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  1. it can`t be! it has been released! it has been released!! Does it mean the apocalypse is near ? More seriously thanks to the hard work of bcs and the continious (and free!) support to this already fantastic game.
  2. Oh I am sure there is more Omnimaster than the legate wants to admit but they do not achieve such proficiency in just 5 year more like the standart d&d style of 50+ more study to become an archmage. and Salvatore is the mage in the Vernin (best college evah) adventure right ? I hope to see more of him in year 2 I thought the legate said that only Kazuz achieved such a feat and on a baby on top of that. If Salvatore is the mage i think he is then he only said he wanted to dominate dragon (because human supremacy blah blah), we don't know if he can do it. A question: Can we have the college of thos marvelous bi-pillar masters ? i guess Salvatore is from Vernin which will be interesting
  3. isadorbg

    Dlc 16?

    Fortunately for us, despite their amazing processing power computer are still not capable of self-understanding. Thus if the program has been coded to check everything after modification, they will do it without asking question.
  4. isadorbg

    Dlc 16?

    If you are very nice you might even get a sequel this christmas but only if you're veeery nice.
  5. isadorbg

    Dlc 16?

    Wednesday. It will be wednesday. that's what my crystallball says.
  6. isadorbg

    Dlc 16?

    Haha when i read this thread i can not stop to think that the dlc or year 2 are some kind of drugs and that make me laugh release the damn dlc i can't.. wait anymore
  7. Well still good news that they think about it so we may dream to play the game soonerâ„¢
  8. has the the team taken into consideration an early release? possibly an open beta (or not). I think a lot of players will be excited to play year 2 even if it's not the final version (i know i do). Plus this might give you a lot of interesting feedback akin to those already used for the making of the dlcs. Just a thought there
  9. Well depends how you see it. Don't forget that there are other schools out there if as i supect only in academagia orthography is taught then that make a lot of mage who never studied it. Anyway i remember a post of the legate stating that the study of orthography is rare. I agree with you that ortography seems less useful than enchant as for now but i suspect that there is more to it for one and it's very rarity make its attractive afterall ortography masters ought to be even rarer not so much for enchanters. Well didn't say it was impossible either . The legate insisted many times that the mastery of a pilar is a difficult task for a y5 student and that mastery of 2 pillar can only be achieved by a genius: Now i have no doubts that us player can achieve this. My little theory is just how i imagined how bcs could achieved that. with the 5 pillar classes you can see how it's near impossible to get 3 pillar mastery and the class system is just an exemple i gave. I would not be surprised if some "extra point" could not be earned by conventional manner maybe in adventure in replacement of attribute or other way, who knows what bcs have in store for us . No doubt year 2 will give us a clearer perspective. Edit: i just wanted to add that it seems full mastery of a pillar is expected to be quite an achievement in itself most ai students in y1 will certainly not go that high except maybe those who are already lovers of a pillar. It seemed it will take a lot of investment to master every singe aspect of a pillar but that doesn't mean we will be forced to do that we will have to make choice being a master of a pillar or maybe two but only and only this? or maybe good knowledge of all of them like free but a master of none ? maybe our character will be more interested about the "end" and learn the necessary "means" like wanting to be a good healer which require some part of negation, revision, glammour (just an exemple) and try to learn those aspect while leaving the rest? Or you want to be an excellent duelist with the relevant part of incantation, negation... . And so on.. At least that's how i see the comming years !..
  10. Indeed. I see Magic as a very broad subject like for exemple in real life "Science" is with substudy like mathematics, physics biology etc.. . It not that difficult to get basic knowledge of every fields wich is what is for me the year 1 magic classes however i suspect that when we advance in year and experience, each pillar will need more and more investment and time to master them. I for exemple wouldn't be surprised that in year 3 or 4, a single pillar would have 5 or 6 classes alone thus a student who want to truly master a pillar has to almost exclusively gets only pillar classes. Adding to that, that mage are not really open to share their knowledge and i suspect that to truly be a pillar master will require more than being a class genius. the requirement for year 2 classes is a big hint for me as you'll need close relationship with your regents to gets the advanced classes. I see the Academagia only offering the basis knowledge of magic thus a student who've done the standard cursus (no advanced classes thus the majority) will get solid knowledge of the pillar he chose to study but nowhere near expert level and certainly not a master. Thus the path to mastery will take a lot of dedication, pleasing professor so they share their secrets, discovering forgotten magic trough adventuring or exploration etc. So yeah being in the college of the Negation is a huge advantage if you wish to master the pillar maybe it will be possible to have other paths to achieve the same goal but i don't think it will be as "easy" and you may loose a lot of time because you weren't in Durand. With my personal theory i totally get what the legate meant by saying it won't be easy to be a master of a pillar and will take a genius to master 2. Also i wouldn't discard Orthography so easily, we don't know much about the discipline but I can already tell it's biggest advantage: it's rarity and rarity in academagia world is a synonym of valuable.
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