some rare encounters with smilodons or woolly rhinos or something. Oh, and there should absolutely be a quest to domesticate the village's first cat. And maybe like a silly Amish-themed "raise a granary" quest or something . . . BUT NO DINOSAURS. And, like, you can learn skills to make magical fetishes and super-cute bone-twig-shell jewelry and those really kitschy Venus of Wilendorf idols (so overdone, imo) and carve up dead animals . . . or something. They can be magical hunter-gatherers. I just don't want them to have dinosaurs. Or eight foot arthropods, cuz you could only have those on a planet with more oxygen than ours does now which totally sways the advantage towards creatures without lungs. I suppose you could set it on a planet with more oxygen than ours, but I just don't see mammal-type things being that successful. Well, I'm willing to compromise on the bugs, but not on the dinosaurs. I've often played the Civ games and thought to myself, "This would be so much better if it were an RPG and just about cavemen." I'm so bored by the time I get to the modern era. There's no more adventure . . . no more fog of war . . . no more . . . roving bands of nomadic cave thugs. And no, it isn't a kickstarter game. But it should be; that's my point! This game should have been made at some point in the past. But it hasn't been. I weep for the past. Let us not turn to a future famished for such a game.
  20. I would just like to inform the mod of two facts, the first of which is my undying devotion to this game and its seductive capacity to lull me into a state of tranquil gaming torpor through which I can better procrastinate real life. Thanks Academagicians! The second fact is a little less seductive-tranquil-torpor-y and more blah, but on the upside it is also compelling evidence demonstrating my devotion. You see, the game crashes on me about every thirty minutes or so. It also runs veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy sllllloooooowwwwwwwwlllllllyyyy for about 10 min or more before a crash. It's really difficult wanting to play it when it is so slow and crashy, but it's also really difficult not playing it because it's just so good! Anyway, I saw a thread a few months back about "system errors" which is the error message that pops up when it crashes, usually on a load. I do admit to reloading often (because if I had a superpower, it would be the TARDIS). I deleted my cache and GCC and I'm going to go check and see if that helps. But I'm operating on Impulse and the latest patch, and the patches don't seem to have fixed it since that last thread . . . at least in my case. Anyway, keep up the good work! WTB Year 2! Oh, but if you could add some sort of ending . . . even if it's just little titular categories we'd all get sorted into at the end, like "troublemaker" or "teacher's pet" or "most likely to be eaten by a feral dandelion" that would be ever so awesome.
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