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  1. Schwarzbart? You write so many events and adventures for the game that BSC should list you as one of the writers.
  2. Nyaa's avatar still looks like a little puppy to me. Still, happy holidays to all! And may we have Year 2 before 2014 ends. Hehehe...
  3. Pipebeard's avatar doesn't have a beard. Hmmm....
  4. Twitter? That little blue bird social something?
  5. Leoshi

    release date

    W...who cut off Creme's senten
  6. Why the ***** there Freespace? Also, happy Christmas to you all!
  7. Legate! Delay Year 2 for as long as you need! Anyway, what class of magic is puppetry? Manipulating the limbs of a puppet to attack your opponents and such. Also, gargloyes? Are there any around the school? Are they living? And! Who is the most devious student on this forum?!
  8. Legate? This will eventually be us! http://www.nuklearpower.com/2001/05/05/episode-025-real-hes-one-smoooooth-operator/ Please say that there are mages like this and they are watched accordingly.
  9. Leoshi

    release date

    Dang. I am going on vacation for a week starting Friday and I hope to play it before then.
  10. David Atwood as Best Aranaz Student? Ana Flavia as Best Avila Student? Zorzi Galea as Best Godina Student? Rui da Casga as Best Ver(m)in Student? Ana Flavia in 2nd place overall. Worst Performing for Godina is Noemia? Ouch Deadlist 1st place goes to Joana? *Preparation H activated* Isn't there a conflict of interest if the whole thing was recorded by Citizen David Atwood?
  11. I am not particularly good with my hands but how about a short story? "There was once a bully named Philippe. Some would call him Flippy to spite him. One day he found Hector, petting a friendly reindeer. So he gave the boy a hanging wedgie. The reindeer saw and got enraged. Philippe ended up running naked through the snow and fleeing like a mage." The End
  12. To be fair, until you interact for a period of time with some people, you wouldn't think much of them at first. For Storey.... A dark and painful experience during his early years as a student?
  13. In addition to invisibility I hope - Vettor Conta Pfft. Dream on you little pervert! - Cosetta Re
  14. I don't really like to judge but I had one like "8". I am now struggling a little with Chemistry.
  15. That certainly is a different school experience. Thanks for sharing there Albert.
  16. Welcome to the Judge! Remember, it is dangerous to go alone. And be careful with the people you will meet...
  17. So hard to choose here.... But probably (4) for the no-nonsense attitude. Teachers like that can control a class so well that you would choose to excel in the class. Oh dear gods! It fits Professor Briardi! What about you <Insert Person's Name Here>?
  18. Why does Professor Knoht fit so many of them?!
  19. And now I am curious about how much the school gardener's are paid to deal with these plants everyday.
  20. Leoshi

    DLC 15 Bugs

    Tis foreshadowing her eventual rise as a professor!
  21. You never read the Chrestomanci series? Well you should! The author (RIP) also wrote Howl's Moving Castle. I saw the anime first though.
  22. Legate! Legate! Legate! I just remembered something! Dreamweaver's name! Have you read any Chrestomanci books? There was this girl who could control her dreams and release it out into the world to be packaged and sold to people to dream about. PLEAAASSSEEE say that this is entirely possible and expensive in Mineta (and all the other cities that we forgot about).
  23. Studies, Freespace. Studies. Exams. Revision. ಠ__ಠ
  24. Nope! The formula for Joana is ... CANDY! Just give mountains of candy at her and she will be satisfied. That or call her really mean things.
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