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  1. Where did you find the peru music I was surprisingly really into that!!! Best Wishes
  2. I just wanna give you a biiiig hug
  3. Well am aiming not Nigel's but I currently have 50pts in Nigel and he is my boyfriend, but I have 60pts in Roland. I do not think there is enough contact with Nigel
  4. Will do! So far I am in Peru I have not noticed anything else as of yet. I will keep an eye out
  5. You are quite welcome glad to have helped
  6. I will say this is one heck of a game a lot of it goes right over my head as I am not a world renown explorer, but I love it all the same. I have found one mistype so far. It is in Egypt when Sadi and Sterling are in the truck they are talking and it has his name as the person talking when it should be hers. Sorry I did not think to write down what was said. It might have been the part about courage but alas I can not be certain
  7. Thank goodness I was like that is sooo wrong.... Kinda felt robbed But you have made me happy again Thank you! <3 <3 <3
  8. Why does she have to give up looking for her family just because she gets a boyfriend?? I could understand putting off having a boyfriend at the moment and getting one after she finds her folks but either or?? That is just mean.
  9. The reason I ask is because the forget what it is called but it maxes the sub abilities does not work. I got my copy from the link on the first page. None of the other links in this post worked. Do you have one maybe more recent than that? By chance? *begs with puppydog eyes*
  10. Hi, do you have link to your latest version?
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