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  1. I don't know if it's already been mentioned, but maybe include the roll back option? I have a habit of rolling back the mouse wheel every time I pick a choice so I can see the possible outcomes--for other Renpy games of course, since this one didn't have it. Or maybe I just need to update.
  2. Oh, nifty new portraits. Hope you don't mind if I use some of these. Here's my contribution. She belongs to no college. I just did a very quick edit because I was in the mood for a sinister-looking student slightly similar to myself in appearance.
  3. Ah, no. Then I was playing 2010 then, since I was not playing beta. All I remember for certain was that I definitely discovered Academagia around Junior year of high school. Senior year was pretty busy for me, and I didn't remember doing much gaming. I could've sworn I played a bit of the game before my high school graduation though...huh. Weird.
  4. Homestuck Adventure RPG You bet your knickers I'm a hardcore Homestuck We managed to pull in 2.5 million at the kickstarter, and since PayPal funding has recently opened, it's sure to steadily increase in number. I never really bothered with Kickstarter until the Homestuck one started, haha.
  5. Towards the beginning of the Australia Adventure (talking with Roland), you can't save. Right clicking and quicksave weren't working. I mean it was alright really, but just a nitpick of mine since I tend to save obsessively.
  6. I have a niggling feeling the planned female partner was Eora. That one other blonde, blue-eyed lady flirting with Sterling at the end (I totally forgot her name...Claudia or something?) is too far near the end of the game to be a plausible partner. I ship Sadie with Ruddy...or better yet, Bigglesworth. No, but seriously, I thought Sterling was a fun lad. So was Roland...and Felix. I really can't just pick one for Sadie because I think each character is very charming in their own way. I was really hoping Zul Al Zan would be some super secret choice though.
  7. Warning: Otome fangirl and her ridiculous ranting about Scheherazade's boys. I went for Roland first (naturally). Sleek black hair and blue, smouldering eyes? Sign me up. I laughed a bit too hard at the British and bad teeth thing though. I was also really charmed by Felix--his Starlight blonde hair and Celtic green eyes... And he's handy with doodads AND a big sweetheart? Slow down Black Chicken, you're going to give me a toothache with how sweet this character is. As for Sterling...I dubbed him Octopus-head. I kept imagining a certain octopus Pokemon on his head... But anyways, he's actually also really sweet. Secret romantic my butt--he's very clearly a romantic. Maybe just a tad shy and fumbles over how to express his feelings. As for Ahmose and the Professor, I haven't finished them yet. I do like Kheper though. And I second Zul Al Zan being a secret obtainable character.
  8. Do you (or anyone else here) still need help with making students? I've actually decided to start some modding to the game, and I think I'm decent enough at photoshop. I can only manage teenagers though. I can also make some of the students maybe look a bit older as if they've aged. No fancy bearded old wizards or anything of the sort, though. I'm not too good with adults.
  9. Ah, I'm new here, but I've already seen those bunches of numbers before (and am not sure what they mean). But I digress--yes, I believe I know the feeling of having only two choices. I spent a couple minutes personalizing my character too )as you can see). I did use Irene Oxina's portrait as a base and made tweaks until the character took on a very similar look to me (sans red eyes of course--I just wanted my character to look evil. I love playing evil oriented characters)
  10. I believe I was just googling for RPG games to play. I don't know which keywords I used, but I did get taken to a site with a decent list of PC RPGs and Academagia caught my eye. The visuals pleased my eyes.
  11. Hello. Newbie has arrived. I've briefly played Academagia a couple years ago...around 2009ish, I think. I've decided just now to sign up for the forums after playing 1931 Sceherazade. I can totally see that there's a lot of work and dedication put into making the games, so I thought I'd keep myself posted on any news. Nice to meet you all
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