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  1. Oh that would be lovely!!!
  2. thezooqueen


    Just a suggestion really. It would make things a lot easier if active adventures were moved to the top of the list or at least had an indicator/mark beside them. When you have a lot of adventures, it is sometimes hard to find adventures you want to continue. Even scrolling down the list, it is easy to pass over the one you are looking for. I know it is not likely possible for Y1, but I would seriously consider it for Y2
  3. Oh I really agree to that!! I wish there was a voting system.
  4. Ahh it said it was uploaded by you. So that means you are really old like a Legate then? hehe
  5. I heard you on a video Legate. You are really young. I imagined you would be old like a real Legate. Hehe Kidding
  6. Thanks for the tip! Gosh I love the new layout and I can actually see the text without having to use a magnifying glass!!
  7. Just kidding, but in all honesty. I have had this game for a while now and I still do not know how to play it. All I do is adventures.
  8. I have no Idea what you are talking about I am afraid
  9. Yes, I am aware of that. I have changed the values and even saved them. However once I save and leave the game the values are gone and I can not get them back
  10. It find the values, but is not holding the values anymore
  11. Well I have lost all my old stories except what is uploaded to FF.NET, but now I have two external hard drives and I back everything up to one of them. I hope it never happens again. I am glad you did not lose your writing for Academagia. I know that is a LOT of writing. I have not played that in a while. I should start again 8D
  12. I just tried rereading it, and realized that chapter three is in 3 and chapter 6 place. So it jumps from chapter 5 to 3 again then 7. I hate FF.net. It is a horrible storyplace. I only wish I had saved it elsewhere as well.
  13. No one told me I uploaded the same chapter twice. I don't even have the story anymore since it was on my old pc that died a horrible death. Pity. No wonder the story made no sense
  14. I wish we could complete all the stories, and pick what boys we want. What I mean is. I love Sterling's stories, and part of Felix story the best, but I love Royland and Nigel better. Well you know me I love Zul al Zan best of all, but since he is not on the menu...
  15. I think you get some points following family dream. It has been a while since I played
  16. Ok sorry for getting a little snippy. Legate of Mineta is precious and must be protected.
  17. Wow that was not immature at all... He has not said anything about 1932
  18. Oh now you are just teasing me. If you want to whisper me some spoilers, I will be happy as a clam.
  19. Well as long as it is all still being worked on. I can keep waiting.
  20. Hold me. I need a hug *cries*
  21. thezooqueen

    Part 2

    Is there still a sequel in the works? If not, can you all release the missing information from the stories?
  22. Is it possible to get a steam key, so we do not have to keep struggling to redownload from these retailers?
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