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  1. I think it was Orsi who used an item to do it. Ilaro is a rogue magician skirting the law, so I'm pretty sure he just knows it. It's admittedly supposition though, I don't think they ever say one way or the other with Ilaro.
  2. Well in game Ilaro clearly knows how to teleport safely, and effortlessly. Of course maybe he learned it from the Oursoukans, who knows. The jerk teleported me enough times.
  3. Just thought I'd note this, I had an odd bug during my Hedi game. I took the Owl Familiar, but waaay late in my game (about Veranix I'd say) I got a random event that consisted of the final stages of the Unfamiliar Familiar adventure, which is related to the Platypus. The snippet I got started about where that adventure involves being in the classroom, but after the point where you need to lie or tell the truth about the fox. I'm not complaining because hey, free +1 Luck sure why not, but it still seemed more than a little bizarre.
  4. That is a shame but eh, I'll live. I'll miss you Emperor Sphinx Actually wait I lied, one other curiosity: How will our clique translate into Year 2? Unscathed or will we need to rebuild any relationships?
  5. Okay one last question (no really): Will stat gains from the very last day still apply, even though you don't get to see a day summary for the finale, and be imported accordingly? Dat last minute training. Edit: Or...huh. You can load your autosave from Kaliri 28 and then play a week of Kapsus? This I did not know.
  6. Chalk me up for another one who bought the game thanks to Bobbin Threadbares Lets Play of the game.
  7. My favorite clique members are: Silke and Neta. These two are fairly self explanitory. +1 Fitness and Charm is super useful, and Silke's enormous boost to stress capacity is just incomparable. These two are the most clutch of the clutch clique members. Zoe Melis and Els Rottmundyn. Zoe is great for blowing exams out of the water, but the real star here is Els. Els is hilariously useful. Got a tough skill check coming up, but it's not a skill you really feel like investing in heavily? Use Efficient Research and Els' Constructive Criticism to get the temporary boost you need to blow the skill check out of the water and move on with your life. Never fails. My last main pick is Aymeri Couer simply because Character Study, Listen, and Infiltration are all great skills and he's a bro.
  8. Are we expecting any adventure plot threads to be continued in Year 2? The Much Rumored Tower, in particular, seems to beg for a year 2 conclusion (or continuation) and it would be pretty darn cool to see, for example, Pelia show up as a student (from the Clockmaker's Daughter)!
  9. With regards to the bans, I sympathize most with Gates magic. To me, Mastery is fundamentally and inherently evil. Violating the sanctity of another persons mind is incompatible with a functioning society. Humans can't come together, put down laws, and coexist with any degree of harmony when the very real threat of their very mind being taken from them is not actively curtailed. Gates however is more of a case of just being dangerously powerful, like nuclear energy. It's not evil like Mastery is, but it requires extensive oversight to be used safely. Still if Ica-whatever achieved the feats she did without committing any atrocities, it stands to reason the school could be managed. I think Gates should require some kind of license and oversight, but I'm not sure a ban is warranted. Edit: From an in character perspective, I had my guy pick up Gates because of none other than He is a terrible influence, it's true. If he didn't want me mucking about in the forbidden arts he shouldn't have shown me how useful they can be in a tight spot.
  10. I think my primary two suggestions would be this: #1) More options to USE Gates and/or Mastery! Adventures are the meat of the game, so it can be a bit disappointing to discover that you can almost never flex your forbidden muscles in them. Discreet use of the forbidden arts could provide some interesting alternative solutions. The capacity for teleportation in Gates in particular strikes me as pretty utilitarian. #2) More (viable) options to develop your Familiar. The Familiar system feels a bit unfinished right now. Unless you've taken Zoology as a course or at least trained it so thoroughly that you get Improved Familiar Handling, improving your Familiars skills is always hideously impractical as it stands. Improved Familiar Handling almost makes it competitive, with the ability to train four familiar skills at once, but even then you have the problem of your Familiars attributes being kind of mediocre and hard to increase. There's very little motivation to ever train or use your familiar when you could instead train yourself. Edit: On the point of number two, I think my suggestion would be some kind of system wherein a higher level of Bond lets your Familiar use your own attributes in place of its own (your Finesse, Fitness, etc) to some degree or another, so that the Familiar doesn't fall behind in usefulness quite so much.
  11. I typically do Hearing is Believing early on when I'm incapable of passing the Negation/Revision checks, because the Luck reward is pretty useful. What rewards are available if you pass those checks? I now find myself wondering.
  12. Sweet! I was wondering if you were just going to up the skill caps or translate them to a new scale altogether, I'm guessing it's the former based on that. Aside from that I think I have one single solitary outstanding wish: Some kind of categorization for Phemes. Looking for a Pheme that performs a specific function can get pretty daunting later on when your pheme list is thick enough to bludgeon a man with.
  13. The thing I'm most curious to see is how our skill levels are imported/translated to the new system. It could be challenging to balance for the wide array of skill levels that come into year 2, but I do hope that more developed characters are allowed to shine. Megaman-esque losing all your toys would be frustrating. And I hope that last minutes Gates research I put in won't be useless. The dark arts are just too tempting.
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