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  1. Wow, was it 5 years ago? Any updates on how to get to the second year? The newest patch still kicked me out after 28 Kaliri My final exam marks this time were between 230-470 but no indication of accomplishment still.
  2. My version was I updated it with the latest patch now.
  3. OK Legate of Mineta, I'll do it as soon as I come home. I installed the last patch just a couple of days ago, so maybe the issue with repeating events is not current.
  4. Thank you for the tip Schwarzbart, I've never clicked the history scroll before. I have the latest patch in my game.
  5. From Writers Corner: How many events are there in the game? I often have the same event twice or even three times in the same year. Looks like there is no check for past events in the program.
  6. How is it possible to scroll to the "Next page"? I use regular mouse, and I hit a big bright button which I see by the corner of my eye while concentrating on the tiny script of the adventure text. The other "misuse" of the Action button happens when, once pressed without any any visible indication that it was really pressed because of the game's slow response, the button gets pressed second time. In this case the game finally responds by jumping trough two pages at once, again without any possibility to go back to the Report page.
  7. One of my big frustrations with Academagia interface: I tend to press Action button instead of "Next Page" or "Scroll down", just because it is the only prominently visible button on the page. And, of course, once pressed, there is no way to go back, even to see the day's report. I think, buttons for every possible action should be visible on page, especially if pressing the wrong one means such grave consequences as failed adventure.
  8. Thanks, Torolf, I would never figured that out by myself. I dueled Joanna and beat her up! Mostly by battering and punching. Mostly during the first round. Each of my Batter selections took only 0.25 of the action. Cool! I got absolutely confused at what phemes to bind, and after selecting a couple of phemes prepared for specific spell, I didn't have that spell as a choice of action.
  9. Looks like we are almost friends now: as soon as she bullies me, I batter and hamper her. And she never stops! I guess she likes being battered. School year is almost at its end. At least it wasn't boring with Joanna around, and she definitely encouraged me to study in unusual direction.
  10. No, nothing works on her. She keeps bullying me even after I bullied her a couple of times. What's worse, she started using ugly spells on me, and I cannot understand how she can do them so good if the only skills she knows well are Athletics and Bully. What should I do to be able to duel her?
  11. OK, she was back after several weeks, as mean as usual. I tried to get little more Bully skill myself - with Freak Show and House of Words it is very fast - and, suddenly, Joanna DID NOT SUCCEED at using bully! And I did not even have to bully her myself.
  12. My stress level was 17 when I had to rest every week. I decided to try to bully her back, and started to raise my bullying skill, mostly through Freak circus and House of words. After I got Bully level 7, she got scared. I haven't heard from her for several weeks now.
  13. Raising relationship didn't work. I spent whole week encouraging her, getting relationships from -10 to -2 and next day shi is bullying me again. Now I will reload and study for dueling.
  14. So if I win a duel, she is restricted from bullying me forever?
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