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  1. I feel like the reason what most abilities/action/spells are next to useless is because the game seems to have been hijacked by adventures. The way the game is designed makes you feel like adventures were not supposed to be as important as they are right now. (as is most munchkin playthrough revolves around completing as much adventures as possible)
  2. Obviously Mastery, Gates, Art and Religion. Hmm. I would say Aranaz History+Calligraphy and Zoology, Music, Dialectic, Grammar. Astrology, Glammour, Negation, Revision, Incantation were raised using the absolutly OP Godina bridge ability. Gates possibly using Secret Heritage and Religion with Iudocia wich leaves Mastery and Art to painfully raise manually. Almost an Omni-run but you missed the Secret Pillar . a Vernin run would probably be better if this was your goal but then again who in their right mind would not choose Vernin.
  3. Exactly seven years ago when there was only seven recognized pillars hehe. Actually that does beg a question. Now that Encnant is a pillar apparently what is the colour attributed to it ?
  4. Yeah I saw that. It kinda gave me a little hope that if some had to wait 20 years for this game (and they were some apparently), they maybe we are not so bad. Also give the team a challenge to beat.
  5. 1) Was there any case of a student getting a certificate of pillar of mastery from the Academagia while not being in that college specific pillar ? If yes what is the academic obstacles encountered in those cases ? 2) For students showing great aptitude in more than one pillar and judged to have the potential to be one of the few to master 2 pillars by the end of his/her scholarship, are there typically any special treatment made so s/he can get as most tuteling as s/he can of those pillars even if some classes are usually reserved for colleges student only ? 3) Is it known/possible for students of other colleges to have been given access to college only advanced classes because of great affinity with the Regent of said college. For exemple Briardi might be more than an acquaintance for PC who have completed all adventures where she is involved (and its not like there is a few!) even in some college specific adventure like in Vernin... . 4) Can the Legate pressure a Regent to let a student get access to a specific class. If so may we get some exemple ? 5) Was there any infamous case of a student cynically regularly switching from colleges to get access to specific tuteling or any reason to change college for benefits. Political or economical. If yes some exemple there too ? 6) What would be the reaction to a student showing expertise in more than one advanced class of another college even tough they are not enrolled in them ? 7) Does the academy provide other type of certificate than mastery of a specific pillar ? Can someone receive a (lesser) certificate if they reach a sufficient level without being expert ? What about minors ? Can someone for exemple get a say Mastery in Artifice with a minor in Architecture or something ? Does the academy recognise a student that has reached a great mastery over a specialised/semi-forgotten way to practice magic. Not sure what to put here but I guess Enchant or music Glammour may fit there ? 8) What would be the reaction if a student was known/suspected to practise a yet unkown/forgotten form of magic? I know that "The familiar's Gift" for exemple does not sound to be well known according to its description and I guess the form of Blood/Revision magic it fall into is not famous either. Care to share some details on that ? 9) Is there any kind of inter-recognition of certificates provided by magical school ? Like say a mage coming from Auncesnay with a Glammour certificate from a local school and looking for work maybe acknowledged by the Academagia/local government as being the equivalent of x level in Academagia. Surely there was at least an imperial standard at some point. Wew that was a lot. I think I will stop here or I will do a Free and write 40 questions in a row.
  6. Something I don't remember but for the mythical year 2, is it only the advanced class that are college only or also the college focus in year 2 ? So for exemple can you enroll in Orthography if you are not in Aranaz ?
  7. What about the reverse ? Any legends about a man transforming into a dragon ?
  8. Actually only two. Right at the beginning if you refuse to translate, and after you read that letter on that islands and go see Orsi I guess the second part may not count as proper finish altough it is technically just an alternate way of finishing it. But yeah no attribute increase not a real completion. And yeah you are right you can't burn it but there is also another way to finish the adventure without the book if you fail the last skillcheck. But then that's probably the worst outcome of all. Fair enough. But maybe the answer to this is that the evil we should fear is closer than we think. I don't really trust an ominious Mastery book that is convoited by a large covenent of undead wizards. Still hesitating which one between this and Diavesque is the most dangerous.
  9. 7) Wasn't the year 1 options to flee back to Orsi and tell him the story there before you go to the cave and confront the mage ? I remember that if you did that you get relationship bonus with Orsi. Also I think you can burn the book if you use the incantation option in the cave no ? It seems that the team thought that if you choose to take the book means you have some interest of it,
  10. 5. What are some of the famous dynasties/lines that are reputed to descend from the New Gods ? Maybe some student/professor that are known as such ? What about the PC, are some background built with such lineage ? (descended from Kings maybe other?)
  11. Oh sorry. I assumed it was Gates since other pillar are supposed to be affected by you know stuff getting back to normal eventually . Funny. It did not occur to me that nature could be twisted so radically with any kind of magic spell. Guess the winner for the true immortal spell has been called to soon then .
  12. True enough.;) But it is a testament of the power of Gates. Not only that pillar magic is often permanent unlike so many others but it seems its "magic" does not stop with the casting and can evolve. Interesting. If I was to try to discover a true immortality spell, I know now what pillar to focus on and it's already been confirmed in game. (Altough not really what was expected nor very desirable form of immortality I assume)
  13. Magic screwing the rules (or in this case Science) yet again. Becoming their own species and being unable to reproduce with their former species in only a few decades and "naturally" at that. How convienent.
  14. The question I want to ask tough is can you summon a Dragon on purpose ? And as a follow up can you resist summoning by a Gates mage ?
  15. Depends. How did the mage force the troll to clean his candlesticks ?
  16. Mmh... . Weren't you the one theorising that Shohanwicht might have a somewhat "negative" attitude towards Gates mages that are not part of it ? If that theory proves to be true, you won't be able to avoid the school of Gates if you wish to study that pillar. ... But as always those question can only be answered by these mythical beast that we name "sequels" .
  17. Yeah we had this discussion a while ago: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/1274-a-few-in-game-questions/&page=211#comment-36239 Back then discovering Shohanwicht was still considered impossible so who knows ? They might be a totaly non abusive and legit way to get it without the background. I'll have to try on steam to see if the glitch is still working with the last DLC.
  18. I meant using actions/ability (like train) and use them in the location Euneycia's haven a few times. Altough it's been a long time since I discovered that little trick of mine if I remember right if you spent action in Euneycia's Haven, you get Euneycia's abilities and since those can only be unlocked through the adventure, the game probably assumes you should have it and give it to you. I think you don't even start at the begining of the adventure (which is kind of convenient because you don't have a letter so it kinda remain consistent lorewise ) but directly at step 3. I'll have to find this old post of mine tough.
  19. Maybe it changed since DLC 16 but it you could still made it work. As I said three(four?) years ago, after you discover Euneycia's Haven, if you spend some action/abilites there you'll get the adventure "a house in the bog" and thus get the entry through it. I am sure it's a bug but I tried a few times and it worked. if I remember the DLC 1 days you should get an ability don't remember the wording something like "request entry to Showanwicht" that gives you the school abilities but I agree it's no longer working. Buut I don't think it's wise to import a game using this trick to Y2, something tells me will go wrong.
  20. I made a post about this a long time ago. It is infact possible to get to Shohanwitch (and get the a house in the bog adventure) without the background however the process is quite bugged. The most difficult part is to discover the location "Shohanwitch School". If you did you'll get a special ability and for the rest... well I let you discover.
  21. Of course it is. What else ?
  22. Easy. I can tell you: About freaking time !
  23. 4) Is there any concrete difference between Alchemy and Chemistry in Elumnia ? If so what differs from our world understanding of both ? 5) Is there an equivalent to the philosophical stone ? The one that can turn any metal into another (preferably gold) and grant immortality and other neat things.
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