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  1. And another event to satisfy your reading needs. Don't you just love reading? Pre-requisite: None Ah potions class. The choking smell of sulphur, the disgusting feeling of a troll's dandruff flakes in your hands, and the inevitable danger of a potion blowing up in your face and turning your hair a wild assortment of colours. Yes, potions are a necessity and it is your responsibility of a student of Academagia to master the basics so as to not cause the school a fortune every time a student makes a mistake by adding gunpowder to give their potion a little kick. However, some students just need some more practice so that they can one day become master potion makers. Or at least not blow up the school whenever they try to whip up a simple potion of Wakefulness. And with that brilliant introduction Cante Caviti presents to you his latest potion. It is funny how a transparent glass of water could look so menacing. While eyeing the potion nervously,you ask Cante what the potion is supposed to do. He excitingly tells you that the potion is a skin rejuvenator, guaranteed to remove all sorts of blemishes including that very distracting pimple growing on your forehead that you tried to cover up by letting your hair down. Red faced and absolutely furious that Cante just casually mentions your pimple when Reitz may be nearby, you quickly consider your options. Exit 1: Brew Be brave. Smell the potion for a minute. Success: Bracing yourself you take a deep whiff of the potion, you can make out the smell of the very popular ingredient called emerald bile. According to the professors the emerald bile is best used as a hair grower. According to an old adventurer who first discovered the bile, it was produced from the backside of a walking plant with long flowing locks growing out of its head/mouth. By sheer luck, the once bald adventurer slipped and landed mouth first into a pool of the bile.The next morning, he was amaze to discover that his once bald head was covered with a thin layer of hair. Breaking the bad/good news to Cante, he exclaims "What? I thought I added horse manure. Well thanks anyway"and leaves you standing in the hallway with your mouth open. Result:+1 Relationship with Cante Caviti, +1 Scent Detection Failure: No pressure. It's just Cante. Even though he hasn't been doing well in potion making but surely he can trust him right? Just taste the potion to see if he added something that he shouldn't have. The moment a drop of the potion makes contact with your tongue, you tasted a sweet flavour that usually tells you that the potion is harmless. And with that notion in your head, you promptly empty the potion down your throat. Well your pimple is gone but it is most definite not because Cante's potion worked, who has disappeared from yoursights. Your hair has grown so long that it reaches the floor! As you try to explain to a professor about your outrageous new look, who is threatening to cut your hair with a pair of shears, you made a mental note to give Cante an unpleasant surprise tomorrow. Result:-1 Relationship with Cante Caviti, +1 Stress, +1 Hair Pin Exit 2: Acting If Cante needs someone to test this potion then why not that someone special like Philippe Marchant? Success: You tell Cante about your little plan and about how Philippe would be the perfect test subject as he has more blemishes than you. Cante agrees at once. After you and Cante track down Philippe, you quickly take position a short distance in Philippe's path and pretend to be thirsty. Sure enough Philippe speeds up to you and snatches the glass out of your hand. As you look at the drink with longing Philippe happily downs it as fast as he can. In the evening you tell your friends about how Philippe was dragged away by a professor to get his floor length hair sheared off. Result:+1 Innuendo Failure: You tell Cante about your about how Philippe would be the perfect test subject as he has plenty of unsightly blemishes on his body (it might be false though). Cante agrees almost immediately. With Cante pretending to hand you a drink Philippe quickly takes the drink out of his hands and promptly drinks it. Almost immediately Philippe's hair starts to grow all the way down to his feet. As Philippe tries to explain to a passing professor (who threatens to have his head shaved until it is bald), you and Cante share a hearty laugh. Unfortunately you have not escaped Philippe's wrath. The night when you were taking your bath somebody had stolen your clothes, forcing you to run back to your room in a towel with laughing people on the way. You also heard that Cante had learnt how painful it is to have his underwear lodged in his rear. One word: Infirmary. Result:+2 Stress, -1 Composure. Exit 3: Magical Appraisal Examinethe potion through the eyes of a trained potion maker. Success: Even though Cante is a good person, you know that he is really bad at potion making. With your knowledge of all (Ok, some) things magical, you proceed to examine the potion for anything suspicious. As it turns out, you were right.This potion would have made you look like a walking monster made of hair, maybe if you put on a hat and glasses you wouldn't look so bad. And with that lovely possibility you point out Cante's mistake and offer to help him with his potion. Surprisingly, he agrees. Even more surprising is the fact that once you both completed the potion, you both had earned a tidy sum from some of the more self-conscience students and a professor or two. Result:+1 Relationship with Cante Caviti, +35 Pims Failure: You are a student of the famous Academagia; you are good enough to earn yourself a place here. Are you going to let a lousy potion ruin your confidence in yourself? NO. And so you study the potion, confident of your ability to determine if there is anything wrong with the puny little potion. As it turns out, you can't find anything wrong with the potion. With Cante confused with your attitude a moment ago you drink the potion. Unfortunately it seems that your ability has failed you as you find yourself blinded by your lovely head of floor length hair. As a professor drags you off by the ear for a hair cut, you silently curse your lucky star for not preventing this from happening. Result:+2 Stress, -1 Confidence Exit4: Deceit Don't hurt Cante's feelings but don'tdrink the potentially poisonous potion either. Success: Holding the potion close to yourmouth you suddenly feel the need to sneeze (faking of course). As soon as Cante's mouth becomeswide enough you arc your back dramatically and *Choo!!* send the potion flyinginto Cante's mouth. Immediately, Cante can only be described as a walkinghair monster. Wait, don't they have a name for that? "Huh. I must have added somethingwrong. Well see you anyway @Player's name@." said the walking column of hairdown a screaming hallway. Well, at least you didn't hurt hisfeelings. Result:+1 Flawless Timing Failure: You tell Cante that today you arefeeling allergic to potions and therefore can't stand being next to his potionand so goodbye. "Perfect! Now we can test my newallergy curing potion. Come on." And so you were treated to a potion thattastes like goblin warts. D'oh! Result:+1 Stress, Feeling Queasy (The effect from the spell Bitter Stalks) Exit 5: Legacy of Many Towers Doesn't Cante know about Vernin standards? Success: Oh the young Vernin craftsman being rash again. Only one thing to do now. Incredibly comprehensive knowledge of the history of Vernin craftsmanship don't fail me now! "Cante, testing potions like that is a bad idea. Don't you understand that craftsmen are always careful to ensure that a disaster doesn't occur All these great towers of Vernin isn't built on rash trial-and-error, you know! As a craftsman of Vernin, you should be more prudent, because lives might very well depends on-" From out of the corner of your eyes you could see Professor Giovanni walking away with smile on his face. Oh! Looks like Cante is having a hard time holding back his tears. You quickly apologize to him and treat him to a delicious pastry. Result: +1 Relationship with Cante Caviti, +3 Merit Points, -20 Pims Failure: Incredibly comprehensive knowledge of the history of Vernin craftsmanship don't fail me now! "Cante I...no wait...the tower...no no wait WAIT! That was a history on worms...I..er...what I meant to say is...er..." This is embarrassing. You are mixing up your own personal experiences with history AGAIN. From out of nowhere, Professor Giovanni gives you an exasperated look and proceeds to say "3 DEMERITS!!" Doh!! Result: -3 Merits, +1 Stress Finished! So tell me what you think and maybe point out any mistakes. Inspiration: This crazy . And also this.
  2. First, Professor Ringraeyer?! Come on! The face is definitely male. The nose is...sharp... Oh wait, Aiden can't draw. Sorry, nevermind but you owe me 5 pims for guessing a professor. And I think Chicory Pete is male. And one last question, where is Pamela?
  3. Professor Badcrumble or maybe Professor Chastellain... I'm lost...
  4. First of all, Gera is a boy? I got the impression that Gera is a girl. Ah politics. In real life and fictional worlds, you just can't escape from politics. I hope Aiden is careful enough to avoid getting caught in the battle. Also, Aiden is definitely going to have a hard time changing clothes in his room now is he?
  5. Schwarzbart; Where do I find the letter? Under Lore or Event? Legate; Really, Dragon's blood? But blood is so important! CremePudding; Well this (wolf) cub is ready for some PUDDING!! *Attack*
  6. Legate; Care to give a few samples about the swear words? (Example: You dragon!!) CremePudding; Ehh...the Legate prefers one with a sense of humour?
  7. Just a thought, Are there any swear words in the game world? It is not that I want to !! I'm just curious. (Now that I ask this you all must be thinking the same thing)
  8. Pricking your own finger to open a sealing glyph?! How horrible... . . . Just joking of course. If I were to make sure no one opens my mail I would have done the same thing. And also with a secret word(s). The grandfather seems to be a politician instead of a hero though. Or it could be my imagination. Overall, a good start. Keep writing.
  9. Hmm... I need to look for that event... <Wanders off and muttering to self>
  10. Ahh!! Edited! Thanks for pointing that out CremePudding.
  11. And the second letter is complete. Feel free to offer your suggestions. Still, food for thought. 1) Purple cats? Really? Any particular reason for the colour purple Legate? 2) May I suggest a few events that involves the PC's familiar in an exit? Throughout this game, I never once encountered an event in which the familiar would help out the PC. 3) Looking through the Mod tool I saw a turtle familiar. Now think about the turtle familiar and Exit 5 without the wind spell.
  12. Journalism: Any details for the Family System in Year 2?
  13. There is an 'Immune to Calligraphy' ability? Luckily Philippe doesn't have that ability. But for the Create Formal Invitation action it requires such an insane amount of Finesse + (one of the calligraphy subskill) and only lets you control that person for 2 days. Was worth it though.
  14. Platypus! Why didn't I think of that? One question. The second letter I wrote for the Big Sister background was too late for inclusion wasn't it?
  15. Schwarzbart: Ah now I understand. Thanks for the advice. This event will happen on the 2nd of Gelamenus but only if you have picked the background I wrote. I hope this makes it clear now. Eon: Thanks again.
  16. Schwarzbart: The letter was meant for the Big Sister background I wrote so I hope this changes your opinion now. And which two official quest were you talking about? They sound interesting. CremePudding: Thanks for the suggestions even thought it meant removing Part 2. But I feel that this made the event better. Eon: Thank you and truth be told I really need someone to actually show me my errors considering that English isn't my native language. Now to answer the faults you pointed out. 1) Vettor is used in the game to remind / warn you that the Cheimare exams will happen in a month so I made this event to happen after he talks to you. 2) The space was not intentional, copying the entire event from Microsoft Words causes some problems all the time. 3) The English in school I learnt is UK English but the TV shows I watched are using American English, so it causes a lot of grammar mistakes. The language in the game actually confused me too, the Legate (Orso Orsi) even used the phrase "What's Up?" (I forgot which event that was) 4) A Reminder Sheet is an item used in the game to increase your Study level of your choice by 1. It is not normally encountered in the game thought (In my opinion). 5) Most of the letter is just for laughs. The important thing is that the sister comes across as a caring person. And writing the letter is hard for a eldest child in the family. I hope that this answers your problems with the event. Thanks again for the corrections.
  17. Prerequisite: Family: Big Sister background (here) This event should happen on the 2nd of Gelamenus to avoid clashing with the Cheimare warning event. Returning to your room, exam worries forming in his head, you can't help but think about your sister. The one that has always been there for you, not the one who forces you to act as a servant during one of her tea-parties. *Tap**Tap* Hmm? A messenger dove is at the window. Once you received the letter in its mouth, and pay it with some bread in your room, you notice that the letter is from home. It's from your sister. The nice one. Dear *Player's first name*, How have you been? The family is fine and busy as usual but more importantly how have you been? Your last letter was ages ago and some of us are worried about you in that creepy school. You remember the rumours surrounding that school? Students eaten by living plants, statues coming to life, kids running off to some Gamer's guild and professors forcing children to listen tolong boring lectures that are secretly Mastery spells. Before I continue to sound like Mom, I just want to make sure you are going to doing well in your studies, and because Cheimare exams are coming up soon I sent you a reminder sheet along with this letter. But you should still have fun and maybe go on an adventure with your friends like that kid *Highest relationship with player*. But remember that you shouldn't skip classes all the time just to go adventuring all right? Trust me, it really isn't worth the detention. Well actually it is but don't tell Mom I wrote this. Now in Mom's words. Have you been eating healthy? You didn't stuff yourself with rich food at the school did you? Have you been exercising properly everyday? Is that sport called rimbal really that fun? Do you get hurt a lot? What about clothes, have you wash your clothes properly? Do you need some fresh underwear? Are you homesick? Do you need the family to come see you? Before you write back, yes I miss you but you have to learn how to be a responsible person and learn to live among your peers. You have to know how to take care of yourself and therefore the school is the best place for you. But enough about Dad, we are proud of you for making it into the academy so don't you dare flunk out. Or else…<*Gulp*> Sincerely, your sis… "What are you reading?" You barely hide your surprise/fear as you turn around and find, Reitz von Lutersee! "It's just a letter from my sister" you replied tactlessly. "Uh-huh" replied the boy as he examines your face for signs of embarrassing secrets. Too easy for him. "So what is she good at? Did you learn anything from her? Can I see the letter?" Exit 1: She has magic Text: Thinking back to the time your sister turn a twig into a magnificent quill, you examine the letter again. Apparently she did enchant the letter. The words on the letter glow with a soft yellow and slowly twist into phemes that turns the letter into...a fluffy pillow. Neat! You show off the incredibly soft pillow in front of an awe-struck Reitz and promptly shove him out of the room to enjoy a wonderful nap. Result: +1 to Magical Appraisal, +1 Reminder Sheet Exit 2: She is good at athletic activities Text: Remembering the time you actually challenged your sister to a foot race in which you thought you could win (you fool), your sister was already taking a nap by the time you finish the race, sweat drench and out of breath. "Well did she teach you anything or not?" "Not much" you replied and run off at an incredible speed that it takes Reitz a moment to realize that you are gone. Result: +1 to Running, +1 Reminder Sheet Exit 3: She plays good music Text: Hmm, several weeks of studying have really dulled your memories. Seeing you lost in thought Reitz quickly snatches the letter out of your hands. And suddenly a wonderful melody plays out of the letter. Music. Of course! Your sister always loved to play music with her lute. And it looks as thought your sister wants to make sure you never forget. Result: +1 Notation, +1 Reminder Sheet Exit 4: She is linguistic Text: A closer look at the letter reveals tiny subscript of both Old Elumian and Bassan underneath each words. How could you forget about her little odd habit of making her letters impressive and captivating? When you were writing your application to the Academagia, you had to repeatedly explain to her that her little subscript is going to give the professors a ridiculously high expectation of your language talents. But still, it is not like letting her indulge herself here is going to cause any harm right? You smugly tell Reitz that he won't understand most of the content anyway and shoo him away. Even thought you could also use some help with you language skills too. Result: +1 Elumian and Bassan, +1 Reminder Sheet Exit 5: Gates and Mastery, but don't tell him that! Text: Isn't it obvious? The mysteriously dull looking eyes of the messenger bird, the strange feeling you had when you touched the letter and also the phemes hidden in the writings. The moment Reitz snatches the letter from your hands, you cast a simple Mastery spell and suggest to Reitz that maybe he should just get lost. Preferably in the girls bathroom. Result: +1 Reminder Sheet, Inform of one location that improves either a random gates skill or mastery skill Part 2 of the letters Kaliri exams Date for event to happen: 2nd of Anedius You return to your room exhausted from yet another day of studies. Every spell, casting method and tips from the professors float around your head. Literally. Apparently Milena di Montors's little glamour spell is harder than it looks. Luckily your concentration was strong enough to make sure that secrets were not floating along side your personal thoughts of a particularly cute professor. Deciding to take a quick nap you jump onto your bed and within seconds drift off into a deep sleep. That was when your familiar wakes you up with a letter in its possession. You grudgingly wake up and notice that the letter is from your big sister. Dear *Player's first name*, How are you doing in Academagia? Youmust be feeling relaxed but a little homesick right? Don't worry it's only a month left before you come home with a mountain of chores waiting for you. (You imagine your sister laughing at this point) Anyway, everyone is really excited about you coming home and they are really eager to see what you have learnt in that school. So be sure to prepare something spectacular before coming home alright? You must have had an exciting time at the school; your last letter about your adventure was so exciting that you are making your brother really jealous and going on about how unfair it is that you have magic and he doesn't. Still, everyone is happy and rumours are spreading around town that you might become a master in only a few years. And in case you get too big headed, remember the last time you wet yourself? If I remember correctly it was when you were nine and you saw a purple cat cross your path. Oh and also your silly fear of *Snatch* Oh no! Lord Francis, Reitz von Lutersee's familiar just stole your letter! Note: Automatically succeed for all exits. Exit 1: Take a shortcut Text: "There is no way that Reitz is going to read the contents of that letter" you thought as you ran through the many rooms of the college. A left here a right there and one quick slide down the stairs and you reach the front doors of your college before Lord Francis. Seeing you standing there, breathing hard and grinning like a loon, Lord Francis wisely drops the letter and decides to playfully jump on your head just once before leaving your dorm. What a sweet little guy. Too bad about his master. Result: +1 Navigation Exit 2: Chase him down Text: Running faster that you thought you could, you quickly catch up to Lord Francis. The surprise of someone being able to catch up to him, gives you the perfect opportunity to snatch the letter back from his mouth. It could be because of the sudden rush of adrenaline but you could have sworn that Lord Francis just smiled at you as he left. Result: +1 Confidence Exit 3: Trick Reitz Text: Reitz's values information. So why not trick him into thinking that you just let Lord Francis take away a letter with fake information? Taking a page from your homework, you weave a simple illusion spell and made it to look like a letter. And with that you stroll out of your dorm and quickly spot Reitz under a shady tree. Tapping his shoulder from behind, you asked what he is reading. With a smug look on his face, Reitz confidently holds out your letter. And with that you hold out your fake letter and declare your letter to be the real deal with an even prouder look on your face. With a surprised look, Reitz quickly tries to take the fake letter but falls flat on his face. You quickly snatch back the letter and run back to your room, locking the door and closing the windows when you are there. Result: +1 Confidence Exit 4: (Gates) Summon something to stop the familiar Text: It may hurt the familiar but you have to make sure that no one reads that letter. Taking a deep breath, you cast a spell in front of Lord Francis without thinking of the what may cross the dimensions and wreak havoc on this insignificant mortal realm. Luckily for you and Lord Francis, you have summoned some really colourful fur balls. These living fur balls are glowing strangely and seem so playful. Lord Francis is instantly transfixed by their strange quality. While Lord Francis plays around with these creatures you take back the letter and return to your room and let out a sigh. Result: +1 Gates Methods Exit 5: Send your familiar after Lord Francis Text: Working together with *Familiar name*, you cast a wind spell to send your familiar down the corridor and catch Lord Francis before he could reach the front door. When you finally reached the door, you are surprised to find *Familiar name* and Lord Francis playing with each other. Amused, you pocketed the letter and proceed to play with the two familiars, much to the annoyance of an impatient Reitz outside. Result: +1 Familiar Kinship And complete. As usual suggestion are always welcome.
  18. Another mystery that has bugged me ever since I asked about the baths. Toilets: Sit or squat? And is seafood hard to come by in Elumia?
  19. I think the orb should be indestructible, and as for the letter lets put it after the exam warning event. (Work in Progress)
  20. You want to turn my newly created wolf familiar into food?!
  21. Tease: Come now my little pudding friend, you still can do more especially by one who is gifted in other magics.
  22. Good one, but you are joking about the high stress and such right? <Negation spell in one hand, Incantation spell in the other>Just in case you try a mastery spell,
  23. Oh No ! Not the punny puns again ! But still, funny.
  24. Post edited! Thanks for the suggestions. CremePudding: Maybe the sister actually has some magical talent.
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