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  1. Here's a suggestion, if not already mentioned.... It seems to me that "The Pursue the Main Adventure in .... (... Egypt/Australia/ etc...) seem to happen automatically as you progress through the days while in the specific city. As a result, I think it would be nice to know at what point the Adventure is actually at in terms of its obstacles... For example, I was trying to prep up my Inspirations for the "Pursue the Main Adventure in Australia" and got it to a point where I figured I would be ready for the first set. Click on the adventure only to find out when I started, it was actually on the 3rd set of obstacles which I naturally had no inspirations ready for. So maybe if we have a different highlight color, perhaps in "yellow" or maybe a yellow asterisk next to the part we're on so we know what to stock up on for the future. Well hope that made sense, overall really enjoying this one especially because I’m a fan of history, and “Indiana Jones” type movies and that’s what this game brings out I find. Although, for me at least, I would have preferred being a guy (to get my true Indy experience haha), but I guess that’s cause I’m a guy in RL and usually don’t play to many female protagonist characters, heh. Well, looking forward to what the future may bring as you guys certainly went crazy with the free DLC for Academagia, so hopefully it translate to this game too. thanks,
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