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  1. Commoners does not mean poor just not noble or clergy for one. Second not a lot of civilian in these times could afford the leisure of preparing for a dragon invasion let alone afford the means of stocking a huge amount of unperishable food and/or weaponry so the point is moot anyway. As for where to preserve it a mill or a barn seems like your best bet. Isolated and relatively protective of humidity. For availablity I thought it was not that rare in Staade and got more difficult the further you are from it. So depends where you are I guess. In any case what dyrhet said. Preparing against Dragon's invasion is akin to preparing again Alien's invasion, chances are whatever you do is kinda useless unless you are some kind of magician prodigy. (ergo not 99.99 % of the Elumnian population)
  2. Gunpowders ? Barrels of them ?
  3. More ! We need at least a chapter a day before Y2 release !
  4. By the way just because that quote is so good it deserves to be quoted again: Svinik-sempai !
  5. There's an old poll if you are curious: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/topic/2948-which-magic-is-right-for-you/ And wow Negation won ? From what I remember Mastery was leading all the way. Wonder if the team manipulated the result. But voted Enchant cause y'know Vernin and crafter powa. But otherwise gotta agree that Negation is super cool. Can't beat lolnope pillar. Shame the college suck so much.
  6. Damn only a year since Steam ? That's not good.
  7. Well I am not especially fond of it but I had to use to see if I could this run was doable at all actually. Thanks Shwarzbart-sama for his tactics. Now if you can find me a way to raise instructos relations faster I would love yu. And what do you mean maximum level ? Because you can raise it through favor. There's no theoritical limit to it but time itself. As you can see here 14 is definetly not normal in y1 . The main problem is that you have to raise 5 skills and the most efficient way I found to do it cost at least 4.2 action per skill level so to reach 21 (the max of year 2) you need to sacrifice 210 actions which is a loot. But yeah beyond 11 you don't gain anything (yet).
  8. Not that high. Can't do everything at once : But I was trying to find a strategy to have the highest skill cap before Y2 taking into consideration that the Legate said that attribute are gonna matter far less for Y2 most importantly for skill gain they are only used for Y1 skills (which still makes them kinda usefull) and I am not sure if it was confirmed that they were to be used with Y2 spells. Plus since you can already gain a ton of them trough research/skill at 11 I thought that it was not necessary to have them very high as you will probably get a ton of them in Y2 anyway since research is supposedly very important there and getting a skill at 11 should be far easier. Plus the Legate already confirmed that y1 abilities/action are not good (useless?) to raise skills between 12-21 so I wanted to try to see if you can do it in year 1 altough it's with the strategy I followed it's still very time consuming.
  9. Oh and before someone ask that's without items of course.
  10. So here's the result of my experiment in breaking the game. My little Negation-Revision soon to be Artifice genius: Overall I am a little disapointed I was sure I could punch the skills higher than that . But I am sure if you really focus on a single skill you can have all of the subskill at 20+ by the end of year 1. (except Astrology of course because it's bad!) I still focused on having the most optimal run I could have with high attribute,fully trained familiar (with negation 8 !) and high skills all around. But anyway an interesting run if exauhsting.
  11. I'll admit I was a bit lost the first two episodes. Felt like I missed three episode or somethin'. Definetly gonna buy the books tough as you said it felt a bit rushed what with two or three characters being introduced almost each episodes.
  12. Well I am we want to keep some nice thing for later years. We don't want to puppet the instructors before year 3 at least. With this spell it's making the academagia a puppet factory in year 3 that would be the outcome. Also no freaking shit Mastery got banned. Massive Master at level 16... .
  13. Yeah that Master of Puppets spell does sound utterly broken. Imagine if you could send a 10 member clique doing adventure/training you. I am sure it's only in the database to make us envy. Bad Bad BCS tempting the player base with such (great) awfull spells.
  14. Been following this fow a while... . Can't wait for it to be released.
  15. You must have been very unlucky. Or maybe the new patch changed some variables. I did not play it so I cannot say. But you should definetly not fail that much.
  16. Carrying Volnauge on you seems like a better idea. Especially you fly over nothing.
  17. Now it's getting interesting... . Inb4 Orthography is restored as a pillar in 2 or 3 years.
  18. Rather as in: Year 1 final Patch Y2 Class list Y2 Modtools Still some times before a release.
  19. I know mine: Year 1 final Patch Y2 Class list Y2 Modtools Still some times before a release.
  20. If it's not hereditary it's not a caste. And no wearing specific is not indications of anything. Doctors, Policemen, Lawers and Pilots are not part of some caste. Nobility or serfdom tough for exemples both in in Elumnia and medieval europe are definetly castes.
  21. Also a good chunk of "good" Mastery is now Glammour there's a difference between the two pillars then and the two pillars now. Altough I am sure they were some tensions between the two pillars when Mastery was legal, for exemple in diplomacy now uterly dominated by Glamour practicer not so much before. There's also the fact that Glammour is the most widespread pillar and supposedly the most "easy" to learn. I would not be suprised that in some Mastery circle, Glammour is the lesser Art, a gateway to the real Art that is Mastery. (a bit like calligraphy/Orthography). Altough now I wonder if Glammour/Mastery mastery was in anyway common for mage talented enough to master more than 2 pillars. The two seems to synergise nicely.
  22. If you want a dark arts oriented college your best bet is Durand. The facade of righteousness hides quite a few questionable characters.
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