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  1. This can better explain cheat mod than I could. http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1573
  2. The mods have changed now. Thank you for your help!
  3. What I just downloaded was called schwarzbart DLC 16.rar does that mean I still need to download the other DLC16 still? NM I do not see a mod folder in it so I will take that as a yes. I still need to load DLC16. Thanks again Hun
  4. That is fine as long as it all works. THANK YOU SO MUCH for working with me to figure this out ((Hugs you))
  5. yes since Schwarzbart's patch copy did not work. File was gone or something I forget.
  6. But I loaded the patches just the way I was told to. Load DLC16 then load 128 ontop of it. *cries*
  7. Cheat Engine http://www.cheatengine.org/ and
  8. It is not listed as such on the wiki page, but it was a good while before I tried to look for it. I focused on all my skills first.
  9. I would not know what to tell you. Maybe this would help? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ji2122n3zb0pq6b/Lisa%20Martin.ams?dl=0 I loaded my character to dropbox *Important info* I use Cheat Engine and CheatMod 110. I never had problems before.
  10. That is just it. I maxed out botany and subskill flowers. I have even maxed out my relationship with the professor. I have done this with a college that had botany as a locked class and I have tried it with a collaged where I changed my elective to botany. The only thing I can think of that may or may not have an effect is the level of mastery I started with due to background things and items. I do not know if having mastery too high may lock it. I was soo frustrated I have not tried it again without giving myself anything to unlock mastery to start
  11. I can not seem to unlock An Outing. No matter what I do. I have done it before but now I can't. Anyone have any idea?
  12. wrong place Sorry
  13. I had the patches wrong. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but the DLC was 15 I think. I misunderstood the correct way to do the patches and even though I added DLC16 and patch 128 I did not add the mod folder for 128. That was where I had misunderstood Schwarzbart's instructions. I don't know if that had anything to do with it, but I will let you know if it happens again. And I have plenty memory with a cleaner. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  14. Yes the file is still in appdata for 8.1. What about that other Patch 128? Should I add that as well again. I am so confused when it comes to patching for this game.
  15. I just had this happen to me. I am running windows 8.1 Everything has been fine but when I went to save a few moments ago there was nothing to save over. It would not let me make a new save. I logged out and tried to load it new and my saved game is not there any longer. **Edit** It still shows the file in the appsdata
  16. That sounds pretty fun!!! I could come up with tons of dark/evil plots hehe. The trick is it should be a snowball effect. start with something small with the end storyline being truly evil. 8D
  17. I just figured there has to be a reason to have to abilities of Gates, Mastery and skills like spy and espionage. It would be nice to have some darker routes to follow. Even in character creation you have the option to set yourself up to follow a darker path. It would be nice to actually do something with it. Other than just be a bully who can pointlessly control people and summon blood tarantulas. I am not trying to sound like I am complaining. It just would be nice to see these skills and spells put to use more regularly if possible. Maybe I missed it, but I have not had a chance to use Synchronicity since I completed that adventure chain. It is a shame because good or bad that is a cool spell.
  18. I have lots of evil artifacts now. But I am basically undetectable. I could carry a corpse as a backpack and Orso would probably still give me a thumbs up!
  19. I try to make an evil character, but it never fails. I always end up the hero of the school..... OTZ
  20. LoL That is something. These kids are old enough to learn spells that can kill each other, take on jobs all over town for complete strangers., wander in forests full of dangerous monsters, pirates, and thieves...but you think they are too young to date?! hehehehehe
  21. I can accept that, but even so. I have an 18 year old daughter and trust me she was very interested in boys and visa versa at 13-14. That was when she had her first boyfriend. Of course all they did was go rollerskating on dates LoL But yes they have hormones and yes they are attracted to the opposite/same sex at this age.
  22. Why are they attending college at age 13-14? Wouldn't they start college about 17 and older?
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