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  1. Chiming in and saying I vote for not-Steam because I still worry about drm.
  2. Actually it might be my brain going numb for the second one. Just the grammar sounding a little weird to me because of mash-brains from school work. But I would like to suggest a picture of the Harvester (Pg. 29) just to scare any arachnophobes.
  3. Then here are two more cringe-worthy mistakes! Act III, Pg . 37 Oh sweet ale the first two paragraphs! You notice she Holds glancing down the ... RW3 AND RW4 We' re not entirely without resources, are we Nala, sister? <
  4. Cordelia Troublepot already made a mind-reading device. Maybe you can work with her?
  5. Legate! I have not been a good beta tester. Grammar error: Act III Pg. 14 After surviving the orc attackers, [Rally the troops as commander] - The orcs are coming and but unless you can ...
  6. But I like to touch kitties! I mean cats! Adding on to the part about Professor Evdokseia's accent, what about Professor Aventyrare's accent?
  7. You are not going to give Philippy's spider that ability are you? I would pat myself every day and every minute checking for invisible strings!
  8. Legate! Imagine an invisible string. Imagine that string connected to a magical spider. Imagine that spider acting as a scout for whoever wants this person targeted. Now imagine the owner of the spider sensing its every move. A spy-spider, if you will. And Freespace! I have only watch those classic Disney animations when I was a child so I don't think I remember any good quotes from them. And since now Disney is filled with a bunch of ... well you know (except Gravity Falls and Phineas & Ferb) ... I honestly can't remember anything about the animations from Disney. But I still think the Academagia could use a few gargoyles from Disney's Gargoyles! And remember! Any Spongebob episodes after the movie has very low quality writing! Now if only we could get some krabby patties in Mineta...
  9. Legate! Freespace called me dumb!
  10. Legate I would suggest opening another section for support for Holdfast. Like Academagia and Scheherazade. For extra cleanliness.
  11. If we get a rapier-wand, I want a lance-staff. Also Freespace? </quote Patrick Star> I thought what we had was speciaaaalllll!
  12. Wait! Legate your answers are about how many non-magic soldiers it takes to defeat a dragon, not how many mages it will take.
  13. I have a tiny complaint. Introduction 3 Paragraph 2. The fact that you have referred to us dwarf as man. Young man? Living man?
  14. Or maybe a tutorial (with pictures!) would save us. But! We finally get to read/play Holdfast! Wenk!
  15. Creme your posts are ending weirdly! Carry on. So about playing as other students. It is possible and might be fun (Force Ana to Chase Philippe after while playing as Cyrus). The one requirement is a dedicated team to do all the adjustments needed but they are currently busy with Holdfast. Maybe this idea would come true in the future games!
  16. Legate! Feed us more information about your upcoming adventure game. how about a juicy description of a powerful weapon? With statistics to drool over?
  17. Got a little too excited for the game. Anyways, this was just a suggestion to help smooth out the process. Remember, WE want this game to succeed!
  18. So you are saying I could ... you know ... make gold coins ... and use them to buy things first. And then let them turn back to whatever they once were after a period. Mmm... Selling a brand new invention! Tire of mages tricking you with fake coins? Feeling that you should ban mages from your store but don't want to lose their custom? Then purchase this brand new Fake Money Detector for only 1 Malin! Simply place the coins on the platform and the enchantments in them with either turn the fake coins into whatever they were or simply alert you discreetly so you can caught those thieving no-good pointy header dumb-dumbs red-handed! Order now for 1 Malin! That's ONE Malin folks! Better to spend 100 pims now than to lose over 1000 pims before it's too late!
  19. Internet connection properly restored! Anyway, Legate! If you prefer a central thread then you have to make sure people label the things they find properly! Example: Spelling Mistake(s): p.g. 1038 / Paragraph 9 ... the elf are dumb! ... --> Elves Gameplay error: Mighty Axe of Forblazen unequippable! /End Example Things like that ^ It makes everything clean and tidy!
  20. Permanency in age reversal is not achievable but what about that Lead to Gold part? Is it possible? Also why is it none of you have welcomed our new play-thing member on this forum? Welcome to you Sciurrus!
  21. Just make sure you tell people where to post the errors they find! (In this forum!) And maybe make separate threads. One for spelling mistakes, one for suggestions and one for ... how do you say ... other issues.
  22. Great suggestion! I don't have selections of classical music so this is perfect.
  23. Legate! Time to setup the threads for Quality Testing!
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