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  1. Hmmm is it just the Dream score that affects the ending? I couldn't figure out if it was good or bad that my friendship score with Roland locked at 48, even though my Dream score was subsequently almost 100. If I waited until the Friendship score was higher before pursuing romance (not sure if that's possible my Christmas time) would I get a different ending?
  2. Is there a way to increase the number of Inspiration slots you have available? I found the number I was able to hold changed throughout the game, and couldn't figure out why. Is there a stat to raise to increase the number of slots available? I apologize if this was explained in the Tutorial and I simply forgot it.
  3. Loved the game on the first playthrough (started with Roland, so I suppose I technically voted for him but I found Felix and Sterling interesting too and debating who to go with next - never encountered Ahmose, so will have to look for his icon next time around). I agree a major strength is that there is a lot more to this game than just the romance - I like that Scheherazade has a strong personality and ambitions in her own right and that there is an interesting backstory with friends and family. The mechanic with your "points" with each character locking once you got their Dream was a bit confusing (e.g. once I switched to "Dream of Roland" our friendship locked at 48) - I didn't know if the ending might change based on the number of friendship points and wish that were better explained to help with decision-making. I also wasn't certain how many other opportunities I'd have to switch over; as far as I could tell the only times I was able to do private events with characters was Christmas and Easter, but I started not knowing what I was doing and figuring it out along the way, so it's entirely possible I just missed something. Overall, very happy with this game and look forward to more - glad to hear BCS is making a 1932, though am curious whether any game outcomes from 1931 will carry over (and if the story will continue to center on Scheherazade or not).
  4. I purchased Scheherazade on Friday and have completed 1 playthrough on Easy, logging 2-3 capers per city and ending up with Roland. My challenge is that I'm not sure how many different endings there are (e.g. is there a separate "friendship" and "romance" ending with each character plus a general family oriented ending for Scheherazade?), and it's currently impossible to keep track of what I've unlocked and what I haven't. Is there a planned walkthrough? Or, a game feature (either now or down the line) in which you can might able to track from the main menu which endings you've seen and which you have yet to unlock?
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