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  1. Your welcome! Thank you for your hard work Mr Super Moderator!. About the points Nigel had did the same thing until I pointed it out and they corrected it. So I don't know. I love the new Sprites by the way omg -----------------------
  2. Sterling is still missing the Relationship Alert in his intro, but you still get the point.
  3. OK I don't know if it was all necessary, but I had installed it on top of my old game. I did not know if that could be the problem. I uninstalled it. and deleted renpy for the game. I reinstalled it and it opened up fine. I will let you know if anything else comes up.
  4. OK I was able to download it from BMT because my password still had a few months left. I forgot I had to get a new one a while back. Anyway. I receive an error (Every time) I tried to launch the game. I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While loading the script. AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_or_create_style' -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Scheherazade\renpy\bootstrap.py", line 289, in bootstrap renpy.main.main() File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Scheherazade\renpy\main.py", line 244, in main renpy.exports.load_module("_errorhandling") File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Scheherazade\renpy\exports.py", line 2002, in load_module renpy.game.context().run(node) File "renpy/common/_errorhandling.rpym", line 30, in script style _default: File "C:\Program Files (x86)\Scheherazade\renpy\ast.py", line 1992, in execute s = renpy.style.get_or_create_style(self.style_name) # @UndefinedVariable AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_or_create_style' Windows-post2008Server-6.2.9200 Ren'Py
  5. OMG Happy Day! I love you guys! Can we have a link to contact BMT please? I don't know about Desura but they may need one as well. The only support link BMT provides is to you guys and their passwords only last a year. ----------------------- I found this on their site and shot them an email. I do not know if it is effective yet. cservice@bmtmicro.com
  6. I had to look that phrase up the first of the million or so times I have played this game. And I love it! OMG and she does not even comment on it. These two need to either get into a fight or totally make out. It is killing me
  7. I am working on my flowchart and let me tell you... Whoever wrote out Sterling's path is sadistic as heck! I am still not done
  8. When y'all launch on steam will y'all be able to promote the Forums? It would be great to have more people active on here,
  9. I am comparing it to the last score in Egypt and then I look again after talking with them in NY. The only reason it bugs me is because I am making a flowchart and I need to know when something gains a point.
  10. I have the latest patch you have posted and by the way Ahmose did the same thing in NY the 2nd time there. What is the latest patch I have
  11. The same thing happens with Nigel in when they return to New York after Egypt in the second dialog. In the first dialog there is a typo in the second option it says: And you're punishing me for falling for floor
  12. In New York when you first meet him, it does not give a +1 relationship to Sterling notification. Yet after you leave, if you check, you did receive a point from him; regardless of your choices you made. *Added note* There is no point before you meet him.
  13. I guess it makes sense if he was born in the Kingdom of Prussia, in a German state It just makes it confusing, but I will shut up now and go sit in my idiot corner.
  14. In the kidnapping at the Cotton Club Sadie called Ruddy Prussian. In the Christmas event with Amose she says that Ruddy is German.
  15. You are so evil teasing me like this. I want to cry and hug you at the same time!
  16. If this civilization predates local indigenous tribes, why does it does it get its name from the Mohawk tribe? The Mohawk tribe were native new the New York area. Raeks means Eat. Karahkwa means sun. http://www.native-languages.org/mohawk_words.htm I am just curious what this myth is based on. That is how I learned about that.
  17. I have tried to make a flowchart for Scheherazade on a couple of occasions. There are just too many variables. The game makers are a group of sadistic people.
  18. I am surprised this is still in greenlight. I know there are problems with some games. I bought a game that came through greenlight called Battle vs Chess and there was a major problem with it as the people selling the game did not actually have the rights to sell the game. It took me a month before I got the key to unlock it to play it. I understand and respect all the struggling, and up and coming game companies, but I wish there was a better system to get your game onto the green light. Like it has to meet certain guidelines. Also the filter system does not include VN or virtual novel. I know that Academagia and Scheherazade are well and above VN genre, but the people who play those games are the ones who would be more attracted to yours. IMHO. VN is very popular and would draw a lot of gamers to steam for you and you affiliates. Is there a way to get Steam to add another genre?
  19. How do I get it without steam though? I already own the game.
  20. Wait another story was added? HOW DO I UNLOCK THIS? I must have played this game hundreds of times. Legate, you must tell me how to unlock this new story.
  21. I don't know anything about these types of games on Steam becasue you can't use mods with them. I found that out the hard way with a different game. Steam controls everything
  22. Why did I not see this post?! OMG So is this still happening? They have not dropped the game have they?
  23. I have a few suggestions. I don't know if they are possible but I figured I would throw them out there. For types of colleges and classes: In stead of just listing what is available; why not make it like a mini questionnaire. It can still use the select options. These are just silly examples. Are you the more physical type who enjoys sports? Do you wish to know more about the plant life and what you can use them for? Would you rather take control the flow of energy around you and make it into something? These are just random questions but they are also a simplistic explanation of what a class would teach. If the startup is set so you can choose more interactively, I think i would make it more interesting. The end result could recommend a college for you and even have your classes selected. Obviously you could still change them, but to me this idea puts more realism into the game. Instead of being stuck staring at colleges wondering what to choose. Infact you could make the whole background set up lead up to helping chose the best college for you. ~ The next idea I had is: When it comes to quests. Is there a way that if you are following a quest chain, when you select adventure again have it already load the next segment there? If you are following multiple adventure chains then have it default to the first on the list of active chains?
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