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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! These do look like good starting points. And successfully convincing someone the sky ISN'T blue in the dialectics class was awesomely silly.
  2. So I'm restarting Academagia (again). Not sure with what focus - I figure I'll wing it there - but now I'm wondering what some good starting adventures are, and for what kind of characters they're geared towards. The game is pretty brutal as it is for throwing characters of one skill set into situations they have no hope of coming out of in one piece, so I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on their favorite starting adventures, and why they feel that way. Oan's line of quests I can understand; they're pretty forgiving in terms of skill check levels. Any other suggestions I'll happily listen to.
  3. 'lo everyone. I actually picked this game up last year, but I never really gave it an honest chance until recently; the skill system and the marching horde of text scared me off at first. I just started giving it a go, and I'm really enjoying what I've tried so far (even though I'm on what must be my seventh retry, and I still don't quite know what's going on). Looking forward to Year 2 either way!
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