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  1. Legaaattteee! Do you confirm we can and will have combination rolls? Also, if in Year 2 we lose the prime bully (Flippy), who will take his place?
  2. Somebody please clarify! Can we do combination rolls for future years? (Running + Hiding = 23 vs. Philippe Predator Presence = 40)
  3. Oh my gods! Legate! Look at your formatting for Free's questions! Look at it!
  4. Leoshi

    release date

    Legate! http://i.imgur.com/Lf0JCOe.jpg and http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m244r1GS3q1rnx2lvo1_400.gif
  5. Legate you have ignored Dreamweaver's question. Signed, Gunter the Secretary.
  6. Cosetta Re: Legate! Schwarzbart said the B-word!
  7. Now why does that sound so familiar?
  8. Wait what? What do you mean "...although it's not explicit, something of that sort was put on you when you first entered the Academagia" ? Was it voluntarily or ...?
  9. But the boy did not realise that while he has won, it was only because the Abyss allows it. As the boy whose name symbolizes Freedom celebrates in his mind, the army of the Black Mage Leo brings his army to victory against the human threat, their champion having been defeated and their wills crushed by the sheer numbers of the abnormal enemy. The White Mage Shi, sits at a corner of the ruined Morvidus common room, tracing faint turquoise phemes in the air. In the center was the hero, trapped in a bubble of magicked amber, sleeping his last and dreaming of greater things to come. The White Mage caresses the amber, pitying the mage trapped in the Lotus-Eater, but also slightly envious of how the mage would be able to enjoy the rest of his long unnatural life in relative peace. The White and Black sides met each other by the gates, watching the city of Mineta breaking down as citizens attempt to escape the horror. The two reverts to their favoured form, a penguin. The penguin turns to look behind him, to examine his army of mages. Each one of them having the obedience rune craved into their limbs and skulls. Each one failing into despair as the spell saps their will to fight back. The penguin looks forward as the moon rises. He goes "Wenk!" and marches forth, his army in tow. In the school, only one mage remains until such time that the great penguin commands his demise. The End
  10. Huh! So there is a Wield Plasma spell. Legate please tell the team I love their thought patterns! Freespace do you really think I would be so close for you to open a portal next to me? And do you really think a little lava is going to hurt me? You wouldn't forget to cast a protection charm on yourself either. *Gates* Hunter Killer Plants! Entangle the boy! Impish Treants! Amber him!
  11. 1) Hot air balloons. Now why didn't I think of that.... 2) Please name a price. 3) When do we get to learn plasma balls? Also how did the people of Elumia discover plasma?! Freespace, can you truly destroy all these cute and cuddly creatures? Can you truly kill each and every one of my insect swarm? Do you have any idea how many insects are there in the entire world? Nope!
  12. 1) Clockwork golems but what of stone or wood golems? What of anima magicks? 2) Can't a mage just periodically lighten the ship? Freespace your wand has already been eaten by termites. And your backup wands have been taken by the squirrel division.
  13. *Holds up photos of Legate (Orsi or of Mineta) and Regent Briardi!* Hah! Watch yourself puny mageling or I shall send the super-moths to attack your clothes where ever you are! And to get this topic back on track. 1) Are mechanical servants available for purchase? How long does it take to build one? 2) The flying ships sail from isle to isle, but would it be possible to make them float higher (however slightly) than the isles and use them like a big transport vehicle?
  14. Young one. By the time you learn a powerful enough Gates spell to bind me, my army would have you screaming for mercy before you could even twitch. Horsehair worm bombardment anyone?
  15. Legaaaattteee.... You said pets can cast spells? Please imagine this scenario. Imagine a penguin. An innocent penguin who one day stubbles upon a tome of Ultimate Mastery. Now imagine that penguin gaining knowledge. Not just forbidden knowledge but how to think like a human! Imagine a supremely intelligent penguin! Now imagine this penguin not liking the way these hairless primates treating him. How they throw their garbage around and disturb this penguin's rest! Then one day the penguin decides : "Why not just build an army and conquer these humans?" So the penguin does just that. He starts with a colony of ants. Not easy but then he finds Mastering the queen allows him to command all the ants. And from those ants he teaches them basic spells to begin with and uses them to subvert other colonies and amass an army of ants. Using the ants, the penguin then masters other insects (and spiders, scorpions, millipedes and centipedes.) Then the penguin starts mastering larger animals. From the tiny hamsters to the bigger wolves. By now the penguin shouldn't be able to control all the animals so he starts spying on hidden records in the Academagia library using his minions allies. Then these animals would be sacrificed (for the greater evil good) so that the penguin may gain more power! By now powerful mages should be detecting his evil presences so the penguin starts training loyal lieutenants in the way of the Dark Side Mastery and instructs them to spread the aura far and wide. After months or years of preparation, the penguin attacks! Starting with the general populace. Slaves are captured, buildings turned into dens and humans forced to go down to the place known as the sea to capture all sorts of delicious fish! The mages would be gathered to mount the offensive but when your opponents are animals and insects that come in the billions do you think they would stand a chance? No. And in the end, all it took was One penguin to rule them all, One penguin to find them, One penguin to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. So ask yourself, do you feel safe? Well do you? Legate? By the way, notice my avatar! From yours truly, the Black and White Mage Leo and Shi.
  16. Adrian you better post a subtle subtitle for Academagia Year 2 or I am sending Joana to kick you. Your's truly, Black & White Mage Leoshi.
  17. *Paper Airship sails in* Academagia Year 2: Yaahoo for You-know-what~ Spells! *Paper Airship drops Smoke-Bombs!*
  18. *Smoke-bomb! IN* Academagia Year 2: Hooray for Transparency Spells! *Smoke-bomb! OUT*
  19. Done! Also Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is on sale!!
  20. Legate! Being gone for so long has made me crazy and school is not making things easy (especially when I saw all that First Class Honours thing that Schwarzbart and Freespace wanted ) But more importantly this article is pretty important and I hope you all take this to heart. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2013-10-30-indies-market-early-and-often-or-sink-into-obscurity Not saying that you should market too early since people are becoming really cynical of early promises BUT note the market often part.
  21. My gods. It's like two Aranaz students shouting / debating up there. Legate! Your answer better satisfy the both of them.
  22. At least the muffin can annoy a new person now right?
  23. Isn't the Minotaur the smith of the school?
  24. Random? I usually change a few things or just keep clicking the random until I find a satisfactory build... Also, that name. *Sniff* Also also, welcome to the forums!
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