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  1. Yea I would like to know as well Legate can you give us some sort of hint or suggestion? I couldn't find the answer myself
  2. Well i'm guessing it is okay to continue in hear as long as i stick to topic? Well my next question is i just picked up a book that say it will be usefull if i ever decide to take the advanced artiface lesons does that mean in year two i get to keep my items and you guys were thinking that far ahead if so on both accounts thats just amazing
  3. Next question and is it okay for me to continue in this thread, WIth the skill selective focus do you trade off on lore because i have noticed you learn something every time you gain a skill step but when you use selective focus you gain an three or four skill steps does that cause you to obtain less lore?
  4. thanks for the quick reply usually i have to wait days on any other forum to get an answer
  5. The only other thing i might like to know is you mentioned specific quests for relationships if you have a certian background, I'm guessing that is the perk on the prowl. What do i have to do to unlock the adventures or what ever it is to access the relationship options or a link to the info in the forum if you have it handy describing how to go about it. I havent been able to find it anywhere on the net just that it is possible
  6. No i believe you but i forgot that every student in the school gets the same things as me so i didnt take that into account lol and yes i was underrating the ammount of coding it would take. i think i will have to look in to these mod tools they sound very interesting and i love the system you guys use and i do apologize if i sounded argumentive i wasnt try to be. Thank you, this conversation has been helpful Edit #1 So theoretically if I could create said DB field could i accomplish what i want with the mod tools?
  7. Okay I need to say this I dont care how year one and two react when it comes to my adventure what i was trying to ask is in year one i waited untill after the year was done reloaded my last save and it has a couple weeks well i tried doing some of the adventures that i had not been able to get through during the normal year the task would succed when i did the embarking on blah blah blah quest but when i went to do the next portion it would automatically fail regardless of the task or whether it was blue or green i hardly ever try any actions that are above and beyond that. So what i was wondering is if their is a Time stamp that say he its to late in the year for you to do that quest you fail? If not that might be a bug that someone might want to adress. Also why does there need to be a code chage couldn't you littery just add six lines of code that said something like if class skill = 100%(skill maximum) then detention occurs 50% less well i cant remember the exact coding phrasing its been awhile since i messed with it but you should just be able to add that to the coding for each class skill and it does a very simple check and lowers the probability of getting detention if i'm wrong eh well it happens
  8. Hello Every one, I just got my copy of academagia earlier this week and I'm hooked I'm hoping to stick around here for as long as these games are being made. I love how interactive this game is in an age of supposedly interactive games that often fail to live up to expectation. I've played through two full years with two seperate characters and i'm hoping to start my third before the night is out. Also on a side note I was wondering if you guys have any interest in specific character fiction that we build up through our playthroughs becuase i would love to make a complete account of my characters and the world they live in with more detail in some sort of almost fan fiction but better and trust me my grammer and punctuation is much better when i sit down to write then when i'm typing at 3am
  9. I'm looking forward to this any news or updates?
  10. Okay so I wasnt asking about them going into year to one of the dlcs as you probably know contain what appears to be summer school even though i did better than every one else in the subject i still have to attend classes anyways i'm getting sidetrack i was more asking if the quest with in year one have a time stamp on them that will stop me from completing anything but the first stage of the quest once i have progressed to certain points in the year alas if that is not the case this is a bug that should be looked into... still i think i have a pretty good grasp of the game and that doesnt seem normal to me. to your 4 and 5 bullet what is the background trait if you have it handy if not i'll get around to looking it up and how do i go about romancing them or if you have some sort of link that will provide me with the information i require i just havent been able to find specificly what i'm looking for with web searches. I know that you get detention and such i was more posing the idea to the mod that works on the game that answers question pretty regularly that they implament some sort of system that will allow you to get away with alot more once you have mastered your particular classes for the year which would allow for more free study time like you could do in real school if you did better than anyone else in your classes. As well as Some sort of system in year two that are items that allow you to get away with more when teachers add things to them or maybe some adventures that give you get out of detention points by visiting a teachers class room of your choice and passing a skill check. I dont know i'm just saying what i think it happens lol. And last the reason I didnt think about editing my first post was because i didnt think about it i had a derpy moment. actually one more question for Legate will there eventually be some kind of greater evil sort of adventure that has serious consequences on the story if you cant do what is necessary
  11. Oh and sorry for the triple post but i have one last question are their any other special schools for the different types of magic other than the school of gates and the special incantation school?
  12. Also in year two will we be able to get something like a hall pass so you can skip classes if your doing well enough in a class or maybe make it a get out of detention free card in monopoly or a scroll that has a list of places you have permission to go so you wont get reprimanded for trespassing. And do you have any sort of strategy guide that is a collection of events and friends that you can find and make I would be willing to buy something like that even if it was something rough like a word doc with all the info in it
  13. Hi, First of all I want to say thank you for making an amazing game and I can't wait to play the next one. Second are adventures time restrictive and once you get to summer break does it become harder to proceed past the first level of adventures? Third I have really been having trouble running across places that I have been trying to explore is there any way to improve the chance of finding specific places? other than by raising your ability score in explore. Fourth I have been trying to raise my relationship with certain people in a romantic way is it just for the later years or does it have some adventures or something like a date in first year? And last is there any point to attending classes once you get to the max levels in those classes and can you implement anything that will acknowledge that you are at max level in those classes so you can do other things without the fear of getting detentions or suspensions
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