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  1. Bought it through Impulse at a shocking discount during their Christmas discount promotion. Bought it again for a family member shortly thereafter at a more realistic price. Now I feel slightly less guilty about how little I paid initially, and I have someone to discuss the game with. Unfortunately, neither of us can get anything done now; we are so addicted.
  2. Ah, naturally I do not know what your code is like, so it's difficult for me to guess what features could be added now. Thank you for your response! I posted because two of us here are now playing Academagia and we both individually perceived a need for a journal. Then I saw this in one of the reviews you have linked, and realized we are not alone in keeping notes: "To be honest, the game almost demands a return to when players maintained meticulous notes on their game so that they knew exactly what they needed to do at a given time." -Jason Ballew, Gaming Trend (Gaming Trend review) I was hoping it wouldn't be difficult to add one, but it seems I am mistaken. My apologies. I'll just have to be very careful not to lose my notebook. I have played an alarming number of characters already since downloading Academagia shortly before Christmas.
  3. Might we have a journal, pretty please? I have started a pen and paper notebook for Academagia, and while it does the job, it's inconvenient and anti-immersive to have to keep flipping through a binder precariously balanced in my lap. This game is one of the deepest I have ever encountered in years of gaming. I am sure there are players who have resorted to spreadsheets, too, but all I am asking for here is a feature that was once common to shareware games of old, a very very simple text entry box with retention and erase capabilities. I am sure you probably remember those from the old days, the simple journals where a player could record achievements, goals, track quests, write a background for the character, etc. It may be that you could use some of the code used for naming cliques and familiars, but expand the text field to allow perhaps a couple pages worth of free space in which to type. I feel the most logical place for a journal button would probably be on the lower left, opposite to and balancing the clock button. If you feel that might confuse new players overly much, I would suggest placing it on the wooden "ledge" at the left side of the college crest, or making it a fairly small icon immediately under the character portrait and name. Some potential uses of a modest in-game journal include: The Practical/OOC 1. A place to store all that information you looked up on the wikia earlier and have already forgotten. 2. Record when characters in your clique befriend, romance, or fight with other students. Knowing the friend and enemies status of clique members can be useful in recruiting compatible new members, and could head off clique fights which might break up your whole clique. 3. For minmaxer style players, a journal would assist in testing theories about game mechanics. I realize many Academagia players probably dislike minmaxers, but it's a valid playstyle and from reading the boards and the wikia, I can tell there is a strong interest in some players to design characters according to game mechanics rather than roleplay principles. 4. A place to record typos and other issues as they are encountered, for reporting later as convenient. Roleplay/Immersion/Artistic 1. Record special events in the character's first year, which might be difficult to remember by the time the sequel comes out. By then, the player might have played literally dozens of other characters in the meantime. 2. Character diary. Even a few pages could hold the character's feelings about teachers, the first and last days, or the humiliation of failing midterms. 3. Prophecy journal. Will you really remember in a year or two what you hoped for this character to do in future years? You will if it's stored in the character file. 4. Character background. Does the character miss a kid sister? Any skeletons in the closet? Attending the Academy by choice, or because family or hometown wanted it? A journal would allow the dedicated roleplayer to flesh out the options chosen in character creation, however unlikely the combination might have been. 5. Artistic endeavors. Players could use the space for in character poetry, prayers, correspondences, proposed lore, ASCII art and cartography, and just about anything a creative person could come up with to do with text.
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