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  1. Oh god, is it that bad? I'm in the process of getting a 100 Roland, but I already saw the 90 Roland and I thought it was really cute
  2. That's supposed to happen as those thought bubbles correspond with a activity you did, so there would be a passage of time for every activity you do.
  3. I think it might be relationships with others? Maybe it goes by who you have the highest one with Just guessing here, though.
  4. The highest I got was 74, I think. There doesn't seem to be any opportunity to get it any higher though so it really makes me wonder if 100 dream is possible with the guy :/
  5. Roland x Bernard is my crack pairing XD I think Anna x Sterling is perfect! But why do I feel like the two of them could get into quite a bit of mischief? Y'know, I didn't like Sterling at first, but when I got to the main adventure in Turkey I just felt bad for the guy It's like no one really gives him a break. I was wondering about that 100 dream score I was so close to getting it with Roland and I've been looking over my notes to see what I missed (yes, I keep notes of all the obstacles for every adventure I went on XD) and apparently, probably due to some dialogue choices, I might've skipped over an obstacle, so I ended up with 97 ;-; So close. I'm tempted to play through it all again just to try and get that 100. I'm worried I might be a little disappointed though as there might not be much of a difference between a 90 end dream score and a 100 dream score >.>
  6. I agree! I was actually a little disappointed that the end CG of him kissing Sadie has him without his wrappings. I was hoping he would still have them on! I got so used to seeing him like that ._. Ah, overall I really like this game but man, the last adventure you have with Roland in Turkey? I looked at it and was like "Oh, only two obstacles, this'll be easy!" Nope. Nope. Nope. It was a good thing that I saved some of my +90 inspirations (y'know, that one you get in the beginning and that other high one you get near the end, I think) I thought Roland's adventures would all be full of Britishness and fun .... until India ._. Bernard ;-; Anyone happen to play through Felix and Nigel's routes, by the way? I wasn't gonna go through them, but I wanna know if anyone finds them fun enough to do (my list of routes to go was Ahmose, Roland, and then Sterling)
  7. If you don't mind me adding my question to this thread, I was wondering how can you change Sadie's Dream? I feel like it's something that was explained in the tutorial, but I can't remember how ._.
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