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  1. I feel the same. They all look like different characters, but it won't stop me from playing the next game. I am just not used to the shaggy rough appearance they all seemed to have taken on. I will survive hehe
  2. They look good, I am just not fond of the drastically different hair styles. It makes them look like different characters altogether.
  3. Did y'all change artists? I just looked at the steam page for Scheherazade and the art there is completely different.
  4. Oh. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Still though, I should finish first year sometime
  5. Oh I better hurry and finish year 1! Thanks for the update Schwarzbart!
  6. I have moved, and gotten a new computer because my last one died. But what is worse, is I see there are no new updates and no word on 1932. It is still in the works right? Y'all are releasing it any day now right? Just in time for Christmas?
  7. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but try taking your other games out of the ren'py folder and save them somewhere temporally. Completely delete the ren'py folder. Again make sure no version of Scheherazade is installed anywhere. Download a new copy of exe file from BMT again and install from there. Make sure there is no other versions of the install exe file so you do not get them confused. The game will make a new Ren'py folder *then you can put your other games back in side there.* Another idea. If this is not a new link to BMT for the install of the game. I would write and ask them to send you a new link, just incase the link you have is tied to the older version. I hope any of this helps
  8. No you should not need to delete everything. I believe there is a Scheherazade folder in the ren'py, that should do it, but I would completely uninstall the game and demo as well. Give it all a fresh new install. Don't forget the patches etc. Hopefully that should work. If not maybe one of the technical support staff for the game here can help you. Send a message to Legate of Mineta if he does not notice your problem. All the world's a game and I am merely a player.
  9. When you installed the update did you uninstall the old game and delete the ren'py? I had problems also, before I got rid of everything. I included instructions to where to place the cheat file with it. I hope that helps.
  10. Here ya go Hun. I uploaded it to my dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gb93273tql7kwfs/Scheherazade%20Cheat%20file.zip?dl=0
  11. I have bought a lot of games through steam, but they are like FPS and such. I don't buy games like these through steam because I can't use cheats if I do. Not that I would use cheats hehe
  12. hehe Thanks. Now I just gotta move and get internet.....unpacking can wait till next year as long as I have my computer
  13. I am working on a flow chart. I is a very slow going process because I am typing ALL the (Choices) dialog, gains you receive, and where it leads to in addition to relationship gain. I am stuck at India because well I have been doing a lot of typing and I know there are still some things I need to go back and change; Like in some challenges. there could be a separate bonus depending on what you choose; And I am sure there are a few tiny paths I have missed just out of habit of usually avoiding them; *sigh* I will finish it, but it will be after I finish moving. Don't count on it for a while, but I will finish it. My concern is, I am doing it in Microsoft Visio 2013 and I do not know if people will need a special reader for it or if or if it will be able to be read by anyone with Office Second problem. parts of it is messy as heck because it is hard to keep it organize when you don't know where the path leads till it gets there, so I will have to rework a lot of it. I am not looking forward to that! This is just an example of one of the paths in one of the countries; I wont say whose path or which county but as you can tell there is a lot that goes into them
  14. Would someone be so kind as to pin this please?
  15. Uninstalling the game does not remove the renpy you have to do that manually. 1) You have to display your hidden files: XP Vista 7 For 8 or 8.1 go to your desktop, open a folder, click view, check hidden items. 2) Next go to C drive or whatever your main drive is. 3) Open folder Users 4) You want the Administrator folder so look for the folder that does not say Public 5) Find the AppData 6) Open Roaming 7) Look for Renpy 8) Inside is a folder Scheherazade. If there is nothing else but that folder in Renpy then delete Renpy. If there are other folders just delete Scheherazade from there. Then run your install Remember to follow the directions to turn off the hidden files. Play the game
  16. Thank you very much!!! Slowing them down would be great also. They move so fast that you can not read the number. That or give a tally of what was earned at completion of adventure would be super useful. But since I am building a flowchart. It is useful for me to know when and where points are added to what and for what decision or challenge.
  17. OK Hun that is good. Just wanted to make sure you could play
  18. Because you own a legit copy. I can upload my install file to dropbox (It will probably take an hour) but you can get it from there and then I can remove it from dropbox. Up to you.
  19. Please answer if you know. You have the option Be practical. Be sociable. Be romantic. I will use Ahmose for example Would: Be practical mean no relationship beyond the norm just hunt for the Ruby eye and book of Thoth? (Family Dream) Be sociable mean become close friends and continue looking for ect ect. (Friendship Dream) Be romantic start a romance and continue looking for eye and book? (Romance Dream)
  20. I love you guys and gals so much! for thinking of me! On a different note
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