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  1. Oh! A Light Shining in the Darkness! Well then I sincerely hope you can weather through this... really big annoyance.
  2. Rock Simulator 2014. . . . http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=274135797 Rock. Simulator. .....
  3. Are we doing funny stuff right now? Because I really love this one.
  4. 1) Who said anything about asking nicely? 2) Help my imagination. This old wizard or this old wizard?
  5. Shroom Emporium indeed! But! Having spend an afternoon going through your reference-filled adventure I have just a few bits to ask. 1) Werewolf blood. Lets say if one day, I made a background in which I am a lycanthrope? Would it would work if I used my blood? Also, I hope you have played through a certain Hedi boy's adventure. *cough*Iustus*cough*. 2) Mr. Kane. http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1qhqaJpMZ1qih40no1_500.gif ^ Mr. Kane?
  6. Leoshi

    it April

    *pokes the Legate with a mighty stick* So what has the team been busy with? In details I mean. Writing up some more interesting background traits? Researching to write up some more ridiculously-possible situations?
  7. Legate! I thought you were sick or something, took you longer than usual to appear. Are you well? On-topic: If I get a sweet moving castle that dial has to be moved. Perhaps the bathroom.... Also I plan to moor it close to Freespace's home. For evil purposes. Muahahahah!
  8. Legate! I just watched Howl's Moving Castle and now I must ask. 1) Can I have one Moving Castle? Please? 2) What permits or licenses must I obtain first before getting/making one? 3) How many laws will I be breaking if I just make myself one?
  9. Uhmm..... Are you all role-playing angry professors arguing with one another? Because the exchange is starting to look hostile. ._.
  10. *POP* Am ... am I dreaming? Legate! Pinch me! Oh and when were there trench coats and cars? "5) Cars and Trench Coats and been moved to Scheherazade"
  11. Leoshi

    Dlc 16?

    *pop!* I present to you, Ms.CrazyChick, Nicholson insane : *Disappears in puff of smoke* *leaves a video link to awesome Mr. Tim Curry - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3kkbZU-JtY*
  12. Aaaaaa! Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Deeeeeeeeee! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa! GIAAAAAAAAAA! <Explosions!> <School crumbles under awesome destructive force> On a more serious note, Year 2! Year 2! Year 2! And DLC 16!
  13. Wait what! I forgot Mikka's students would be in DLC16! *Sob* It has been TOO LONG!
  14. Schwarzbart! Stop wishing for DLC 16! We need to whip them to complete Year 2!
  15. 1) .... You are a mean legate. And whoops! Sorry Metis! And Sorry Freespace!
  16. Hair. Man I hate trying to edit hair! Anyways it really does seem to be a problem with Windows 8 and permissions. Perhaps ask on the GIMP forums on why the program doesn't work for you? Unless of course someone else has any ideas? Anyone? Legate?
  17. 1) Other things?! What other things could you smoke? Tell me please. m(._.)m 2) And if there is a correlation between the rise of dark masters and hoods, why do we still have hoods on our school robes? Hmm?
  18. Ah! Windows 8.... I am stuck with a Windows 7 laptop so the general solution is run all your programs as administrator and see if that helps. And according to the GIMP website, it should run on Windows 8 so maybe explain on how you edited and replaced the images?
  19. Legate? A naughty thought just popped into my head and ... well ... 1) Are there spells that would negate spells in an area with particular effects? Namely transparency and invisibility. 2) How is the school lighted again? I cannot believe the bathroom is lighted with torches or lamps. Can you believe the number of Bloody Mary incidents? 3) How strong are the school walls? Will they prevent someone from drilling and covering it up so that they can ... peep. 4) Will the dwarves teach us how to hold fast against a siege? Did they help build the academy and really sturdy? Well there goes all the naughty thoughts... 5) Will the teachers mind if I keep my hood up? I have a tattoo / am bald / am cold, even in the summer due to a witch's curse. 6) From Metis' questions, I really doubt that hardly anyone in Elumia smokes tobacco. Come on Legate! We all know that you are just trying to protect the children! Right?
  20. Could you clarify on what OS are you using? Things like these would generally narrow down the problem.
  21. Legate! I need a treat from you! What happens to Iustus after we help him with his secret? Will we get the opportunity to become supernatural? I am also requesting another excerpt from in addition to spoilers for this! ^\()
  22. That is some serious case of bad and good luck colliding.
  23. Mikka? Mikka! Where have you been!? \(^o^)/
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