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  1. A few (more) background options for everyone to enjoy. Well maybe not everyone... Deed: Singer With this background you gain +1 Voice,+1 Notation, and +1 Famous Songs and will also be informed of a random location to improve your music skills to better compliment your singing skills. During your childhood you have always enjoyed hearing people sing no matter where they were from, what language they were singing in or whether the song was saintly or very, very naughty. One day after hearing a beautiful song from a travelling group of performers, you decide to try and sing that song, alone, in a secluded area where no one can hear you. Needless to say, you stink at singing. But the singer from the travelling performers heard your singing and decided to give you lessons, much to your embarrassment and excitement. Tutoring: Grifter Picking this background you gain a skillstep in Lie, Persuasion, Manipulation, Conversation and Observation. Also your chances to persuade or manipulate someone has improve by 5% although your relationship with two (2) random professors will start at -2 due to your dangerous capabilities. While there is nothing glamorous about lying and manipulating people, your parents have taught you how to use this to help people by manipulating those who take advantage of others. History: Secrets and Silence With this background you gain a skill step in a random Gates and Mastery subskill but your stress minimum will increase by 1. And you will also be informed of an area to improve these skills. Your great, great grandfather, your grandfather and now you have always been quiet during childhood. This was normal by anybody's standard but in truth you have always been in conversation with the voices that whisper to you. Most of the time the voices are from nice little creatures from…the other side and some of them even made you laugh when you felt alone, mainly because most of the kids don't want to play with you. Unfortunately you talking to imaginary friends as you continue to grow have made you the talk of the town…and school. Inheritance: Spirit walker (2 background points) With this background you will receive an Orb of Separation. Knowing your love of exploration, your eccentric uncle has hunted down every merchant who sells magical wares. On the day you would leave for Academagia, your uncle gives you a box containing a violet orb the size of your fist and wishes you good luck along with a very embarrassing bear hug. Description: Orb of Separation By using this orb you will be able to explore three (3) areas a day but you will increase your stress by 4 or if you are strong enough it will only increase by 1 (Fitness vs. 5). Note that the orb will need to recharge itself so you will have to leave it in a dark area for a minimum of four (4) days. This violet orb was once invented by a wizard who wanted to explore the world around him but due to an accident during one of his explorations he lost control of both his legs. One day out of desperation he decided to create an orb to send his spirit to the various places he wanted to explore. He succeeded. Family: Big Sister By choosing this background you gain +1 to Compassion, +1 Patience, and +1 Temperance and also receive a random gift every three/four weeks. Growing up in a big family, and you being the youngest of several, you were closest with your big sister who has constantly cared for you. Every time you cried, she will be there to comfort you. Every time you laugh, it was because she made you laugh, usually by tickling you. Every time you had nightmares (being in your underwear mostly), she would sit next to you until you slept peacefully. Now that you are off to Academagia, you can't help but sad for being so far from home. At least your sister still sends you stuff to cheer you up so you should probably do your best and when you go home, pay back her kindness by making her laugh. 95% Chance of possible items: Glamour Mints, Caramel Chews, Laughs in a can, Party Hat, Potion of Wakefulness, Reminder Sheet, Quill Pen, Pie. 5% Chance of possible item(s): J.J's Dog Chow, Newt, Opal, Small, Quartz, Small, Ring of Dedication Ending notes !! 1) for the singer background. 2) The grifter background, eeh... anybody watched Leverage the tv show? (Edited) 3) A little variation from the Family: Secret Heritage just to make it slightly easier. 4) Does the Orb of Exploration feel like cheating? Because most of my game I spend so much time training up my skills I neglected to explore the world, thus missing another chunk of the game's content. Darn you large game world ! (Edited) 5) I also plan to add events where you will receive a letter from your sister so I must ask for ideas from everyone because, well, I am male. Also, anymore suggestions for the list of possible gifts? As usual your opinions matter so tell me what you think.
  2. Just a quick question: In the mod tools I looked at the chocolate cake and saw that chocolate CAKE is illegal. What? It has nothing to do with the game Portal does it?
  3. Adrian: Thank you. Took me a while to find this image. (Hint: Familiar idea) alurianknight: Maybe that flawless timing can be a last save...
  4. Acrobatics + Running exit ? Dance through the hallway and show off your reflexes.
  5. Don't you think that the chance of discovery (Cod, Haha) should be slightly higher? Say 5% maybe? After all, hooded people following you around should not be easy to miss. Unless of course they wear everyday robes.
  6. Legate; Do you think that some more libraries can be added into the game? Like the libraries of Manetele, Mantle of the stars and also Longshade, how about a library that improves...eh...anything really. Please....
  7. (Iron Chef...mage ) <--- Anyways, the weapons-smith subskill will compliment this fencing subskill well.
  8. Fencing subskill + Magic abilities = Battle Mage Or + Cooking = Battle Mage with excellent cooking skills.
  9. Speaking of dorms, what about the bathrooms? Do they have showers like those in western country swimming pools? On a side note, what was the best prank play by any student(s) in the academy? I might try something to match that talent.
  10. Alright, a mint - flavoured pudding.
  11. After a very long time (I'm not sure how long) absent from the forums, I have returned. Ok, I am starting to sound like a boastful person but exams are always important. What's worse is that I haven't even played DLC 8 yet. And so I present to you another short event. Enjoy On this bright sunny day you decided to take a swim in that lake you found when you were out looking for mushrooms to eat because you missed lunch because of a prank by Vettor Conta because you accidentally drop a bag of itching powder down his robes because he shot cold water at your face when you nearly fell a sleep in class because you were doing something sneaky to a certain student and not telling him about it. Once you reach the beautiful lake, you take a moment to enjoy the sight. As the wind blows gently in the air, the trees sway so hypnotically that you feel all your troubles float away at that moment. And as you close your eyes for a moment you hear the winds and animals around this lake making some noises as though they were having fun, even the fishes are splashing happily. *Splash*, "Ha ha" Hang on, that did not sound like a fish, maybe it's a talking fish? Turning your head ever so slightly to the left, you see a head of brown hair moving around in the water. "Vettor Conta" you said, to no one in particular. So what are you going to do now? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exit 1:Just have fun with him. Automatic Success After calling out to Vettor and waving to him you quickly change into your swimsuit and join him in the cool and inviting water. When the day has ended you feel more relaxed and your relationship with the prankster has increased. Plus he even showed you a neat trick that involves an exploding inkwell. Result: -1 Stress, +1 Relationship to Vettor Conta, +1 Practical Jokes _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exit 2:Practical Jokes Let's play with him Success: That lake looks very nice and cool, you wonder what happens if you just chill it a little more. Aiming your wand at the water around Vettor you cast a spell that nearly freezes the water. As Vettor runs out of the water in his underwear you try hard not to laugh out loud. When he tries to swim in the lake again you really spooked him by freezing up parts of the lake. Over the next few days you keep hearing about the rumours of a cursed lake thatscares off anyone who tries to swim in it. Result:-2 Stress, +1 Practical Jokes, +1 Incantation Methods Failure: Vettor looks so relaxed swimming in the lake, wonder what happens if you spook him a little. As Vettor runs out of the freezing water in his underwear you laugh your guts out thinking of the silly stories he will tell. As you swim in the slightly chilly lake after Vettor has left you suddenly hear some strange gushing noises. Looking around you spot some sort of monster made entirely out of water and is staring at you, looking very hungry. Running through the forest to a safe area with your clothes in your hands you could have sworn you heard giggling. Result:+1 Stress, +1 Incantation Spells, Temporary +1 Awareness ___________________________________________________________________________ Investigation 1: Pre-requisite:Relationship with Vettor = Lower than -2 Remember all the "nice" things he has done to you? Automatic success: Let's see here. Vettor, alone at a lake, no one around, and him without his wand at his side. Maybe it is time you pay him back for all those fun times. Sweet vengeance here you come. Result: Unlocks Exit: Bully, Exit: Traps /Move Silently / Running / Planning / Tease _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exit 3:Bully Wonder what Vettor can do for you. Making your way down to Vettor's stuff under a shady tree, you bundle up his belongings and loudly shout out "HEY VETTOR, LOOK WHAT I HAVE". You offer Vettor a way out of this potentially embarrassing situation by offering him a few choices or he can just make his way back to the academy with your guarantee that it will be the most embarrassing thing he has even done. The horrified look on his face is definitely worth it. Exit 3A: Blackmail / Charm vs. 5 Make him pay…preferably with money. By withholding his clothes for over half of the journey back to the academy you managed to keep Vettor in check until he pays up or you tell any students you meet on how you came across Vettor in his current situation. And as expected, Vettor grudgingly gives you his money and you leave with a smile on your face. Remember the exploding soup? Result:Player Character: +1 Logic, +100 Pims, -1 Ethics Vettor Conta: -1 Vitality, add Emotion: Embarrassment Exit 3B: Practical Jokes / Lie vs. 7 Pre-requisite:Lowest relationship with any student other than Vettor Conta Wonder how your rival is doing at themoment? Yo utell Vettor that you will give him back his clothes but only if he helps you prank your rival @Student Name@. Vettor eagerly agrees but you withhold his wand until you both found your rival. Using the most interesting combination of water, paint, ink, a vase and a rat, @Student Name@ looks like a multi-coloured walking statue speaking words that are most definitely not taught by any schools. When a professor asked or rather interrogated all the students in the vicinity you managed to get away by claming that you had just arrived as the incident happened. Unsurprisingly, the professor believes you. Results: +1 Practical Jokes, +1 Confidence, -1 Ethics, add Emotion: Bon Vivant Failure (For both exits): Planning to have a little fun with Vettor you run off with his things. But it looks like you really need to cut down on the puddings as you find yourself face down on the ground. By sheer strength Vettor manages to put on his clothes while holding you down on the ground, and even steals your wand. You are beginning to feel very stupid as you pay Vettor to have your wand back. Especially when you are smelling of mud and something much more disturbing. Results: -1 Vitality, +1 Stress, -20 Pims ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Exit 4:Traps/ Move Silently/ Running / Planning / Tease vs. 22 Pre-requisite:Relationship with Vettor Conta = Lower than -5 Success: After running through your plan again and again in your head you decided to executeyour elaborate plan to humiliate Vettor. Finishing some initial preparations you proceed to take Vettor's belongings in full view of him. After staring in silence he then runs after you as you walk away. Running along your pre-determined path you smile as you hear Vettor falling into a small pool of mud. As you slowed down enough for Vettor to catch up to you, he immediately trips and nearly falls into a small pit filled with some creepy but ultimately harmless insects. As Vettor starts to slow down you tease him on how you will tell EVERYONE will hear about this interesting event and how easy it was to trick him. This may seem mean in hindsight but you still remember the TIMES you woke up in a soaking bed and got stuck with the embarrassing and unoriginal nickname "Bed-wetting Baby" Finally you manage to lure Vettor to the rimbal fields where you knew that many of your friends and Vettor's are practicing. From that moment on, everyone knows about your talent and you know how long people can laugh at the embarrassment of another person. Sweet, sweet vengence. So delicious, like a nice little pudding. Result: Player Character: +1 Running, +1 Confidence, add Emotion:Elation and Bon Vivant, +1 relationship with Rui da Casga, -2 Ethics, +25 % Chance of discovery for 1(One) week, - 2 relationship with Vettor Conta Vettor Conta: +3 Stress, add Emotion:Embarrassment Failure: After thinking through your plan, you proceed to sneak down to Vettor Conta's belongings. As you run away with his things you begin to think on how you can humiliate Vettor further. But when you turn around to look you don't see Vettor. Curious, you walk back to the lake to see if he was still there. As you approach the lake you get sprayed in the face with so much water and mud that you drop Vettor's stuff. As he runs off with his belongings you are left covered in so much mud that you had to take off your clothes and clean them by the lake. While cleaning you really wished that the academy had taught some useful spells like "Clean mud off your clothes". Well at least it can't get any worse. Result:Player Character: +1 Stress Vettor Conta: Increase Hostile action for 1 (One) week ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal questions: Which table in the Mod tools control the probability of NPC's play pranks / bully you? Do they wear swimsuits during this age in the world of Academagia? As usual, opinions are always welcomed.
  12. A good read although I didn't get the parts about yellow considering I never watch Monty Python. Any recommendations? And now I am starting to pity professor Knoht, she is starting to turn into the butt of many jokes.
  13. Funny but how about a Wit exit ? Wit: What are you talking about ? We were not talking about nations, we were talking about cooking. And I think your hearing is going bad, just look at that ear. Come on lets get you to the infirmary.
  14. Well not hate per se but generally not liking bullies and such. (Not resting + bullies = Infirmary) << most of the time As for Ethics ---> Use gates in a way that helps students you like....or just summon some pudding for them as gifts. And the puddings shall cause them pain in the tummy.
  15. There was a way to earn that much in a month? ( As for the part on parents, I generally role-play the outcast/black sheep because I have magical powers and others don't)
  16. Great work Schwarzbart thought I must say I don't make that much money in one character. To CremePudding: I think you made a mistake, his name is Magsa Nembo not Nembo Magsa.
  17. Weird and funny at the same time. Nice one.
  18. The part about Aveline Cincebeaux scoring a 1 (!!) is really weird and funny at the same time. Keep up the good work Jane, and which one of the characters you described have became your target ? Phillip Hauck is not exactly the best target. To CremePudding: About the beekeeper's mask, Zoology keeps giving it to me. And please ignore my crazy twin who is obsess about removing Gates user from this world. I have already...send him away...<Evil Smile>
  19. To CremePudding Oh you just wait till the third year, I will be watching your every move...
  20. Wait, what about that adventure with the clockmaker's daughter? (I forgot the name)
  21. Alice in a wonderful and sometimes unfair land.
  22. Excellent diary. But as a Morvidus student I feel sorry for you for having to meet our less than pleasant members but please remember that not all of us are evil.
  23. I wonder would this work with the secret heritage background. On a side note, Academagia wallpaper anyone?
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