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  1. Run my little pudding friend RUN !! *Freeze spell on Nyaa*
  2. Or in twist of events, you think that you are powerful now but wait till you advance to your second third year and you will know POWER.
  3. This is a very good adventure Adrian ! But if we are already this powerful the developers are going to have a hard time making the adventures better in Year 2. But I am also confident that the developers can come up with crazier adventures For now I will just stick to writing silly events.
  4. Finally my internet connection is back ! To CremePudding: Okay then all these suggestions will be added when I have the time again.
  5. That is a very nice add-on. With just a few issues. 1) For the Geometry Failure would Joana actually support Philippe by making fun of someone or would she prefer to mess with Philippe? 2) How about a failure for running: As you run away you suddenly slip and fall flat on your face into a pile of...droppings? As everyone laughs at your misfortune, you try to clean your face with your robes and from the corner of your eyes you catch sight of the black cat you saw on your way here. 3) I know where you got the words "Eldritch Abomination" And the fact that Philippe to change in front of everyone...including Joana <-- Particularly funny situation.
  6. To Legate:Ah, now I understand. I have seen their attributes in the Mod Tool and maybe it could be a hidden talent.
  7. Ok the editing is done and the a Last Chance exit has been added. Now I know how hard It is to write all these events. To Legate: is it really that hilarious? Weird, I didn't feel that the board-game was that crazy.
  8. It's just a game Intro Text Walking along the path through the Imperial Gardens is one of those things that make anyonehappy. Birds chirping merrily, none-talking squirrels collecting nuts andstoring it happily, and even the insects seem to be enjoying themselves. You are just glad to feel the atmosphere after so many classes on magical theories, crazy projects (Collecting warts from anything including those weird rocks,yuck!), bullies all around and pranks abound. When did spell casting require you to survive school? But none of that matters for now. Now is the time to just lie on the grass under a shady tree with your familiar at your side and take a good, long and relaxing nap under this heavenly weather in this paradise. "NO!" "Oh what now?!" you thought to yourself angrily as you jump to your feet. Looking around you spot @Random Student 1@ and @Random Student2@ (Students with highest relationship with PC) looking very miserable over a board game. Moving closer, you see that their opponents are non-other than Philippe Marchant and Joana Lio y Rossollo, the terrible twins or couple if you prefer to see them that way. The foursome seems to be playing a very simple board game with four hero figurines standing out from the very realistic looking monster armies on the board. The board shows two very distinct armies fighting one another on a beautiful looking battlefield with rolling hills and thick woods. Two of the heroes onthe board are clad in white and gold, one seems to be a rune-priest and the other looks like a feline archer with an unconscious griffin on the ground. The other two figures are clad in black and gold, one being a very acrobatic looking huntress and the other is basically a man with muscles on top of muscles, with an eye patch and one very big axe. Upon seeing you @RS 1@ begs you: "@PC name@ do you think you can help us? We're about to lose." You look sceptical and say that it is just a board game and winning does not matter but Philippe says: "they have to prank the nearest student if they lose" in a sneering tone while looking at you. The expression on the faces of your friends reminds you of when the last of the delicious cream-topped puddings were taken, in other words defeated. The twins/couplelook(s) so smug that they remind you of a particularly mischievous looking black cat you just saw in the city. Complete with glowing yellow eyes. *Gulp* Investigation 1 Memorization: Ask about the rules of the game Success: After listening to your friends explain the basics of the game (Types of attack,special characteristics of each avatar, what bonus this particularly ugly hill provides, which kind of food you should choose to eat (and in the board game) and more, you even ask about the advance tactics used by others before. The foursome seem surprise that you could remember all that and still ask for more information, this game is, after all, very complicated and requires days of playing in order to understand the game-play. Nevertheless, you prove your capabilities and repeat back everything your friends had explained to you such as the tactic once used by Tygate " The Man " Ofminet that involves an avatar made completely out of rats. Looks like you are ready to lead the fight against the terrible couple. Result: Unlocks Exit: Tactics Increased chance of success with Exit:Leadership, Confidence +1 Failure: After your friends had finished explaining the game-play to you, the only things youcould remember are roll the dice and hope for a big number and never move your avatar onto those very pretty squares on the board game. Joana takes a shot at your confidence by asking you what is effective against a fire elemental soldier. Unfortunately, you gave the worst possible answer, water. Any amateur would have answer earth. As Philippe and Joana share a guffaw your friends look like they are about to sulk. Well, good luck. Result: Confidence -1 Investigation 2 Wit: Hang on, they said the closest student right? Success: Yes, you are the only one here to suffer the prank. Hang on, no one said that Philippe and Joana can't be pranked on right? Result: Unlocks Exit: Geometry, +1 Reason Failure: Oh no, you are the only one here and who knows what the prank might be. Perhaps you should just RUN AWAY. Result: Unlock Exit: Running Exit 1: Tactics: Come up with an ingenious plan to make the couple look like fools. Success: Whispering to @RS 1@ to move the rune-priest to that space between that patch of grass and that tree @RS 1@ promptly gives you quizzical look. After giving him/her a quick reassurance, you ask @RS 2@ to position the archer atop a tree close to the rune-priest. Luckily the couple were not even paying attention but discussing what you friends should do to you. Something involving your robes and something wet and squishy. The battle resumes and you tell @RS 1@ to cast an illusion spell as he moves the avatar to the space. As the Philippe directs his piece to attack the copy of the rune-priest, the real rune-priest then binds the axe-man in place, allowing the feline archer to shoot a special arrow that pushes the axe-man into the grass which are obviously poison-tipped blades coloured to look like grass . And with the axe-man down, the huntress is swiftly defeated as the rune-priest castanother binding spell and the archer shoots another arrow to paralyse the huntress. The looks on the terrible couple is so comical you thought as you and your friends congratulate each other. Result: Continue to Reward exit, relationship +1 with @RS 1@ and @RS 2@,confidence +1 Failure: Oh great, you just sent the rune-priest into a quicksand trap, the axe-man takes the opportunity and to actually tease the rune-priest by making faces and shaking his hind-quarters at the priest, then he process to push the priest deeper into the trap. Well there is still the archer and the assortment of arrows available to us… The huntress just kicked the archer into a group of monsters. Looks like you will have to submit yourself to the prank prepared by the bullies of Academagia. This is worse than the time you found your homework smelling of cheese. Result: Confidence -1, Proceed to Last Chance Text Exit 2: Leadership: Lead the fight with an avatar of your own Success: According to the best avatars to use in the game, you choose the most charismatic one from thelist of 300 avatars, the Talking Jelly-Man. With his colourful textures, his charismatic demeanour and voice, and also his irresistible jiggling many of the soldiers begin to form around him thus protecting him from harm. With a heroic barking of orders (more like a yip considering your age) the soldiers managed to outmanoeuvre the axe-man and charge straight towards the huntress.After a flurry of blows the huntress promptly disappears from the board in apuff of purple smoke. "NO!" shouts the couple in perfect unison. Philippe is being stubborn as he initiates the hurricane ability of his avatar. But @RS2@'s archer manages to use the one shot ability that stops the axe-man from spinning and allowing the soldiers to overwhelm him. And with that done you and your friends cry out with joy. Result: Continue to Reward exit,Relationship +1 with @RS 1@ and @RS 2@, Emotion: Heroic Zeal + Supreme Confidence Failure: Choosing the biggest and strongest avatar available (A three-eyed, smooth-skinned giantwith full armour and a very big sword), your avatar stands at thrice the height of Philippe's. But Philippe does not look too worried; in fact he looks extremely…happy…Oh gods you just made the biggest mistake that any new player would make in the game. The first thing that anyone would do in battle is too take down the strongest enemyon field so as to cripple the morale of your enemies. And you have just made yourself priority one. You feel the same as your friends as your giant disappears in a huge puff of purple smoke. And in a short moment the battle ends as the axe-man breaks the rune-priest in half and the huntress shoots the archer half-way across the map. As both of the avatars disappear in another puff of purple smoke, Philippe hands @RS 1@ a slimy-looking frog (where did he get that from ?!) and points at you. Result: Confidence -1, Courage -1, Proceed to Last Chance Text Exit 3: Glamour: Trick the terrible couple into thinking that the soldiers have already reached them and are attacking them Success: As the couple discuss on what they should do be done to you, you silently cast a spell on the board showing a strong group of soldiers charging at the couple's avatar. With the axe-manand huntress focusing on the illusionary soldiers, @RS 2 @ uses the paralyzing arrow of the archer against the axe-man while the rune-priest traps the huntress in a barrier. As the two avatars are removed from the game the illusionary soldiers disappear. Philippe accuses you of cheating and you rebuff him with the fact that you were not playing the game and therefore you couldn't have cheated and the loss was caused by outside influence, which still counts as a loss. Pretty flimsy excuse but luckily the couple are not so bright and you and your friends return to the city to enjoy a delicious snack. Result: Stress -1, Relationship +1 with @RS 1@ and @RS 2@ Failure: With the couple discussing on how the prank should be done, you hastily cast an illusion spell to trick the couple into thinking that the soldier's have already reached them. Unfortunately, instead of panicky like anyone would Joana spots the difference between thereal soldiers and the illusionary ones, namely the fact that the illusions are already fading away. Looks like you are as powerful as you thought. After defeating the avatars of your friends, Joana quickly points you out for casting the spell. Result: Proceed to Last Chance Text Exit 4: Geometry: Time to show off your geometrical prowess...or you could trick them using common sense Success: Using a very impressive range of theories and examples, you lecture the duo on their horrible geometrical knowledge and thereby making an dangerous agreement with another party without considering their own positions on this figurative battlefield. And you also point out that Philippe is the closest person so he should take the prank. But when you turn to look at the students you find only your friends and Professor Baldassare Monetario smiling. Result: Relationship with Baldassare Monetario + 2, +1 Geometric Laws Failure: Using some very simple diagrams and theories you nearly drove everyone to sleep until you finally point out that Philippe is the closest student and thus he should be the victim. You immediately feel like running away when you see the look given to you by Philippe. However, Joana surprisingly agrees to your theory, and with a smirk, gets you and your friends to dress up Philippe in a special outfit she had prepared. You are about to say "What?" but the look on Philippe's face becomes one of your most treasured memories. Result: Relationship with Joana +1, Emotion: Elated to self, Embarrassed to Philippe. Exit 5: Running: What are you waiting for a whistle?! Run for it! (Automatic success) You are not taking any chances especially when dealing with Philippe and Joana. And so like a brave person you are you dash off to rescue your things back in your room in your dorm in the safety of Academagia. Needlessly to say your friends would not appreciate you actions. Result: relationship with @RS 1@ and @RS 2@ -1, Running +1 Exit 6: Gates: Summon some awesome, otherworldly avatars to win this game! (Gates/Insight/Fitness vs. 20) Success: You smile sweetly as the four of them scream at the avatar you placed on the battlefield and later admiring the power and the beauty of this particular avatar. You announce the (untrue) fact that you are an avid player of this game and immediately everyone begs you to lend them your avatar. Don't they even know that this is just a miniature faux ghost dragon? Result: Relationship with @RS1@, @RS 2@, Philippe and Joana +1. Gates Method +1. Failure: Five minutes later all five of you look like you have had a smelly sock stuffed into your nose for one whole hour. After vomiting for the fourth time, you swear to yourself that you will only summon beautiful things into your realm, no matter how powerful the ugly ones are. The ugly one you just summoned was describe by Philippe as an Eldritch Abomination and had even caused Joana to forfeit the game. Result: Vitality -1, Gates Method +1, Art Appreciation +1, Willpower -1 Last Chance: And so you just had to investigate, you just had to get involved, now you are about to be treated to a fate worse than cleaning the stables of the school, courtesy of the bullies of Academagia. What are you going to do about now? Exit 1: Just steady yourself and accept your fate...again Result: Proceed to Prank Text (Gender specific) Exit 2: Persuasion: It's just a game, do you really have to suffer because you loss? Success: With your silver tongue you managed to convince the bullies that pranking you just because of a board-game really won't help their status. By providing various examples of how other bullies have standards and will only bully those according to their standards. Joana doesn't seem convince and Philippe just rolls his eyes at you. "Are you done talking, if you are such a baby then all you just pay up and we will just go and enjoy some sweets." said the very mean Joana. Well it is a good alternative right? Result: -25 Pims, Stress +1 Failure: "Don't even bother talking your way out of this one. Either way we are still going to do something to you." said the mean-spirited Joana. *Gulp* Result: Proceed to Prank text (Gender specific) Prank Text Female: After Philippe hands your friends some glue and a nasty looking frog, you brace yourself for the inevitable. After a few seconds with the frog in your hair, you start to panic quickly run around and squeal a bit. As the couple laugh on and on you try hastily to remove the frog but in the end your friends had to cut off parts of your hair to set the frog free. Well it could have been worse, at least it wasn't a prank done by Vettor Conta. Result: Stress +2, Emotion: Anger, Court Hairstyle -1 Prank Text Male: Panic starts to well up in you as Philippe comes closer and closer. The first thing he does is to wrestle you to the ground and he sticks cockroaches down your robes, where did he get those from?! Your friends stare at the sight miserably but Joana just laughs at you as you squirm against Philippe's grip. But if you think that's all, you are wrong. Philippe proceeds to sit on you and rip the back of your robes open and to your eternal embarrassment, reveals your underwear. As Philippe gets up he says: "That's what you get when cheat." After the terrible couple leaves, your friends apologize to you for dragging you into this mess and escort you all the way back to your dorm, with laughing children trailing behind. Result: Stress +2, Emotion: embarrassment, confidence -1, courage -1 Reward Text "Congratulations!" A man suddenly appears in a flash. He is wearing a very fancy looking robe with some very exotic looking jewellery and accessories that would rival Professor Sido. "That was the most amazing thing I have seen a kid your age do. And as such I would like toreward you with a collector's edition of this very same board game, complete with a new avatar that transform into anything you want. " Everyone comes to your side and admire the beauty of this board-game complete with personalized soldiers and a variety of battle-grounds. The man then disappears in another puff of flashy effects as you and everyone enjoy another game with your new board-game. Result: Gain Item: The Proving Ground, Gain ability: Play a round of The Proving Ground, Relationship +1 with @RS 1@, @RS 2@, Philippe and Joana Descriptions: 1. Item: The Proving Ground(Board-game) – The exquisitely crafted avatars, the wonderful colours of the battle ground and also the chance to humiliate your friends make this game avery popular one with many people who enjoy a challenge now and then. You can either play the game by yourself (or with your familiar), or with up to five(5) friends and develop your tactics, leadership, planning or even your War parent skill by 1 step. 2. Ability: Play a round of The Proving Ground By playing the game either by yourself, your familiar or with five (5) of your friends you have a chance to improve relationships or improve your tactics, leadership,planning or even your War parent skill by 1. · Result: Increase relationship/familiar kinship · Increase tactics, leadership,planning and/or War · Stress -1 And done. As usual, suggestions are welcome. Now please excuse me as I go and take a nap. Edit: As per CremePudding's suggestion, I have added a Last Chance exit before you suffer a the prank from the bullies.
  9. Nice one, am waiting for Phase 2. And also, oh gods the puns!
  10. To Nyaa: I need confirmation from the Legate. To CremePudding: How about a minor spell that lets you duplicate snacks, say cream puddings. Oh and I just realize that I have been blaming Philip (The perfectionists) but I was talking about Philippe Marchant (The Bully). Very sorry to Philip Hauck. Boy am I embarrassed.
  11. To Nyaa: Nice. I study Zoology too but I focus too much on birds, mammals and insects so I can't tell a male from a female dragon.
  12. Wait...How do you know whether it is a male or female dragon ? To Nyaa: They are laughing at me... *looks down* NOOO !!! I'm in my underwear !! *Wakes up sweating and panting and your familiar glares at you with a menacing look*
  13. To CremePudding: Em...*Squirm*...Maybe... *Cough*...Philippe...*Cough*...Joana...*Cough* To Legate: Yet another reason to buy Year 2.
  14. To CremePudding: Nice work but why Cosetta ? To Legate: Is it possible for a notepad feature for the game ? It would be very helpful for many.
  15. New idea ! An illusion spell that summons a big black dragon that would cause all who witness it to have the scared emotion !
  16. Then maybe another dlc that introduces a new character that can cast Gates magic for us without having anyone find out. <Evil Grin>
  17. May I suggest some Gates magic ?
  18. This is possibly the funniest / maddest game I have played in a while (In a good way, of course) Animals that talk, and mythical creatures that are actually nice and most importantly the magic...and black chickens that attack you. (Sadly, I only know this because I was messing with the mod tool) There's just the issue of dragons being evil, many games already show dragons as evil creatures so maybe Academagia has a few dragons that are good to people ?
  19. CremePudding; You can use Voice but it would attract every student and professor close by. Or it can be used to your advantage because the culprit is has come to see his or her handy-work.
  20. CremePudding; You might want to change investigation 3, snakes are reptiles not worms. And how about Running to a professor for help ?
  21. Legate; CremePudding's and your examples are really good, maybe you could edit the information in the game to show something like this ? It would help some people who would like to understand the classes of magic more.
  22. Thanks Schwarzbart and Legate. Just one more question, what does Oan look like ?
  23. But enchant should be about changing the property of things right ? Or is that improving the properties ?
  24. Thanks again Legate. But truthfully, this event does not feel complete yet. Maybe it's because I hit Writer's Block when thinking about the exits. Any ideas on what else I can put in ? And could you help explain the classes of magics in the game ? For example, I know that Negation is basically defensive magic like dispel right ? But what about healing, where does it go to ? And also Revision, I am still confused about it ? Thank you in advance.
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