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  1. Hello! Scheherazade was the first game I purchased from BCS. I saw the advertisement for it on http://englishotomegames.tumblr.com/ and bought it right away because I'm always looking for english visual novel type games with romantic elements. There were a couple things I was a little disappointed about. While I loved the plot and the characters, I do wish that there was more art/CGs and an ending/CG gallery so we can go back to look at the endings unlocked. This is a pretty standard feature in most VN type games so I was disappointed, especially for the price tag on the game (though I was thrilled with all the different characters you meet and "sub plots" you could do.) One thing that I can't decide that I love or hate is that you can't do a play through with all of the answers. I've beat it twice and there are still unanswered questions that eat at me which makes me want to play again to see if I just missed them. I would be upset if I beat all of the paths and still don't know what happened to the parents, for instance, but I don't know if that's answered or not yet. I love the game, I've already beaten twice and took the Roland and Ahmose paths-- and I'm deciding who to do next-- so I'll definitely be watching to see what BCS comes up with next--- I just thought I'd include my two cents. I took a chance buying a game with no reviews... but I'm pretty happy with it!
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