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  1. On 3/19/2021 at 10:24 PM, Legate of Mineta said:

    An expanded answer for Schwarzbart:

    "Descended of Royalty without Station: Nobility suggests either that you're descended from a cadet branch of the family that lost or voluntarily forfeited its titles or that you're descended from a royal bastard who never had a title to begin with but was sufficiently famous to be recognized and remembered.  You've grown up in a family line that means a lot to the family itself, but you didn't and don't necessarily enjoy elevated status in various courts and you're not likely to be sought out as an aristocratic marriage partner unless you bring a lot of wealth or personal accomplishment to the table.

    Descended of Royalty with Station: Nobility means you're of a genuinely exalted bloodline and are likely to be invited to parties at one of Catherine's family's palaces at some point, even if the Chards and your family have been feuding for a century and a half."

    What about Descended from Heroes and Descended of Traitors? What do they mean and how do they interact with each others (since you can pick both unlike Descended of Royalty)

    I guess the ancestors mentioned must be of Empire-wide fame. Especially Traitors since it randomly targets students. A shame that the PC is the only one who doesn't know much about their ancestor. 😅

  2. Also for Control you need the Order pheme (and Mastery 10) That's a lot of skill steps to get it. Not sure if it's actually worth it compared to formal invitation.

    On the bright side however it's quite an easy roll since it's a contested one.

  3. On 3/12/2019 at 7:40 PM, Raydestroyer said:


    iv been reedimg some you guys post from 2012 and 2013 and I just got one thing to say.

    how the hell did you guys survive the wait, like seriously, 9 years, I really wish I discovered this game like 2 or 3 years from now



    This, more or less.

  4. In all my games she is the top student of the academy at least according to Free's grading chart. Of course that's mostly because I intentionally do not let my character blow the exams 'cause I do not think it is worth the extra attention we may get in Y2 as a result. (skipping class ftw and other less legal things...).

    Honestly I was also surprised at first that she crushes Zoe and Basia so consistently (Well actually Basia is not that good unfortunately for her she often is not even the Aranaz best student).

    Then again classes might be one of the reason. Arithmetic/Geometry/Calligraphy are so easy to classes after all.

    Still impressive Ana.

  5. I think the elves in academagian are faeries not unlike how they are depicted in English folklore and in some fantasy setting. 

    And there's many kind of elves changeling in Icelandic folklore, small folks kinda like leprechaun or gnomes in modern fantasy with some differences of course


  6. 1 hour ago, Schwarzbart said:

    From my Understanding we will have all the basic magic again in year 2 but with different or higher focus.

    So there is again Astrology, Glamour, Incantation and Revision but what the focus for the other 2 college (Aranaz & Vernin) will be, is still beyond me.

    I thought it was already confirmed that Aranaz and Vernin will get Orthography and Artifice as a core class respectively and they will replace Calligraphy and Enchant.

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