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  1. 1) Military, Religious, Law, Magical, other careers. In that order ? 3) Pretty sure it's Catherine Chard. 5) Not the best kind I am sure. 7) It depends more on you relationshipt with the Legate (Orsi) than anything else if my memory is right.
  2. Didn't the Legate already confirmed that Dragons can use Astrology but refuse to do so for some yet unexplained reasons ? On 6 it may be true for Astrology (maybe) as it is a rarely used pillar and very atypical too. but I doubt it's the case for incantation.
  3. Our patience. But in seriousness Y1 had some corners cut so the game could be released but the way I see it the team tries to cut as little as possible if anything now which is why it takes forever to complete that thing. That or the devs are in reality aliens living in a world orbiting a dark hole. Which in insight could explain many things.
  4. Can i hope that y2 does not automatically assume your relation with Tulia as Bff if you completed her adventure ? As far as my character is concerned she hit the top of the "grudge list" and and I would be glad ro have an alternate revenge adventure instead.
  5. I know. I meant she does have an adventure where you play as her. The familar:xxx adventures.
  6. What do you mean by that? We already know we can get new familiar in Y2. Shop them even. We also can have more than one familiar.
  7. Oh sorry i misread that. Thought you did not finish. wow really ? I guess that's why she does not have a familiar adventure. The more you know... .
  8. Hehe someone used the sphinx a lot. The only thing I'd worry for your character is to lose your familiar since the legate hinted at this possibility. He was vague on the prerequisites for this to happen (as always ) but hopefully not finishing adventure is not the trigger for this familar. i know that for Pamela ar least not completing the adventure does hint to some dire consequences to say the least.
  9. Technically Avila accept boys now.
  10. then again depends on the scale and the quality of the enchantment. I would be surprised for exemple if soldiers in Mineta don't have much if not all of their gears enchanted. Then again the location is well suited for finding mages at a good price.
  11. 4. Is there any kind of "fantasy" metal like mithril in the setting ? Are they natural or are there magical alloy ? Both I presume. 5. What group is the most famed for crafting the best armour/weapons ? Dwarves ? Mages ? Villocian ?
  12. Oh oh cruel Schwarzbart. For a second I thought this quote was about year 2. I was what witchery is this ?? Actual infos on the game, this cannot be ! And it wasn't. Oh well good to know that at least the VB team knows what dev diary means. Maybe they can spare some staff after they release the game. We're starving around here.
  13. I am just not tempting the Gods.
  14. Yes and as Metis said the RE in the game aren't exacltly bulletproof. I just got one recently with Zoe in Revision class except... Zoe is not enrolled in Revision , And of course all those brew classes events that does not really make any sense if you think about it... .
  15. Why won't he have much time in year 2 ? You plan to take advanced classes ? Otherwise your character is pretty good. Good attributes and a lot of skills. The latter especially since you went over 10 in many subskill will probably help a lot in year 2 considering that it would be a challenge apparently. I take it that you did not invest much in familiar or Research ?
  16. Nah that's the cost of comfort. We have some standard around here you know ?
  17. The mediocrity of other colleges. Someone has to maintain the academy's reputation afterall.
  18. More general evil people ? Care to expand on that one ?
  19. Morvidius the college of dark mages. wat ? From where this comes from ? I mean really the Friendship is Treasure college ? But on Aranaz and Durand. Well Durand main thing is blandness. As for Aranaz they are well full of envious student. A bit like their regents. And you probably do not want to live in their girl dorms. Lot of "character" they have there. And Vernin is not (only) the college of Artists. It's the college of talented. Crafters, wealthy and in general autonomous student have their place here.
  20. It's on the first page: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/3709-the-2017-forbidden-magic-discussion/&page=1 Look toward the end.
  21. This got me thinking... now Formal Invitation are technically letters, no ? And we know we can (and should!) send letters during the summer break. So I was wondering... you know what. And now I wonder if you could do the same with the Mater spell...
  22. Hey Dream welcome back. Well at least we know that Astrology can influence luck and probably also be used to measure. If you check the forbidden thread in the spoiler subforum, Free has some hint that goes that way.
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